Twelve Injuries At Cowboys Camp

According to CNN, a total of twelve persons suffered injuries when the roof of the Cowboys’ practice facility collapsed during a severe thunderstorm on Saturday afternoon.
One of the victims is in critical condition.
Names of those suffering serious injuries have not yet been released.  Two assistant coaches — Joe DeCamillas and Brett Maxie — were identified in prior reports as among the injured.
Here’s video of the aftermath.  (And here’s video of it coming down.)


52 responses to “Twelve Injuries At Cowboys Camp

  1. its funny to see their bubble collapse,i just hope everyone is doing fine with their injuries

  2. “its funny to see their bubble collapse”
    Trust me, it’s no funnier than seeing the Eagirls bubble burst every year for decades.

  3. This is going to be just another excuse when they cowgirls don’t make the playoffs… sigh.. “oh, we couldn’t practice in the spring”, “we couldn’t do our rookie camps” WAAAAAAAAAAH!
    Totally kidding, that was a very scary video to watch, I wish their health the best, and I hope everyone is alright! Very horrible and tragic.

  4. Hope everyone is ok, the Cowboys should think about building the next one out of something a little stronger.

  5. God wanted a hole in the roof of the practice facility just like at Texas Stadium?

  6. The video of the bubble coming down was freaky… damn lucky thing there were so few injuries, and only one serious one. I hope everyone pulls through back to 100%

  7. Even though I really dislike the Dallas Cowboys (Steelers Fan), I hope that everyone recovers from their injuries and is OK.

  8. For once, something bad happened to the Cowboys that I don’t find amusing. Was it that windy, or just a shoddy facility?

  9. that is some scary shit right there. good vibes to all those involved in the trauma.

  10. Hope everyone is ok, that thing collapsed like the 2008 Cowboys in their final game of the season… Or woody wood pecker on Mr. Pitt…
    They need to get their tent back up so they can get back to more important things, like finding out who that snitch is.

  11. Media here in Dallas just said that Rich Beem (sp? not the golfer) in the scouting department has a fractured vertebrae and possibly a punctured lung. Likely either being prepared for surgery or in surgery already. Don’t think it’s life threatening but all the best to Rich and his family.

  12. They should thank Roy Williams. If it wasn’t for that debacle there would have been a lot more rookie draft picks there.

  13. Anyone who thinks this is funny is just awful. Football is just a game, we’re talking about real human life here. This is when we put aside our fan hats, and support each other as people. The organization, and the families involved are in my prayers tonight.

  14. Talk about carnage, I always thought those ‘bubbles’ were kinda scary. And yes, I know other teams use them too.

  15. Thoughts and prayers go out to any of those who are injured, on a lighter note…i think this accident is a sign of things to come for the cowboys organization this season

  16. Thoughts and Prayers go out to those and their families who were injured and I’m glad that so few were injured.
    Very scary footage.
    I hope that everybody will be ok.
    Best Wishes from a Redskins fan.

  17. I am with newshutr. I hate me some Cowboys but I don’t like seeing anyone get injured. Prayers to the folks involved.

  18. As a Skins fan my dislike of the Crackboys runs deep, but not deep enough to get joy out of seeing something like this happen. I hope all injured in this event pull through.

  19. crazy story, had to scary shit to be in there when it came down.
    i was wondering how quick the roof came down, the video showed it took what 5 seconds? crazy

  20. Wrong sport, I know, but it’s true that Mother Nature always bats last.
    Genuinely hope everyone comes through this okay.

  21. Hank Baskett is the Eagles #4 receiver. He had better stats than the Cowboys #1 last year

  22. The best part was when all 5 cameramen put down their cameras and started helping looking for people in the debris…
    Oh that’s right… they didn’t… they all stood around filming each other while real men with consciences were trying to dig out injured people…

  23. I hate the Cowboys but that is just football.
    Anyone who thinks that this is funny is a complete jag off.

  24. Sorry to see this happen and I hope everyone comes out all right in the end. Was impressed to see how calm everyone remained under the circumstances, especially when the prevailing public opinion seems to be that the Cowboys’ locker room is a nuthouse.

  25. That is really awful that people were injured. Speedy recovery to the injured.
    On a positive note, at least they have another valid excuse why they won’t make or win in the playoffs. Jerruh, guess God doesn’t love the cowboys. All this time I thought otherwise..darn.

  26. Times like these are when i’m proudest to be a football fan….when we put aside our differences and unite as a brotherhood of football fans
    on behalf of all cowboys fans we greatly appreciate your well wishes

  27. The NFL network and ESPN will be blowing this out of proportion for at least another 10 years

  28. “Hank Baskett is the Eagles #4 receiver. He had better stats than the Cowboys #1 last year ”
    The Cowboys #1 last year was TO you incredible idiot.

  29. This may be something that pulls the team together for a superbowl run this year. Go Cowboys!

  30. time to aim the cannon at the idiots who built it and the man who hired them.
    hate to say it, but my first thought was, jerry was skimping for profit’s sake.

  31. Last year, Hank Baskett had more yards and TD’s than Roy Williams. He is your #1 wide receiver. You can call this “incredibly stupid”, but its a FACT nonetheless……ps….never say God approves or disapproves of anything. Especially something as stupid as a hole in the roof of a stadium.

  32. this is really bad, and i hope all return to full health, but i must ask, how in the hell do you have an owner that spends 100 billion dollars on a new stadium and 10 dollars on a blow-up bubble practice facility in the middle of hurricane alley? jerrah’s incredible wisdom strikes again.

  33. “Last year, Hank Baskett had more yards and TD’s than Roy Williams. He is your #1 wide receiver.”
    He wasn’t the #1 receiver last year, dumbass. Just when I start thinking that Eagirl fans can’t get any dumber, here comes andyreid.

  34. “hate to say it, but my first thought was, jerry was skimping for profit’s sake. ”
    That’s because, as you’ve always proven, your priorities are seriously out of whack. You hate to say it because you know what I just said is true.

  35. your hindsight is incredible, south-fl-steel. That wasn’t a hurricane, by the way. It was a microburst. They can happen anyplace that has thunderstorms. A better question might be “why does anyone spend any amount of money to build anything in Florida?” It’s a given that Florida will get hit by hurricanes. Remember 2004? How about $50 billion in damages just for a month and a half span in that one hurricane season? Dozens killed, millions of insurance claims. And you’re living right in the middle of it. Here’s your warning, and it’s 100% foresight. Florida’s going to be hit by another hurricane very soon. The timetable is measured in weeks, not years.

  36. I bet Wade Phillips was a hero in all of this as I’m sure he layed down on the ground to use his Belly and prevent the roof from crushing all of those people.

  37. and vox, are you really defending jerrah’s decision to put players in a freaking PLASTIC BUBBLE to practice? boy, you have no conscience at all do you.

  38. “andyreid says:
    May 3rd, 2009 at 9:54 am
    Last year, Hank Baskett had more yards and TD’s than Roy Williams. He is your #1 wide receiver. You can call this “incredibly stupid”, but its a FACT nonetheless”
    Wow, did you just start following football last week? Is that your basis for justifying the Eagles terrible WR corps? That your #4 WR had more yards than our #2, that’s right #2 WR after he joined the team midseason? Even a retard such as yourself knows that TO was the Cowboys #1 WR last year. Just like I will always say, Philly fans are beyond delusional….

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