Mora: Seahawks About To Re-Sign Hill

The Seattle Seahawks are on the verge of re-signing linebacker Leroy Hill after lifting the franchise tag on the defensive starter over the weekend, Seahawks coach Jim Mora said during an interview with KJR Radio, per Eric Williams of the Tacoma News-Tribune.
A new deal may happen fast, perhaps as soon as today or Friday, according to Mora, who discussed rescinding an $8.3 million franchise tag on Hill in a move that made him an unrestricted free agent.
Hill had previously declined a six-year, $36 million offer prior to being designated as the team’s franchise player.
“We believe we made the right decision,” Mora said during the radio spot. “Sure it was a risky decision. A very risky decision. . . .  If for some reason Leroy decides to go somewhere else then we’re open to criticism.  We probably deserve it.
“But my belief in talking to Leroy as much as I have is that he’ll be wearing a Seattle Seahawk uniform next year.  I feel very confident of that.”
Meanwhile, Mora announced that Ken Lucas will start at right cornerback over Josh Wilson.
“I know it wasn’t a popular move with Josh, but I felt like it was the right thing to do,” Mora said.  “We signed Kenny.  He’s been a player in this league for a long time.  He’s been a successful player.  And we’re going to put him in that spot. . . .  He’s a taller guy. He’s physical.
“He’s competitive.  He’s smart.  And I think we’re going to get his best.  I think he’s really motivated.  He’s got a little chip on his shoulder because of what happened to him.  He got cut.  He was on the open market for a while, and I think he has something to prove.”

9 responses to “Mora: Seahawks About To Re-Sign Hill

  1. “I know it wasn’t a popular move with Josh, but I felt like it was the right thing to do,”
    Why would you ever say something like that before training camp even starts? Let them fight it out and start whomever plays better.

  2. Lucas is a good addition…He along with Marcus Trufant and little Kelly Jennings gives you two solid veterans along with a decent young player all at one position. As far as Leroy Hill goes, he is underrated simply because he plays on a small market team. Aaron Curry, Lofa Tatupu, and Leroy Hill give you three young potential studs in the second level of your defense.

  3. Hill better step his game up if he wants a multi million dollar contract,especially at that price.Don’t get me wrong it would be great to have hime back but he ain’t worth that kind of money.As for lucas,that was a great pick-up for us.All in all its going to be a superbowl season for the hawks!!!!!

  4. @jjcruiser
    After listening to the entire thing, Mora goes on to say that Lucas over Wilson is only for the start of camp. It will be a competition.

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