Childress Says Vikes Will Discuss Favre

With Brett Favre unattached and eligible for conversation without those annoying tampering allegations, coach Brad Childress acknowledges that the Vikings will at least be discussing the 39-year-old quarterback.
“We haven’t [talked about Favre],” Childress said, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  “It doesn’t mean we won’t.  We talk about everything from what’s going on in the United States on the front page today. . . .  We talk about everything.  So, yeah, I’m sure we’ll talk about that.”
It doesn’t mean that they’ll pursue Favre.  It only means that they’ll be talking about it.
“I think the thing there is we’ve had our heads down so hard here on the draft and then after the draft signing free agents and after that getting ready for this minicamp,” Childress said.  “I go through the waiver wire every night.  [But] we haven’t really even had a chance to even talk about that.  Our focus has been on the guys we sign and getting ready for this and then just finishing up the draft stuff.”
But the head coach’s position is far different than “we’re not interested,” even though owner Zygi Wilf said just that in February 2009.

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  1. uh oh…. Brett.. get your arm ready… looks like chilly’s coming down to Mississippi to come pick you up like Percy

  2. drunkhaloplayer says:
    May 1st, 2009 at 6:10 pm
    Jackson will still be the best QB on the roster
    Glad you didn’t say “passer”.

  3. Keep beating down everyone in the story. It’s like not being aware of your tounge…
    After someone says, “Don’t be aware of your tounge”. Asked frequently enough, Childress HAD to say something.
    Asking everyone in this ridiculous drama, over and over and over again, they’ve gotta respond with something. But Childress has responded by putting Bettty Farve in the same class of interest as the Chrysler bankruptcy.
    I’m not saying Betty Farve won’t return; it’s clear to me he can’t live without the spotlight. But until he does return, or expresses an interest in returning, or someone wants him to return, until someone expresses interest over and above respose to mere pestering, it’s bunk,

  4. Childress “We’ll talk about it”
    translation “We’ll talk about IT (How is Favre coming along with the playbook we sent down on the plane earlier this week)
    translation #2 “We’ll talk about IT (how do we keep Jackson and Sage interested in playing throughout the preseason knowing that Favre will take over Week#1)
    translation #3 “We’ll talk about IT (the crazy little dance we did when the Jets actually did what Cook and Favre have been telling us they would do since they first signed him last year)…

  5. Brett suit up baby!!! But this time… make it a purple jersey!!!!! I never thought I would even entertain the idea of Brett being a viking but the more I think about it, the more I would love to see him in the metrodome on Sundays (IN PURPLE). SKOL! Vikings! SKOL!

  6. 24 picks is something he wants to build off of. I don’t think he has the single season record for int’s yet; does he?
    Have to admit it though; he will look good handing the ball off to Adriana Peterson

  7. Brett Favre will be a Viking… period. Either you love it or you hate it but it’s definitely an inevitability.

  8. Wonder if when they sign Favre, Chili will say something like “Yeah, we knew Bill Belichick was going after him, but we scooped him out from right under them!”

  9. I don’t know where people get this “Favre craves the spotlight” nonsense. Couldn’t it just be what it is on the surface, that Brett loves to play football? he’s not the one doing pushups in front of press, or spiking the Dallas star. most of the attention on him is from the media because they love him, he’s extremely interesting, and he’s one of the few athletes remaining, who became a superstar in the early 90’s.
    You cannot tell me the idea of Brett Favre playing for the Vikings is not an interesting story, or would you rather talk about how the Raiders screwed up their draft?

  10. I find it amazing that queens’ fans-for their lifelong hatred of Favre are just stumbling over themselves to have a chance to get him on their roster–and of course he’d be THE ticket to the promised land. Interesting how the perception of him as an overrated INT machine changes when it may be possible he could be in purple next year….I don’t think he will, by any means, but it’s always fun to watch vikes’ fans make themselves look like idiots………………and if it does happen-so be it. If the Packers are a top-notch team it won’t matter…unless the queens are a top-notch team Brett’s presence won’t save them (and really–$ 12 million plus is a pretty good motivator-and I’d be disappointed if Brett didn’t take that money-which would hurt the vikings a great deal in the long run….)

  11. Favre wants to become the all-time career leader in interception return yardage…

  12. Yea, as a Packer fan. it would suck, but I have to admit it sure makes things interesting!
    Ah, it hurts… but Brett?? Go for it!

  13. WTF Childress wants to get with Farve talk about what is going on in the United States

  14. Great, another summer of Favre, gee I am really looking forward to this. Just go away now!!!!

  15. Takes a Packer to get the Queens to the Superbowl; too bad the old mans better years are behind him, its kind of like getting an old used up x-girlfriend on the rebound. Drool queen fans, because that’s all your getting is drool, Favre will retire a Packer this year. And if it did happen—–
    Kampman, Raji, Barnett, Matthews, Hawk, Collins, Harris, Woodson, Bigby.

  16. Yeah stetai I’m not buying that. I’m a Packer – and Favre – fan through and through and this guy craves the spotlight AS much as he craves playing every Sunday.

  17. When will people shut up about him? He’s retired, he’s not coming back. If he plays for the Vikings than I shall sacrifice my first born for Odin to bless the Vikings ’09 season.

  18. t-jack sucks, plain and simple. not a qb, cant throw well, makes lousy decisions. he couldnt hold a candle to old gus.
    sage is better. favre, despite his issues, is a lot better.
    i suspect favre cant get healthy fast enough, however.

  19. Won’t the Raiders be messing up their draft until it is no longer run by Al Davis.

  20. Unsterblich,
    You better hope that the Division of Youth Services doesn’t catch wind of this human-sacrafice (sp?) stuff……they’ll have an eye on your house when Favre throws his first pass (and interception!!) of the season in Week 1!!!

  21. Bring it on. Fans of the GBP and the Bears would love to chalk up two W’s on their schedule before the season starts, especially since those four games will entail about 12-15 INT’s, 10-12 sacks and another 4-5 fumbles. Go for it, Coach Major Dad. You’re a jeanyous.

  22. Childress never mentioned Jackson nor did he mention the QB position. There was no “we’re comfortable w/the Q’s we have….”.
    Favre is a Viking. It’s good as done.
    BTW, didn’t Childress play the balding brother, Rick Simon, in the 80’s detective show Simon & Simon.

  23. “BTW, didn’t Childress play the balding brother, Rick Simon, in the 80’s detective show Simon & Simon. ”
    No that was his baby brother, Herald McRaney brother to Gerald McRaney. You see Herald was rumored to be the mastermind of Simon and Simon show, featuring Philip DeGuere but after the show was released viewers found out that actually Gerald McRaney was indeed the true mastermind, all Herald did was carry around a Q-Card to help his big brother out. Yes Herald was indeed a fraud thus changed his name to Brad Childress to save further embarrassment. He then got odd jobs one included playing in a Village People cover band showing off his fluffy mustache and mastermind looking bald head covered in a biker hat.

  24. Farve dont want to play in Los Angeles, future home of the Vikings, you guys cant even sell out a playoff game, Horrible fan base, one of the worst

  25. on the front page?
    Can Childress even read? maybe when moving his lips he might.
    Seriously though, I thought Col Klink would have waited until the training camp before he started to throw his players under the bus. With this remark, Klink is showing multi tasking ability by throwing both QB”s under the bus and one of them has yet to even come into camp. Talk about flushing away a perfectly good draft pick but look at the bright side Viking fans, the Sage trade only costs one pick whereas the Hershel Walker trade was how many? 7 or 8? Or as the Cowboys like to say…….Championship. Something the Childress couldn’t even pronounce much less win.

  26. As a long time Vikes fan I can say with all honesty that I DO NOT want Favray playing for the purple this year or any other year in which he retires and then un-retires. It’s time to call it a career and ride off into the sunset and let us move on with some speculation that people actually care about.

  27. I bet a solid portion of every single one of Brett Favre’s days are spent thinking of ways to justify publicly yet another retirement waffle which, of course, will again happen conveniently (for Favre) just after all the pre-season work in camp is completed.
    I still maintain there is/was nothing wrong with Favre’s biceps. To this day there hasn’t been a story about it that cites a single named source. The Jets have never even publicly acknowledged that Favre ever even had an MRI. The “torn biceps” bit is a smokescreen cooked up by his camp and his circle of media sychophants to deflect blame from him regarding his poor play.
    I wonder if Childress already has Favre’s private locker room set up yet? I think Favre will probably get his own water fountain too that nobody but him can drink out of. There will also be a rule put into place forbidding loud music by the players in the locker room when Favre is present in the building. Loud music disturbs Brett when he’s talking philosophy with his cousin Cletus.

  28. T.O. is loud and poisonous.
    Favre is quiet and poisonous.
    He’s not going to learn the playbook. Hell, he doesn’t even want to practice. He’ll try to make up for any shortcomings with his arm strength, which left him a couple seasons ago. Sadly, he doesn’t realize this, so if he does unretire and the Vikes are pathetic enough to sign him and squander further development of Jackson for another year, Favre will continue to throw INTs that boggle the mind, and Da Bears will win the division.

  29. The real question is who would Favre throw to for the Vikings???? He had crap receivers with the Jets, but not THAT crappy! Harvin will be nothing his first year, if he ever is. Most receivers don’t make much of an impact their rookie season, especially when their brain is fried from smoking dope or they are suffering from “extreme dehydration”. Berrian is a #3 WR at best. If he was anything more, he’d have caught more than 50 rec’s or gone for over 1000 yds by now. Afterall, he’s the 4th highest paid receiver in the league!

  30. This will be just great! Picture this….
    Bret Favre in the Shotgun sitting in his very own team painted purple Hoveround. Most likely with a nice set of Viqueen horns painted on the side. He has to play out of the Shotgun, because that damn Hoveround just won’t fit under center. But, alas, the horns will be Down once the pass rush gets to Favre and turns him ass over tea kettle for yet another sack and fumble.
    It is pretty sad that this man just can’t let go. Play wherever. I just hope the team’s fans don’t get too excited. Unless fumbles and a new season record for interceptions excites them.
    Good Luck!

  31. >>packerblitz says:
    >>May 1st, 2009 at 7:02 pm
    >>Takes a Packer to get the Queens to the Superbowl; too bad the old mans >>better years are behind him, its kind of like getting an old used up x-girlfriend on >>the rebound. Drool queen fans, because that’s all your getting is drool, Favre will >>retire a Packer this year. And if it did happen—–
    >>Kampman, Raji, Barnett, Matthews, Hawk, Collins, Harris, Woodson, Bigby.
    Actually, it will be like the Vikings walked over, grabbed the gun right out the Packers hands and then proceded to beat the Packers senseless with it. Favre throws 6TDs on MNF, que close-up of Packer head coach in deep thought.

  32. polishhawk says:
    May 1st, 2009 at 6:22 pm
    24 picks is something he wants to build off of. I don’t think he has the single season record for int’s yet; does he?
    George Blanda holds that record with 42… In a 14 game season. He set the bar high.

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