Pat Bowlen Gets Candid About Cutler

In the middle of one of the most trying offseasons of his entire tenure as an NFL owner, Pat Bowlen of the Broncos opened up for an interview with Woody Paige (really?) of the Denver Post.
As noted by Aaron Wilson in the Sunday One-Liners, Bowlen acknowledged that coach Josh McDaniels has made some “rookie mistakes.”
Bowlen also said that he is experiencing some “short-term memory loss,” which might shed further light on whether Cutler’s version of the meeting with Bowlen after Shanahan was fired is accurate.
Cutler claims that Bowlen said the offensive coaching staff would be kept intact.  It wasn’t.
In March, Bowlen explained that he didn’t recall meeting with Cutler; in January, Bowlen talked publicly about his meeting with Cutler.
And while Bowlen rightfully objects to the failure of Cutler to return the owner’s calls, it could be that Cutler’s recollection was accurate, and that he didn’t want to again put himself in position to be told one thing and to have something else happen.
That said, Cutler still should have given Mr. Bowlen the courtesy of returning the calls and talking about the situation.
“I don’t want to throw him under the bus,” Bowlen said, “but I made two phone calls (and there is proof, Broncos executives claim) and left voice mails with my cell number and asked him to call me, and he didn’t. . . .  Pick up the phone!  That’s where we got off the rails.  We had no other choice but to trade him.  If (the trade talk) was the reason Jay left, he should have left.”
We agree with Bowlen.  Answering the calls or returning them is the least thing Cutler could have done for a man who has already paid Cutler millions of dollars to play a game that thousands would and do play for free.

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  1. Pat Bowlen is HILARIOUS! Give this owner a few more months and he’ll probably forget he had a Pro Bowl QB under center for his team.
    Maybe he should be RUSHED to the hospital and get checked for Alzheimer’s disease!

  2. Do Broncos executives also have proof of how badly McDaniels has already damaged the franchise in just a matter of months? This December the Broncos still won’t make the playoffs and still won’t have a credible defense and but this time they won’t have a Pro Bowl QB either.
    With a largely wasted draft, maybe McDaniels can now continue to evolve this franchise by generating a hold out from the first round draft pick who will serve as the only credible offensive threat they will have with Cuter gone.
    Save your money Josh you will need it when you are an assistant coach again.

  3. In my opin……errrrrrr what was i going to say? Hang on, I got to make a phone call to an employee that I just tried to screw.

  4. Short term memory loss eh…he probably was lighting it up with Travis Henry one to many times then

  5. Classy fumble nuts. Cutler lied over and over and as soon as next offseason the real reason for all this will become clear. He doesn’t want to wait another 3 yrs to get a new deal.
    Like all things this is about money and wanting a new deal before you have done anything.
    Besides Cutler turns into the spaz under pressure and throws picks, drops balls, everything. You can’t change those stripes. Wait until the 2 OT in Chicago go down with there injuries, then you will see Cutler throwing picks all over the place.

  6. Actually based on the text of this blog in particular I wouldn’t fault Jay Cutler at all, even if he were acting so immature. If the Owner can be held to his word, then I’d want the F out of Denver as well. Right or wrong my personality CANNOT work hard for an employer and/or boss whom I cannot respect. Call it a personality flaw or whatever you’d like but I’m quite confident I’m not the only one out there like this and apparently Jay Cutler may be one of us. Regardless, besides ponying up for promises on contracts (Arizona) when else does an owner need to be so-involved in his Franchise QB’s livelihood than during a coaching change? Therefore when else should such a Franchise QB hold his employer to their word? It sounds like there was some serious unprofessionalism that spawned some more unprofessionalism. To sit here and nitpick who called back who is arguing about ticky-tack factoids that manifested AFTER THE DAMAGE WAS DONE.

  7. The Broncos totally blew this. Cutler is going to be a great Qb for years to come, and it’ll be a while before they replace his talent under center. Orton is a joke compared to Cutler, and the extra draft picks don’t justify the trade.

  8. If it is true that Cutler no longer wanted to be a Bronco, then he played it just right. He successfully forced his way out of Denver; not many players in the NFL can show such success.
    Additionally, I disagree with Florio’s notion that Cutler should have been sympathetic to the Bowlen b/c he paid Cutler millions. How many times are we to be reminded that football is a business before we believe it? Teams never show loyalty to players beyond the teams belief that the player is useful. Therefore, it makes perfect business sense for players to treat team management in the same manner…

  9. Who are the “thousands” that “play for free”?
    Surely you’re not naive enough to believe college players aren’t paid.

  10. Stop being so freaking naive, Florio.
    Bowlen didn’t pay Cutler millions out of the generosity and kindness of his heart.
    He did it because he felt Cutler could help him win games and make him some money.
    Capitalism 101.

  11. I think Cutler could have returned Bowlen’s phone call, but at that point how could he trust anything that Bowlen told him. Bowlen had become untrustworthy to Cutler. Anything Bowlen had to say wouldn’t mean anything and he had absolutely no reason to trust McDaniels who had tried to get rid of him without even so much as a practice so his judgment should have been questioned and apparently was by Bowlen.

  12. I think he keeps forgetting he already has enough running backs on the roster.

  13. cutler will experience memory loss when hes staring at the sky on his back. denver had a great O line and chicago lacks one likes a punk ass whiner and hes going find that out very fast.

  14. I don’t know how you guys have time to kick Cutler while your head is so far up Sanchez’s butt anyway ! Just look at the common opponent from last year between Sanchez and Stafford. Arizona State Sanchez went 13 of 26 for 179 yds 1 td and 3 int’s, Stafford went 16 of 28 285 yds 1 td and no int’s. Just wanted to throw that in there, but had no other openings.

  15. Woody Paige conducting a formal interview? Can I see that on youtube or something?

  16. “the least thing Cutler could have done for a man who has already paid Cutler millions of dollars to play a game that thousands would and do play for free.”
    That’s a piss poor reason if I’ve ever heard one. It’s not like Cutler was a charity case & Bowlen was the only one willing to have him on his team.
    Good God man. Now you’re playing the “i’m just a feeble old man card?”
    Cutler was assured he was the man. Then McDaniels gets caught trying to get an Ex (Cassell) back in the sack. Cutler had every right to be pissed.

  17. Yeah, the problem with saying, “We agree with Bowlen. Answering the calls or returning them is the least thing Cutler could have done for a man who has already paid Cutler millions of dollars to play a game that thousands would and do play for free.” is that many other people would pay Cutler the same, or more, money to play the same game. It’s supply and demand. There are 32 of these jobs available, and at least 10 of those choosing who hold these jobs were interested in Cutler. When you’ve got the talent to have those opportunities, maybe the guy who you work for should’ve had your back a little more to begin with.

  18. Again, I don’t understand why no one is covering the fact that the team doctors failed to recognize Cutler had diabetes as one of the other reasons beside the trade discussions that Cutler probably had had enough of the Broncos. The same quacks who apparently didn’t stay on top of the team nutrition regime as the team lost an astounding amount of wait from the beginning of training camp until the end of the season. The Broncos seem to be getting a pass with screw ups that, in my opinion, rival the Cleveland Browns and their staph infection debacle. Whether you think Cutler handled this correctly (And I don’t) or not, the fact is the Broncos organization screwed up worse than he did.

  19. We want Cutler, we don’t want Cutler. We want Cutler, we don’t want Cutler. Yada freaken yada. It’s old news. Cutler is a Bear and now the Broncos are stuck with an unproven Orton, and a broke dick Simms. They should’ve moved up for Sanchez and they still could have gotten Moreno. Get ready for a 7-9 at best season Broncos

  20. This whole thing is just silly. First of all, sometimes people don’t return messages. Sometimes they don’t get them. Sometimes they get them and forget. Sometimes they are mad and want to calm down before they call back. Many voicemails have been left on my cell that I’ve never gotten because I don’t always have it with me.
    Second of all, if you’ve been bickering with someone, and they don’t return your calls, how crazy is it to just trade them. You mean they couldn’t have called the agent? You mean he just disappeared? For how long–a few days or a week?
    There is something really wrong with the way Denver is being run. It is really bizarre for a head coach to tell a quarterback that he can be traded at any time for the benefit of the team. (I’m paraphrasing my recollection of Cutler’s story.) You want a guy to sell out for the good of the team, and you’re telling him you 1) don’t believe in him and 2) you might dump him if you feel like it? Again, that is just crazy. I’ll be really interested to see how things turn out in Denver because it looks like that kid McDaniel is in over his heads.

  21. As a Packer fan I wish Bowlen would have been smarter! Don’t give the Bears a 25 year old pro bowl QB! Damn Broncos! Smarten up. They will be awful for 5 years now watch.

  22. Fuuuuuuuuuuu_k
    I’m glad I’m just coming up on 30 and I’ve got time to see this team get back to the mountain top.

  23. “We just didn’t think Jay was important.”
    “I liked Josh and I hired him. I shouldn’t have listened to him.”
    “I had built such a trust with my former head coach I should not have given my new head coach the benefit of the doubt.”
    The post McDaniels era will be filled with vows to turn it around and become a winner again.
    Sometimes you don’t know how good you have it until it is gone.

  24. On May 4th, 2009 at 12:00 am, Big Daddy Rog says Denver had a “wasted draft”.
    Wow. Rog must be really, really, really smart. To know that NOW would make him smarter than say, Mel Kiper, who eats pie once a day.
    You do realize, Big Daddy, that on shere numbers alone, you can’t know that. The highest drafted atheletes WON’T make the biggest impact. So you don’t know that this draft is a waste.
    But thanks for your insights. Come December, we can review the draft and your stupidity.

  25. You are wrong this time Mike. He is only obligated to a guy that has paid him millions a year if he was/is the ONLY GUY willing to pay him such millions. Last I look there are at least another 31 guys willing to do so.

  26. Bet he’s “forgotten” that fur coat he wore at Cleveberg at The Drive game. I would ADVISE him to forget it because the rest of us can’t.
    Waist-long, big collar, yelling at Elway, “Go Johhny!”. “Go Johnny??” Did he grow up next door??
    And if you click to The Denver Post and see the whole article/interview, once again, Bowlen again cannot do an entire interview without mentioning triathilons (triathilons that he did so very long ago).
    Vain, crass, vanilla stadium with no noise and nothing to make noise about.

  27. I hate the Doncos with a passion, especially after Pete Rozelle handed them John Elway to stick it to Al Davis, but on this situation, why should Cutler have returned phone calls to a man that has already lied to his face. Checks or no checks that doesn’t make it alright and is just disrespectful to do that. It’s over, so why is Bowlen still talking about it? He cast his lot with McDaniels and his crew so suck it up and roll with your choices….

  28. Still… Cutler has some serious maturity issues. Not exactly the tough, hard-nosed type.

  29. Cutler always has been a spoiled kid. after a loss he would check his text messages instead of answer questions, skip his TV show and generally pout. He even had his dad bring back his playbook. He needs to grow up and act like a man. Chicago fans will eat him alive.

  30. Guys, give McDaniels a chance. I’m sure he’ll be just as successful as the others from New England like Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel. Pat Bowlen is a stellar owner. (Or is he? I forgot…)

  31. “We agree with Bowlen. Answering the calls or returning them is the least thing Cutler could have done for a man who has already paid Cutler millions of dollars to play a game that thousands would and do play for free.”
    Wow, I am so tired of this illogic. Those “millions” were earned by Cutlers work, that money was not a gift from a benevolent genie. And I’d like you to name just 1 of these alleged thousands of people who would do what NFL players do day in and day out for free. Tossing the ball around the back yard with your construction crew or getting tackled by a 85 lb. 8 year old does not remotely equate to what Jay Cutler and the rest of the professionals do. Your statement is ridiculous. Stop using childish, poorly thought out cliches to try to make a point.

  32. so…didn’t favre want out of green bay because tt told him one thing and then did another on several occassions? why isn’t cutler being thrown under the bus as a drama queen/diva that has to be in the spotlight?? come on people, fair is fair…

  33. “That said, Cutler still should have given Mr. Bowlen the courtesy of returning the calls and talking about the situation.”
    Mr. Bowlen?? Why are you sucking up to Bowlen, Florio??
    “Answering the calls or returning them is the least thing Cutler could have done for a man who has already paid Cutler millions of dollars to play a game that thousands would and do play for free.”
    Yeah, sure… If someone has the talent to make it into the NFL (let alone become a Pro Bowl talent), I highly doubt they’d do it for free (would Manning or Brady do it for free?? LOL). The only people who’d do it for free would have their @ss kicked to the curb in matter of a few snaps.

  34. Why the big fuss, Denver was not winning with Cutler and they will not win this year without Cutler. One of the posters was correct, it is all about money and once again (not just Cutler) did not get his way in how the offense should be run and who should run it. Cutler has not won anything and yet he is a franchise qb, what is a franchise qb in today’s world.

  35. If Bowlen cannot recall the conversation he had with Cutler, how come he remembers that Culter hadn’t returned any of his calls? It is much easier to remember something happening than something not happening.

  36. Oh yeah I’ll play for free. Who cares about injuries and stuff like being crippled for life? Who cares about playing in 100 degrees plus or -15? Yup I’ll go out there and do it for free because it’s really a kids game.

  37. Majkowski89 says:
    May 4th, 2009 at 12:54 am
    As a Packer fan, I love this story.
    Pro Bowl quarterback? Right … because Tom Brady was hurt. This idiot has never had a winning record. He’s a typical Bus Cook puppet. Here comes the Bus Cook Tour … Brett Favre in purple panties and a Swiss Miss braids wig and Jay Cutler convincing Bear fans that Sid Luckman has risen from the grave.
    Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers, Ted Thompson and I stand at the top of Lambeau Field and we tell the non-believers to go F themselves.
    LOL!!! Looks like we have a Packer fan here who is shitting his pants at the thought of having to face the Chicago Bears with a Pro Bowl QB two times a year for the next 10 years.

  38. Cutler is overrated and the Bears screwed themselves out of several draft picks. McD is impressing me. You will all see. The majoraty oppinion is almost always the wrong one.

  39. Its hard to knock the Bears trading a first rounder for anyone. I mean, Cutler has to be better than any of the other first round picks the Bears have had recently, right? What I’m finding hilarious is its now looking like the reason Minnesota didn’t trade for Cutler is they had their sights on Favre all along. Now THAT’S comedy.

  40. Two things.
    First, @ Favre2012: lots of people play football for free, or even pay to play football. And it’s not thousands: it’s millions, or at least hundreds of thousands. Yes, most of them are kids: kids are people too. Even if you don’t count pickup games (and you should certainly count a reasonable percentage of them), what about Pop Warner? High school? Of course, the attendant costs are usually subsidized, but that doesn’t constitute compensation any more than high-schoolers can be said to be paid to go to public school.
    Second, Orton is better than he looks. Orton’s rookie year stank, but who cares? Last year (much more important), he was an average QB on a rush-oriented offense with a weak line and a lack of quality WRs. Cutler has a big, powerful arm, but if he didn’t have one of the NFL’s best lines he’d be Rex Grossman (to be fair, he’s better than RG: Grossman would be Grossman with a good line too). Orton doesn’t share Cutler’s shining potential and will never be seen as the top QB in his division, but frankly the Chargers (who have to be seen as the real competition) had more trouble with Chad Pennington last year than they ever did with Peyton Manning: they kill superfast #1 WRs, only to get picked apart on checkdowns. Orton is as good as Cutler against San Diego.
    This Chargers fan will permit himself a little chuckle of schadenfreude at the Broncos’ Keystone Kops management, but the reality is that they didn’t lose much. The real loser is Cutler, ’cause he’s going to look like a product of his OL, and an oversensitive whiner to boot. And McDaniels, who looks just like the ass he must be for considering a straight-up trade of a franchise QB for one second longer than it takes to stop laughing (well, ok, he can take a breath; and he can afford the time to precede the word “no” with an expletive). But Denver? Nah. And Chicago would just have wasted the draft picks anyway.

  41. Jay Cutler = Drew Bledsoe.
    That and that alone is why he is no longer a Bronco. Just look back to last season’s loss to the Patriots for proof. Every team with a good QB beat the Bradyless-Pats last season. Cutler managed 7 points. On MNF.

  42. The best part of the interview is where Pat questions our recent . draft.
    Pat is very supportive of his head coach, this is something he rarely does.
    Unless, he is pissed.
    This team has gone to hell in a handbasket since Joe Ellis and Josh McDaniels came on board.
    Season ticket holders are vowing to not go to a game this year, I’ve never seen it this bad.

  43. Pat is going to keep the offensive staff intact as much as he can.
    Whoever the head coach that comes in (is), if he doesn’t see what the offense did both in the running game and the passing game and the youth, (he) would have to be crazy not to try to keep the people that made it happen.”
    Mike Shanahan

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