Pats Lose Tyrone McKenzie For The Year

For anyone who thinks that the offseason underwear practices aren’t fraught (I love that word) with risk, think again.
According to Christopher Gasper of the Boston Globe, the Patriots have lost linebacker Tyrone McKenzie for the season, due to a knee injury suffered during the team’s rookie minicamp.
McKenzie, a third-round pick in the 2009 draft, has a torn ACL.
I’ll be posting something later today about how McKenzie will be compensated for the coming season, given that he has yet to sign an NFL contract.
Bottom line?  Offseason, preseason, in-season, or postseason, serious injuries can and do happen in the NFL at any phase of the football year.

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  1. Time for Goodell to step in again: Ban any type of practice in order to avoid players getting hurt.

  2. McKenzie is playing ILB for the Pats so Jason Taylor’s status is not affected.
    From the reports I’ve read it was just two players getting their feet tangled up as McKenzie was covering a running back in a passing drill. The Pats have taken care of players contract-wise in similar situations in the past and I expect them to still give him a fair contract despite this.

  3. Red shirt. He does this all the time. I’m ok with it. Crabble was in the same boat last year. Take a year to learn the system and termiology, and next year he may win a rostor spot. And to Boz, Tyrone was to play ILB not OLB so it’s not a factor for Taylor.

  4. Very Disappointing. I heard some great things about the guy too. Also Taylor would play OLB and McKenzie was going to play ILB.

  5. “I’ll be posting something later today about how McKenzie will be compensated for the coming season, given that he has yet to sign an NFL contract.”
    I’ll be interested to read that. Thanks.

  6. Tough break for one of the good guys, considering that he had to interrupt college to support his family when his mother was injured. However, based on what he has overcome in the past, he will get through this and probably make an NFL roster next year.

  7. It boggles the mind how a guy can go through college without any serious injury but as soon as they step foot on an NFL practice field they become as tender as a wet noodle.

  8. Thats the dalai lama -1 roof collapse – 0 in the off-season good ju-ju vs bad ju-ju contest. Having the dalai lama at your stadium doesn’t mean your going to have a good year the same for the opposite in dallas. So far the patriots have 1 player out for the year and the cowboys players are all still healthy.
    FLORIO this is something i would love to see you keep track of. Seeing how so many people make a big fuss over bad luck and good luck.

  9. Their Chickens. . . . . . . . . . . . Are Coming Home. . . . . . . . . . . . To Roost

  10. hey guys. do you think Jason Taylor is an OLB and McKenzie an ILB??? I haven’t read that anywhere yet… 🙂

  11. Doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things for the Pats. They are so deep that he probably wouldn’t have had a spot on the 53 man roster. With that said, Pats are now going to have 2 redshirts who will have a year in their system and be ready to contribute in 2010. Brandon Tate being the other. They dynasty will live on as long as BB and TB are running the show.

  12. “Red shirt. He does this all the time. I’m ok with it”…..Was that a sigh of relief i just heard coming from the pats HQ……Don’t worry fellas, our 3rd round pick just blew out his knee, but PFT commentators are ok with it.. We can rest easy……..Too funny……

  13. If he doesn’t get paid for this year, rookies are gonna to stop going to these post draft camps and for good reason…I can’t imagine BB would stiff him. Only Al Davis would do that.

  14. mediocre parity says:
    Their Chickens. . . . . . . . . . . . Are Coming Home. . . . . . . . . . . . To Roost
    Wow- not as dispicable a post as ‘pats sucks’ post which was taken down- expressing joy at this news and wishing further injury on Tom Brady- but quite distasteful nonetheless.
    No matter how much you hate the Pats, its a lot worse for the kid who has yet to sign a contact than it is for the New England Patriots organization. guess that doesn’t matter now that he’s with the “EVIL” Patriots, does it?
    What the hell is wrong with some of you people? All this passive aggressive anger here is frankly startling. I shudder to think the sentiment here would have been if the Patriots practice bubble roof would have collapsed. Some of you people really need to look in the mirror, separate whats right and wrong, and do some soul searching. Really- get a hold of yourselves.

  15. If Florio won’t finish the article properly I guess I’ll have to:
    “grumble grumble grumble non-contact grumble grumble”

  16. to pats haters suck,
    it’s not exactly the mensa society here, but they sure know alot of stats……..

  17. WAAAAAAH PFT commentators are Harsh
    the only thing i learned is Tom Brady is NO GOD
    and Lawrence Maroney is not a “Football Player”
    The Dalia Lama has nothing to do with the Jerry Jone’s bubble being poped
    thats what ya get for havin a tent were theres tough winds …

  18. Ok, wow… Obviously Taylor is an OLB and McKenzie is an ILB.. But let’s think like Taylor’s agent… The Pats can internally address the loss of McKenzie in one of 2 ways.. Look for an ILB further down the depth chart, or move an OLB to the inside (a la Thomas and Vrabel in the past). Either way, the depth of the LBs as a whole is affected. The need for quality LBs in general is intensified.
    So if your Taylor’s agent, wouldn’t you try to convince Bill B that it may work out better for everybody to move one of the young kids to the inside and pick up Taylor for the outside?
    That being said, it admittedly wasn’t the smartest comment that I’ve made.. But that’s what I like about Pats fans… they don’t miss a thing.

  19. For all the people saying this has nothing to do with Jason Taylor… ****BUZZER*** WRONG. Gary Guyton was going to move outside with McKenzie taking his spot inside, so now all they do is put Guyton back inside and oh would you look at that, a spot for Jason Taylor. Not only that, but Adalius Thomas is capable of moving inside as well, and as we all know, the Patriots rotate their LB’s play to play if they need to. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lined up a safety at the nose on a play.
    Also, notice how the Patriots loaded up on DT’s in the draft. Yeah, they play a “3-4,” but they are notorious for switching things up from play to play. So you bring in Taylor, and on plays were they go 4-3 he can play end in place of Jarvis Green (who comes in to pass rush) and he can play some 3-4 in a rotation.
    The whole situation is PERFECT for Jason Taylor. So if you really think this doesn’t free up a spot for him, you’re being foolish.

  20. EskinSux says:“Red shirt. He does this all the time. I’m ok with it”…..Was that a sigh of relief i just heard coming from the pats HQ……Don’t worry fellas, our 3rd round pick just blew out his knee, but PFT commentators are ok with it.. We can rest easy……..Too funny……
    I agree. The Patriots have no depth and its critical that all their drafted players contribute THIS YEAR!!!!
    Good thing we have some actual football experts around here.

  21. svnrdr,
    WRONG as usual!!
    I was at the stadium a couple of years ago (a buddy of mine works there). I had just finished taping the Dolphins’ walk-thru….when I saw Jason Taylor head for the can………I grabbed my equipment and headed after him. Suffice it to say, I have video evidence that not only WOULD Taylor take a dump in New England…….HE HAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope this helps!!

  22. Sorry for this to happen to a kid that has clawed and scrapped his way to success despite some major obsticles along the way. He’ll be back next year and I’ll predict he becomes a very good player.
    THe Pats will do whatever they need to. They always do. Don’t forget about Guyton. He’s played very well ILB as a rookie last year. There is usually a nice improvement….year 1 to year 2….and I expect he’ll be very solid. Crayton likewise will be contributing at OLB this and I’m more than a little bit confident that the Pats will figure out a rotation with Woods, Bruschi, Thomas, Crayton, Guyton, Tank Williams, Alexander and Vince Red……with or without Jason Taylor. They’ve got all summer to figure it out….and they will.

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