Kuharich Canned In K.C.

The overhaul of a front office that generated six wins in the past two seasons and no playoff wins during tight end Tony Gonzalez’s entire tenure with the team continues.
Gone is V.P. of player personnel Bill Kuharich, according to BobGretz.com.
Gretz writes that Kuharich is the seventh front-office employee to be terminated this week.
But none of it is unexpected.  And the Chiefs aren’t hiding behind trumped-up notions of a bad economy.  The Chiefs have been a bad team, winning six games in only two years.  The fans and the media want improvement, and improvement doesn’t just come from getting better players — it comes from getting rid of the people responsible for bringing in the crappy players.

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  1. I hope the folks at 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway in Alameda read this article. But I guess as long as Uncle Al is running the show they all have job security…

  2. I love what KC is doing.
    I’m not saying it is all going to work out, in fact, they may end up being no better at all. That said they are tearing apart an organization that has failed and rebuilding it based on what Scott Pioli thinks is the best way to go.
    Pioli learned his trade in New England. While trying to implement a New England style organization in KC may not work out (after all getting lucky with Tom Brady is part of the reason for NE’s success) putting the right mindset and people in place in the front office is also part of NE’s success.
    I’m very happy for KC fans and the ray of hope they must have and wish them all success.

  3. I have no horse in this race, but wouldn’t it make more sense to make these changes before the draft rather than after?

  4. The scouts only report what they see.
    The GM has the final say.
    Firing experienced scouts does not make a lot of sense.
    The GM (and the owner) has no one but the GM himself to blame next year year if better players are not acquired.

  5. Adios! Can’t get rid of crap by just throwing out the corn, gotta get rid of the whole pile. New blood is well past due for the Chiefs.

  6. He was worthless with the Saints and that has not changed. He was “all in” with Mike Ditka and that duo put the Saints in a terrible spot that took years to get out of. With that said, Kuharich is one of those guys who will land on his feet. Some other team will hire him and he will not be on the street any longer than he wants to be. He gets along well with front office types around the league. He just doesn’t know much about football and talent evaluation, but why should that hold him back?

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