Patriots Trade for Tight End

Veteran tight end Alex Smith was traded to the New England Patriots today as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers received an undisclosed 2010 draft pick in exchange for the former Stanford standout, the team said in a press release.
Smith is a former third-round draft pick who caught 129 career passes for 1,252 yards and 11 touchdowns during four seasons with the Buccaneers.
He became expendable when the Buccaneers traded for Kellen Winslow and retained Jerramy Stevens.
Smith registered 21 receptions for 250 yards and three touchdowns last season.  His career-best season was his rookie year in 2005 when he caught 41 passes for 367 yards in 10 starts.

17 responses to “Patriots Trade for Tight End

  1. Good for Alex. I don’t think my Bucs are gonna do as good as the Pats so I’m happy for him. It sucks for us but oh well. I knew this would happen sooner or later but I’ll still miss A.S. 81 in Tampa.

  2. The Pats have needed a good blocking TE since Daniel Graham left. Sounds like a BB type player, Stanford grad. Could be a good addition creating alot of competition at that position for NE.

  3. What’s the logic behind trading Smith and keeping Stevens?? I understand there aren’t enough balls to go around for all three tight ends, but Winslow-Smith would have been a wicked 1-2 punch.
    Stevens is not a better player than Smith.

  4. Odd. First they pick up Chris Baker in free agency and give him a five-year contract. Then they skip taking a TE in the draft, not even the post-draft (though there were a couple I though they’d be well-served to pick up). Now they trade for Smith (who was a 3rd round pick in 05)?
    Maybe doesn’t look good for Watson and Thomas. Thomas is, well, pffft. But Watson’s stats are down the last couple years primarily because the offensive scheme didn’t use TE’s as receivers much. And Watson is entering his contract year. One would think they could’ve gotten SOMEthing for him in a trade. And “undisclosed draft pick” perhaps?
    Gonna be an interesting camp.

  5. Bellichick must have used his mind-powers to dupe the Bucs into trading for Kellen Winslow, because he really wanted Alex Smith all along!

  6. He was a pretty decent player for the Bucs. No Witten/Gonzalez/Gates but decent. Too good for 3rd/4th TE.
    Im wondering what pick it is… But probably a 6th or something late.

  7. the pats make another solid deal it sucks to see smith go but with all of our te talent I can understand why… hes a steal for a late round pick he caught 2 tds his first game as a pro best of luck to him and galloway this year


  9. Smith > Stevens every day all day.
    Can the Bucs just go 1 week without making a turdtastic personnel move?

  10. “Stevens is not a better player than Smith.”
    “Smith > Stevens every day all day.”
    LOL…You guys make me laugh. Do half of you even follow the Bucs?!
    Stevens blows Smith’s doors off…Alex has under achieved his entire carreer, and to think that will change now is ignorant.
    Just be honest people…you are dissing Stevens due to his character issues, not because of his gameplay. He’s kept his nose clean for years though, so get over it.
    “The Pats have needed a good blocking TE since”
    Smith is more of a pass catcher than a blocker…that’s why the Bucs have had to bring in blocking tight ends for years.

  11. Pete:
    Alex is a pretty good all-around TE, he was underutilized and pretty much ignored at times in Tampa, he’s a good player, NE got a good team guy.

  12. Wow, you Bucs fans are a class act.
    I hope that Smith works into whatever the Pats are planning for their TEs, and that you Bucs fans have a good season as well.

  13. I agree with Pete and Brasho, he has underachieved for his time in Tampa but he also has been underutilized. I seem to recall a couple of major drops in key moments
    Stevens is a way better athlete but he’ll never be able to shake his past.
    I find it funny that nobody gives 2 thoughts about Leonard Little who actually took a person’s life.
    He’s definitely not that great of a blocker but NE got an upgrade in a decent TE.
    Since the Bucs drafted him with a 3rd and still owe the Browns a 5th next year, I bet they get a 5th back from NE……but I hope it’s a 4th

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