Pats Sign Ciurciu, Others

When the Vikings cut linebacker Vinny Ciurciu earlier this year, I was happy.  Not because I don’t like Vinny Ciurciu, but because I hated having to look up the proper spelling of the guy’s name whenever I was hunt-and-pecking a post.
Well, C-I-U-R-C-I-U is back.  The Pats announced today that they signed the Boston College product.
Other new arrivals are defensive lineman Steve Williams (Northwest Missouri St.), running back Omar Cuff (Delaware), receiver Robert Ortiz (San Diego State), receiver Tyree Barnes (Navy), running back Eric Kettani (Navy), punter Aaron Perez (UCLA), and receiver Shun White (Navy).
It’s worth noting that three of the new players attended the Naval Academy, where the father of Pats coach Bill Belichick coached for years.
And it’s ironic, to say the least, that the Pats have a wideout on the roster named “Tyree.”
Yeah, Pats fans, we need to show it again.


20 responses to “Pats Sign Ciurciu, Others

  1. HAHA;
    Love that you included the great catch by Tyree. Just think, if Harrison wasnt full of hgh maybe, just maybe, he could have prevented the catch. But it doesnt really matter, all Patriot fans know is that the Refs were pulling for the G-men.
    Hey tom brady, what happened to the 40+ points you were going to put on the Giants that day?
    18-1 gotta love it. Mr. Kraft, maybe one day you can use the tens of thousands of 19-0 shirts you had printed up, oh,nevermind i remember you “donated” them to kids in Honduras. Mighty white of you to “donate” such valuable, high demand clothing.

  2. Childress released Ciurciu so that the Patriots would take him, therefore ruining Bill’s career. Check mate, Childress.

  3. No you don’t really need to show it, but go ahead. What happened, couldn’t find a gratititous spygate reference? You could still find a better way to get losers like JimmySmith, spyboots, coleslaw, etc involved in the conversation…but those assclowns all know deep down that the Patriots will be the team to beat once again come September, and their teams won’t.

  4. The depression of that crap ass town was palpable ( for southies) EVERYWHERE that day. Frickin’ loved it, and still do.
    That play will never get old, and loser pats fan can look forward to seeing it for the rest of their lives!!

  5. It’s funny that NE hasn’t won since the cat got out of the bag that they cheat. However, the Tyree play isn’t even in the top five of Super Bowl plays. It ranks behind Harrison’s interception and Ben to Ten last year and the Ward flea flicker and at least two of Lynn Swann’s impossible (except for him) Super Bowl catches.

  6. Mike, I’d really appreciate it if you learned the definition of irony, and would apply it only in situations where it extisted.
    The English Language

  7. Can the Navy guys even play? Don’t they have a little thing called a commitment?

  8. “It’s funny that NE hasn’t won since the cat got out of the bag that they cheat.”
    They have won actually. 28 times to be exact….you know, more than any other team in the league in that span.

  9. I was shocked to read that Bellicheat’s father coached at Navy. For as honorable as a career in the Armed Services is, you would think some it rubbed on the Bill Bellicheat but he is obviously immune from the concept of honor being the only coach in the NFL to get fined a draft picked (plus a lot of money) for misunderstanding the rules, ur, I mean cheating.
    Thanks for the great clip, I seem to recall the Pats lost that game. There is justice in this world.

  10. Leave it up to a Steelers’ fan to say it’s not the greatest play in Superbowl history (when it’s no contest) only to name 3 or 4 Steeler highlights as being the top superbowl play ever. Let’s see, jackass, Harrison’s play took place at the end of the 1st half, while this was the final minutes. Durrrrrr
    What is it about Pittsburgh that prohibits you all from listening to what you’re saying???

  11. Is it really that hard to spell Ciurciu? It’s 2 ciu(s) with an r in the middle. You can’t remember that?

  12. No it’s definitely ironic esacker. You would never expect the Patriots to sign a player with that name because they once gave up a pass to a wide receiver with that name. I mean it’s like if they drafted someone named Mangini LOL irony

  13. Mr. Phantom says:
    “It’s funny that NE hasn’t won since the cat got out of the bag that they cheat.”
    Really? 27-5 over a two year span seems decent to me. Hows your team done?
    @ pats suck:
    Since you seem to only stand for hating on the Patriots and their fans, just thought you should know that any pain over that loss was mitigated shortly thereafter by the Celtics championship last year
    …and the Sox 2 W.S wins in the last 5 years
    …and three incredible Super Bowl championship runs.
    Here’s a thought, how about doing something other than being a jealous loser who can only take pleasure in someone else’s perceived misery? Eh? How bout dem apples?

  14. How long before Bellichick has a conference saying he outsmarted Childress in signing Ciurciu?
    But seriously, I don’t know what Bellichick sees in that guy. He was terrible on a terrible ST unit, and he couldn’t fill the LB position at all.

  15. You’re like Alanis Morissette. You don’t understand the meaning of the word “irony”. It’s not ironic that the Pats have a receiver named Tyree. It may be a lot of things, but it’s NOT ironic.

  16. “Great play” means when it’s happening right in front of you, it’s impossible to believe what you’re seeing because it’s so amazing
    Eli to Tyree was an awesomely great play
    Especially because Rodney Harrison was involved..

  17. This play is certainly up there as one of the best Super Bowl plays of all time. But anyone who thinks that the Harrison interception and return in SB 43 wasn’t just as good and maybe better than the helmet catch, obviously has an anti-steelers agenda. The Harrison play had just as big of an impact on the game as the Tyree catch, and required more athleticism…all of this from someone who is happy the Giants beat the Pats that year.

  18. You didn’t NEED to show the clip, but wanted to and that’s okay, but I have to point out that Rodney Harrison has nothing to be ashamed about on that play. He blanketed Tyree completely and would have broken it up if the ball hadn’t been on the guys helmet. Remember, the whole “catch” lasted maybe a second or two. It was just a phenomenal catch, period.

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