Foote Says Lions Have Offered Him A Contract

Former Steelers linebacker Larry Foote reportedly was due to visit the Lions on Wednesday.
In Michigan, it’s apparently Wednesday.
According to the Associated Press, Foote says that he met with “everybody” at the team’s facility on Tuesday.  Foote also claims that the Lions offered him a contract, and that agent Ken Kremer is working on completing a deal.
Foote, who has said he wants to play for the Lions, also says that the Chiefs, Cardinals, and Colts have expressed interest in signing him.
In our view, Foote’s affinity for the franchise that went 0-16 in 2008 offers genuine encouragement for a struggling organization.  And it’s the kind of thing that could help to turn things around in Detroit.

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  1. Yeah. Larry Foote’s signing is going to turn things around in Detroit. Probably about as much as Stafford’s signing.
    There are CFL teams that would kill the toothless Lions. This is laughable. I am a Steelers fan and I think Foote is a very good player but his best years are done. Wait until he is the keyed player on most downs. His stats will be worse than last year.

  2. “In our view, Foote’s affinity for the franchise that went 0-16 in 2008 offers genuine encouragement for a struggling organization. And it’s the kind of thing that could help to turn things around in Detroit.”
    Not to mention a new coach and other new players who can also bring in a winning attitude with the team. That doesn’t mean expect the playoffs this year. But, how long did it take the Dolphins to go from very bad to winning a division?

  3. Larry Foote is from Detroit, that’s why he wants to play for the Lions. He is very involved in the community and has mentioned his desire to play for the Lions so that he could do more.

  4. This has to be good for the Lions, to have a home town guy want to come home to play for them. Its great for a guy to look past a previous season record and look at what can happen in the future and want to be a part of that. This would turn one the the Lions worst problems at LB to one of the best in the league. (Sims-Foote-Peterson)

  5. More power to them I think that Foote should play well for the Lions, at least he’ll be beside Ernie Sims the one good player on Detroit’s defense.
    Most Steelers LBs are system players that don’t do well outside of Pittsburgh…Kendrell Bell, Jason Gildon, Clark Haggans (so far) come to mind. Although there have been exceptions Mike Vrabel is a big one.

  6. Was that a Florio being complementary to the LEOS? Boy Brett Favre to the Vikings must really be fluffing nuts!

  7. He’s a class act from a class organization. Although he’s not a superstar, he’s good enough to contribute in a number of ways in Detroit. Good for them all around if he signs.

  8. Larry Foote, Ernie Sims and Julian Peterson…….. Starting to look a little bit better?!

  9. Wow! That took a long time. 24 hours? Just another washed up starter from Steelers with two Superbowl rings? Detroit’s gain is Pittsburgh’s loss. There will be game situations this year when the Steelers are going to miss a smart, experienced player like Larry Foote. Not to worry, the Lions and the Steelers are going to get together this season. Old Home Week! I haven’t looked at the Lion’s entire season but they are not going 0/16 again. Good things are happening for the Lions.

  10. SIMS—FOOTE—PETERSON and Florio didn’t say anything bad about my Lions, something seems wrong here…

  11. Dave Birkett of the Oakland Press is now reporting that the one-year deal is officially signed:
    What a great move by the Lions–and for the Lions. They get the veteran ILB they so desperately needed, and there are stories flying everywhere about a Detroiter who’s thrilled to be coming home to play for the Lions. The defense gains a be-ring-ed leader, who understands what it takes to win–and what the Lions mean to Detroit.
    This is beyond a win/win, it’s like win/win/win (win^3?)
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  12. @ whit09,
    “…Kendrell Bell, Jason Gildon, Clark Haggans…”
    1) Bell’s story has been told by Ed Bouchette. He came in and never learned the playbook. All he did was rush the passer and he was damn good at it (hence the 12 sacks as a rookie). After that, his career was marred by injury (coupled with the fact he didn’t know the playbook) and with Larry Foote stepping in and playing well enough to start, the Steelers didn’t need him. Not really sure why he didn’t catch on anywhere else, but it might have been more of the same (injuries and inability to learn the plays).
    2) Jason Gildon was very good for the Steelers for about a decade. However, by the time he was released, he was completely done. Steelers fans will tell you there was nothing left in the tank the last year or two he was wearing the black and gold. He never caught on in JAX because he had nothing left in the tank and was playing a position he hadn’t played since college.
    3) Clark Haggans was like Larry Foote is now. He’s nothing spectacular, but he’s servicable. He, was let go (in free agency) because Woodley was a big upgrade and Haggans has very little left. He was never a star for the Steelers, he was a solid player who was helped with playing right behind a VERY good D-Line and next to James Farrior and across from Joey Porter.
    It didn’t surprise anyone that these 3 didn’t do anything else where. Foote will be average for the Lions next season. He may even look a little worse than average because he doesn’t have the same talent next to him for cover his mistakes (especially in coverage, which were WELL chronicled).

  13. @Ty @ The Lions in Winter
    I don’t think you realized/meant it, but that is totally an Office reference!

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