Harvin Hospitalized With "Extreme Dehydration"

Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press advises that, according to Vikings coach Brad Childress, rookie receiver Percy Harvin isn’t present at the team’s weekend minicamp because Harvin has been hospitalized in Atlanta with “extreme dehydration.”
Childress made the revelation at a post-practice press conference.
The team’s decision to select Harvin with the 22nd overall pick in the 2009 draft sparked controversy, given his positive marijuana result at the Scouting Combine and a reputation for being a bit of a handful.

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  1. Amazing how Florio immediatly posted a marijuna reference as to why Percy didnt show up. Didnt want to give a unrine sample. Come on Florio, everytime Harvin is in the news, immediatly you are gonna jump on him. Dont wait until the real news comes out, keep on speculating buddy.

  2. Hey Brad – great job scooping Belichick. You’re much too smart for him. Yes siree Bob, you’re the master of the NFL draft.

  3. C’mon he needed one “last” bender – pills, alcohol, grass – a n asty combo if you mix em all together.

  4. Sounds like a guy taking something to flush his system and not depositing enough to replace what he’s withdrawing.

  5. Florio, did you finish all of your conference draft analyses and you just forgot to post them?
    We’re waiting to hear your words of wisdom. So we can vehemently disagree.

  6. He’s like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack, “Oh, I think I have extreme dehydration!”

  7. Nonstop puking due to pot withdrawal symptoms?
    InB4 You can’t get addicted to pot.

  8. I’m not saying this happened to Harvin, but “extreme dehydration” is often Hollywood publicist code for the aftermath of a drug or booze binge. Even the most benign explanation – that Harvin was a little too successful shedding pounds prior to minicamp – isn’t exactly encouraging.
    I hope he gets it together. He could have an exciting, Eric Metcalf-like career if he does.

  9. Cotton mouth is a bitch! Extreme dehydration my a*s! It’s most likely a cover-up to keep him from having to piss in a cup knowing that he’ll most likely test positive. Who is hospitalized for extreme dehydration?!?!? Maybe he caught swine flu? Even players who extreme dehydration during games aren’t hospitalized.

  10. According to KFAN (I was listening online), he was on a flight from Florida to Atlanta, where he was going to catch a connecting flight to Minnesota, when he threw up multiple times. Airline officials told him he was too sick to board the next plane, and he was taken to the hospital.
    He was tested for the swine flu, but he does not have it.

  11. Actually, he was probably using goldenseal or some other diuretic to clean out his system prior to the mini camp drug test.

  12. In other news, a Vikings FO exec has snuck into Haittesburg unnoticed and is finalizing a deal with Gramps.
    Great cover.

  13. Imagine that… He’s probably so dehydrated that he can’t produce a urine sample.

  14. I just thought of another possible excuse for his extreme dehydration. He was extremely dehydrated due to sweating like an mad man about showing up in Minnesota and having to give a urine sample.

  15. Harvin has been hospitalized in Atlanta with “extreme dehydration.”
    The weather in Atlanta today is 75 degrees and cloudy with humidity at about 50%.
    One of the best conditioned men in America hospitalized with “extreme dehydration”???
    Florio….you can track the flight of small planes and you call out newspaper reporters all the time. And you don’t call out Childress, Harvin and ANY newscaster who actually spreads this pile of crap without calling it what it is.
    Before any Viking fans get all upset at me. I am probably a bigger Viking fan than almost anyone. But…I’ve gotta call a spade a spade when I see it.
    I want to see pictures. Let’s see the doctor on tv with his reputation on the line saying the same thing. Then let’s start asking questions. Like, if you can be hospitalized for “extreme dehydration” on a very beautiful spring day, how did you ever make it through a game on a HOT, HUMID day when playing for Florida????????

  16. Too high to get off the couch and hydrate?? Bet he would have moved if it were oreo cookies and potato chips…

  17. I suspect that the 2008 Capital One Bowl against Michigan wasn’t an isolated incident with Harvin in that he was gassed and non-factor in the 4th quarter because of his lack of conditioning. He was a monster for the first 3 quarters though.

  18. I don’t think it’s fair to juxtapose Harvin’s marijuana usage and his hospitalization. One thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other. This article should be more concerned with his well-being than with his immediate past.

  19. And here I was all worried that Ty the Lions fan was going to get one moment of glory to bash the Vikings with his team’s years of mediocrity. Keep looking, guy.

  20. Extreme dehydration= party boy needs to take a break.
    Too much partying after being selected in the 1st round.
    I think the Vikings may have another Pacaman in the making.

  21. Extreme dehydration?
    Isn’t that what happens when you take too much of a diuretic to get ready to pass a drug test?

  22. Pretty harsh things being said about Harvin today. Talk about kicking a dog while he’s down…
    “Coach Brad Childress gave a report on Harvin’s situation during his news conference following today’s practice. Childress said that Harvin had been checked for Swine flu and the results came back negative. “I’m sure that with where we are at right now, when you vomit in the airport and are extremely sick, they were over the top, Childress said. “As far as paramedics coming and taking him in an ambulance. … He’s been hospitzlied with extreme dehyrdation and a virus.””

  23. Given your snarky comments earlier, you appear to be trying to compete with NFLDraftBible.com. Nice work.

  24. lol..maybe he was training and didnt have enough water in his body…Come on P, stop giving Florio a reason…..

  25. The dehydration defense. It is a classic diva move. First Brittney, then Lindsey and now Percy. If only Denny Green was still here……..Nobody plays like Percy plays, when Percy plays like Percy plays. Crown his a@#!!!

  26. Tell me the last NFL player that didn’t show due to “extreme dehydration”? What a fabrication…the Viking spin machine is in high gear already.
    I’ve been scouring the net just looking for his quotes from meet the Minnesota media presser. I can’t wait to see in print the broken English this guy will be spewing.
    My belief is they’re hiding him from the media. He’s just not bright enough to put in front of all those cameras.
    I’m waiting for him to address the Belichick rumors. Right, Bill really wanted this turd. Yup.

  27. The only reason his past drug use is relevant here is because folks like Florio jumped to that conclusion….

  28. Maybe he was taking the steroid masking agent and diuretic that the Williams fat boys rules violators ingested allegedly to lose weight.
    Perhaps he simply stopped drinking water so he would not have to produce a sample.
    Or it could be he was simply hungover. Lawrence Phillips used to show up that way and the Rams called it dehydration to cover it up.

  29. Wow, that must be some good sh*t man.
    Was it Maui Wowie or Tied Stick? (You know, that stuff that’s tied to a stick)

  30. Hope he gets better soon, wonder if its the H1N1 virus… aka Swin flu….STAY AWAY FROM AD!!!

  31. Sounds like he was hungover.
    It’s just the beginning of the drama that P-Harv is about to bring to the Twin Cities. I hope Vikes fans enjoy the 3 or 4 spectacular plays he’ll have this year, but it certainly won’t be worth the headache.
    Glad he ain’t on my team.

  32. More like extreme hydration from drinking as much as he can to flush the tetrahydrocannabinol out of his body.

  33. Maybe Percy should stop taking travel advice from Vick and start using water bottles for hydration instead of storage.

  34. The Vikings have to be real careful, they were already sued for killing one of their better players who wasn’t properly hydrated.

  35. Easy there chicken little. He has the flu, and no, not the swine flu. Maybe next time you can do a little more research and not be in such a rush to grab the cross and some nails.

  36. Damn how much did he drink?
    Tell him Gatorade and Burger King will help him out

  37. Wasn’t the actual quote, “extreme dehydration and a virus”?
    PFT report this as “extreme dehydration”.
    This is getting a little “extreme”

  38. Percy OD’d on diuretics trying to beat the piss test he knew was coming at minicamp.

  39. Isn’t that what they always say about Lindsey Lohan when she loses it on a set and no-shows?? So Harvin is the LiLo of the NFL – next he’ll be gettin with a DJ named Sam who happens to have a d*ck. Sorry, that escalated quickly…

  40. Instead of being sarcastic with your “extreme dehydration” you could report the actual story that he felt ill on Wednesday, threw up in the airport on the way to make a connecting flight on Thursday, was hospitalized and checked for swine flu and will still be there for 24-48 hours. But this comment probably won’t even make the page because the info will be checked and posted in the mean time…

  41. “extreme dehydration” is what celebrities say when they’re coming down off drugs… I mean that’s what I’ve heard

  42. Retard organization, drafts retard who probably drank a bunch of beer and got dehydrated!!!!!!

  43. Way to speculate with such nonsense, gary. And intelligent use of language there too. Have you graduated from elementary school yet?

  44. Maybe Harvin should stop taking travel advice from Vick and start using water bottles for hydration instead of storage.

  45. You can get dehydrated by trying to flush drugs out of your system. You drink a lot of water and take pills to make you pee as much as possible. If you don’t drink enough water while flushing out your system, you get dehydrated.
    By the way, Brett Favre is the real Whizzonater.

  46. d4parish says “corey stringer”.
    It’s not the same. Corey Stringer was an OL working out on a very HOT and HUMID day in Minnesota. Minnesota might have cold winters but on the few days of summer they have it can be extreme!
    Today was nothing like that in Florida or Atlanta. And Harvin was not working out at the time.
    If he really is sick then give us the real story. Don’t give us a line about “extreme dehydration” without explaining in detail. Reporters need to ask those questions and then inform us.
    It’s not being much of a reporter simply typing what the head coach tells you. Any 5th grade wanna be reporter can do that.
    If harvin is really sick….I feel bad for him. But, all signs that we the public have been told point to bad, bad things to come in Minnesota with Harvin.
    This is not a Corey Stringer situation though.

  47. I’m going to take the high road (not the one Percy and BJ Raji have taken). I’ll assume it’s all on the up and up. I hope Percy recovers from his hydration and gets to camp quickly.
    Of course, as a Packer fan I hope he’s a miserable failure in the NFL. But let’s remember this is just a 21 year old kid.

  48. All you people who pride yourself on making fun of other people without knowing all the facts first are all worthless human beings!! Why don’t you all get off your butts and do something with you lives instead of sitting on the internet all day writing comments all day websites. Maybe Harvin was really working out hard getting ready for mini-camp and over did it a little. Wait until you hear the facts! It doesn’t have to be scorching hot to overheat and get dehydrated. In fact, one of my best friends in high school almost died from dehydration after working out in 70 degree weather. So get a life, get a brain, and GROWUP!!!!

  49. Its simple.
    I smoke weed. A test is coming.
    So I get myself dehydrated ON PURPOSE. Why?
    So I have an excuse for taking water pills and giving a diluted sample.

  50. I thought you flushed the system by drinking a lot of water.
    Or maybe it’s by drinking a lot of water that he flushed the system of electrolytes and is considered dehydrated.

  51. X is the drug well known for causing dangerous dehydration.
    Alcohol will also dehydrate you, especially if you start puking every time you try to drink anything at all.
    I have never seen or heard of weed being a dehydration cause.

  52. Lets all take a moment to reflect on the short NFL career of “Starvin” Harvin.
    Okay…. enough of that shit.
    Hahahahaaaa….. the Vikings are, and will always be idiots.
    Percy takes almost as many hits as Sage Rosenfels will from the Bears and Packers this season.

  53. >>Flying High Harvin says:
    May 1st, 2009 at 4:39 pm
    Amazing how Florio immediatly posted a marijuna reference as to why Percy didnt show up. Didnt want to give a unrine sample. Come on Florio, everytime Harvin is in the news, immediatly you are gonna jump on him. Dont wait until the real news comes out, keep on speculating buddy.<<
    You stop to think for a moment that, had he not been a total asshat, he wouldn’t be getting all of this criticism? HE DESERVES IT! I’m sorry, but when you smoke out right before the biggest job interview of your life, you absolutely deserve to be made fun of and laughed at and mocked at all times. He brought this upon himself.
    It’ll blow over, eventually, .provided he stays clean for a while.. A long while. Until then, y’all might as well accept that he deserves the ridicule he’s getting, and he’s going to continue to get it. He earned it fair and square and for no other reason than he was a complete dip shit.

  54. Did any of you consider that the reason he was dehydrated is from throwing up multiple times on the airplane? By the time he got to the hospital I would expect he had very little fluids left.

  55. Did any of you consider that Percy throwing up “Multiple times” on the airplane contributed to him being dehydrated by the time he reached the hospital?

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