So, Will Favre Play In 2009?

The various reports and rumors and whatnot regarding the future of Brett Favre have devolved into a stew of conflicting information.  Some outlets flirt with the notion that it’s a done deal.  Others focus on evidence suggesting that Favre will continue to drive his tractor.
The situation quickly has taken on a life of its own, which suggests to us that an answer — one way or the other — will come sooner rather than later.
Thus, we’d better post our new PFTV segment regarding the question of whether Favre will play in 2009 before it becomes staler than the week-old banana peel referenced by yours truly in a recent tweet.


30 responses to “So, Will Favre Play In 2009?

  1. Why do you people care if he retires and then unretires? Its not like he is taking your job away, plus if you have to win a game to get into the playoffs who’s your QB? T. Jackson, sage rosenberg or FARVE! you know its FARVE. As a football fan I want to see him play and stick it to Ted Thompson. BRET FARVE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Another day another Favre non-story….. I’m not blaming Florio (Note to self check temperature of Hell) for posting another Favre story… They generate traffic, and it polarizes his readers.
    My only hope for Favre this season is that someone phone camera’s Mrs. Favre sitting in Aaron Rodgers’ lap at some point during the Packers bye week…..

  3. Dude, it will never look like a bad decision to keep Aaron Rodgers over Brett Favre. Maybe if it was 1996 it would. But that was 13 years ago.

  4. Hey, guys, enjoy this. It’s better drama than Desparate Housewives!
    Shoot….did I really just type that?

  5. Favre isn’t work it.
    He WAS a leader on a team he WAS with.
    Now he is another vet trying to catch on with another team.
    He is a devider and not a uniter.
    His ex Jets teamates didn’t exactly have his back.

  6. A lot will pick on Florio, but that was actually a very good\insightful commentary. 1 out of 10 ain’t bad?

  7. Interesting stat I read earlier:
    15 touchdowns and 35 interceptions in the last 5 games over the last 4 seasons.
    Have at him, Washington.

  8. Belly up to the bar in sconny, time to tip a drink to the long gone glory days.
    Everyone knows it’s 30 years bad luck to kick your HOF QB to the curb, but seeing you disregarded this well known phenomenon, 40 years wandering the bowels of the NFC north for you.
    If you watch ESPN tomorrow, maybe you can get your first glimpse of Beer Fart in purple. Time to rewrite the history books as a PROUD member of the Vikings.

  9. How do people not want Favre to play? Sports is entertainment. How great will it be when he strolls into Lambeau Field wearing a Vikings uniform?

  10. um Cool Breeze, i dont mean to ruin your parade, but there is no player in the history of the NFL that has the name Bret Farve. Before you go worshiping a false idol you should make sure you spell his name correctly.

  11. He’s playing. And he’s winning. Don Banks and the others who would criticize him for his wafflery don’t get it. This is maybe the best football story of the last 10 years. It’s for damn sure the best end of a career story football has seen since I can remember. Let er rip, I can’t wait.

  12. As a Jet fan, I was happy to take a 9 – 7 season with all the hoopla, potential and excitement that went along with it. Sure it was frustrating but it was much more fun than the 4 – 12 debacle of 07′ that was hoopla, potential and excitement free. I don’t expect my team to win the Superbowl every year but at the very least I want some damn hoopla, potential and excitement. Criminy I work 100 hours a week! I deserve it. And I know there’s not a Vikings fan out there who isn’t quietly intoning to themselves “oh please, oh please, oh please”. Sage Rosenfels will be the 9 million dollar back-up, a job he’s good at. And maybe there’s even a place for T-Jack with Dennis Green in the UFL.

  13. This Favre stuff is so overhyped. Brett Favre is not saying much, if anything about this. The Brad Childress says a few vague lines about looking into everything and people run wild with it.
    Now that Favre is meeting/has met with Childress, people are really running wild. Speculation and assumptions are dumb. ESPN, SI, and all of the other media/football outlets that toss up hail mary’s looking for press are garbage. Just let it all play out, then judge.

  14. To aj_beerzynski and Cool Breeze, learn to spell his last name and we will actually give thought to what you wrote!

  15. I used to idolize Brett Favre, but in my book he has gone from hero to zero over the past year. I look forward to watching B.J. Raji, Clay Matthews, Ryan Pickett, Aaron Kampman, Nick Barnett & friends FLATTEN him repeatedly, to the frenzied cheers of 70,000 fans at Lambeau.

  16. Hey cool breeze its Favre not Farve (i do have a rookie card where it is spelled Farve) but that was 1991 and he was a Falcon and its Rosenfels not Rosenberg
    (you are such a moron) BTW i like the name Sage Jacksonfavre

  17. Hmmmm, if I were Brett Farve and I had a chance to make anywhere from 10 to 14 MILLION dollars for playing on a playoff caliber team, I’d be on board too.
    Sometimes people forget this is all about the money. Lots of it. The kind of money the majority of the population doesn’t understand. Do you think Farve really cares if some fans and media are telling him that it will ruin his legacy and tarnish his image?
    14 MILLION dollars.

  18. steelers2tampa:
    Thank you and amen, 14 millllllion dollars
    (insert pinky in mouth)

  19. I think most favre critics think he is overrated and a waffling diva.
    To turn the tables, why should favre apologists care so?
    They are sucked into the hype of favre and don’t have lives of their own.
    Yall get over it. The final sack is likely going to happen soon.

  20. I don’t see why people keep commenting in these threads about how pointless of a discussion this is. Farve talk was silly two months ago but now that it looks highly likely that the Vikings will sign him this is, like it or not, the biggest sexiest story with the most implications in the NFL going right now.
    What the hell else is a sight called PFT going to talk about? Seriously look at the headlines. This is the biggest story regardless of how much you hate Farve.
    As a Vikings fan I would love to see him in purple. I really would. He was terrible the second half of last season but the prior season and a half he was outstanding. Also he isn’t THAT old. Plenty of QBs have gotten it done at 39 and 40 years old.
    I think he would significantly improve the Vikings team if his arm is healthy, which all indications are that it indeed is.
    Bottom line is that it would be entertaining as all hell especially when we play the Packers. And really that is what the sport is all about, despite what all the “winning is everything” nutjobs out there think.

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