Report: Favre Has Not Ruled Out A Return

Yesterday at about this time, Rick Schwartz of Yahoo! Sports reported that Brett Favre has ruled out a return to the NFL.  Schwartz also reported that Favre was expected to announce his decision to remain retired in the near future.
Despite the fact that no one in the NFL media previously had ever heard of Rick Schwartz (sorry, Rick, but it’s true), the report was accepted as gospel because no one had any credible basis on which to contradict it.
Now, 24 hours or so later, Scott Hanson of NFL Network reports that Brett Favre has not ruled out a return to the NFL.  And Favre has not announced anything.
Hanson also reports that Favre and Vikings coach Brad Childress had at least one conversation this week, and that no absolute decisions have been made regarding whether Favre will play for the Vikings or stay retired.
Bottom line?  Just when we allowed ourselves to think that the music had stopped, Club Cafe Disco is hopping once again.

78 responses to “Report: Favre Has Not Ruled Out A Return

  1. That would be “Cafe Disco,” Florio. Your Club Disco sounds so lame. I bet Club Disco doesn’t have an espresso machine in sight! Now excuse me while I attempt to maneuver my giant hand around this now-freakisly-small normal-sized coffee cup.

  2. Scott Hanson reported that online? Because NFLN TA only airs new episodes at 7:00pm…?

  3. *List of comments of people who think they will look “cool” and knowledgeable in football if they say they are sick of hearing about Brett Favre and his indecisiveness regarding retirement*

  4. Cafe Disco.
    A place where the unattractive and attractive can meet.
    This place was like Dave & Buster’s. People having fun, hanging out, eatin’ apps….

  5. After all he’s put them through these past few years, are the Packers “Shareholders” still going to approve of the marketing deal that Favre will likely still receive from GB after he retires?

  6. BJ Raji will ‘club; Favre in the back, injuring one of his ‘discos’.
    Dad joke.
    Also: Has anyone noticed that all of the Brett Favre Loyalist are so dumb that they don’t even know how to spell their hero’s name (Farve)?
    Sometimes it’s tough to not speak up in a Wisconsin bar, you can hear some pretty retarded discussions sometimes. Those morons are all BF Loyalists, by the way. Every one of them.

  7. Anyway that PFT could turn its collective back on this stupid saga for the summer? Didn’t think so…

  8. Breaking News: Brett Favre Just took a Huge Dump!
    No Wait…
    Breaking News: Brett Favre just fell off his tractor and now has a boo boo!
    No Wait….
    Breaking News: Brett Favre thinks he’s Impotent
    C’mon Florio are we going to follow his every Move all summer long! Why don’t you just call it a day and dedicate this website to Brett Favre and Pat White!

  9. “Just when we allowed ourselves to think that the music had stopped…”
    The rest of the world is content to wait and see what happens. No you, with alll you talk if people getting tired of the story, you come out with another story on Favre speculation.
    If the Vikings throw a pile of money at Brett, who would turn down something like that? And the Vikings could go far into the playoffs.
    Hammer Brett over his wanting to have on more chance at the Super Bowl, its a chance you will never get.

  10. This story will not end and Favre will end up playing for the Minnesota Vikings unless his shoulder will require major surgery. Favre wants to play football otherwise he would have signed his retirement papers by now and faxed them to the league offices but football is still clearly burning in the stomach of Brett Favre.

  11. LOL im loving it, i honestly dont think favre would help us as much as other vikings fans believe, but id like to let TJACK learn under favre and learn alot from mr favor himself….but i think brett walking into lambeau with a #4 vikings jersey would be PRICELESS, #1 watched nfl game EVER…LOL

  12. They xrayed Favre’s brain and didn’t find anything. Then Favre sent the Viking’s xrays of his left shoulder and arm. Favre is the new Whizzonater.

  13. Florio… why do you buy into every wind of Favre hype that comes down the pike? Give it a rest. To see the name Favre at the top of the rumormill page only repulses me. I promise not to hold it against you if you miss the Favre exclusive. Show some mercy… drop it.

  14. I think the back and forth is all part of his plan. He wants to numb the Packer fans until it gets to the point that they don’t care anymore and won’t throw batteries at him when the Vikings play at Lambeau.

  15. for all of you that think that favre is a prima donna, or a drama queen, or whatever problem you have with him, I’d just like for you to come up some examples of things he’s done. ok, that would be things that FAVRE has said or done….keep in mind he’s not the one writing 4 articles per day on whether or not he wants to play again, or ride his tractor this morning, or go fishing this afternoon….I’ve said this time and time again, you want to blame somebody for this, blame the media! sorry Flo, I know you don’t like to be considered the “real” media, but the fact is you’ve just gotten too big not to be considered exactly that. ok, back to the Favre show!

  16. – Just when we allowed ourselves to think that the music had stopped, Club Disco is hopping once again.
    You nailed it. The constant drone of this story is exactly like the forgettable and annoying beats you hear in any club these days. Relief only comes when you step outside for some fresh air. Sadly as football fans we are held hostage inside with no hope of getting out. I’m suffocating already!!

  17. someone said the schwarz guy was a relative of zygi wilf on some radio show. could be BS, but if true it could have been a smokescreen to get the media to die down, since nothing has been decided yet and the circus was approaching 5 rings.


  19. “…no one in the NFL media previously had ever heard of Rick Schwartz (sorry, Rick, but it’s true)…”
    I know everyone in the media and I haven’t even heard of Rich Schwartz. But I’m about to learn everything there is about him. Trust me on that one.
    Your truly,
    Chris Landry

  20. First a guy from West Virginia criticizes Detroit, now he’s big-timing a writer for Y! Sports because he hadn’t heard of him before. Since you’re such a fan of “The Office”, you might want to tune in an hour earlier. There’s a show on that might strike a chord with you.

  21. i think if he doesnt need major surgery on his shoulder he will be back and in a purple uniform.. the missing piece to the puzzle is qb in minnesota and with him as the vikings qb lock up the nfc and hopefully he will bring us deep into the playoffs.. he has something to prove to ted thompson and think if he gets his chance in the nfc north he will rub teds nose in it… if vikings sign favre…. AP probably would be the MVP in the league so much more open space for him to run and make more moves instead of runnin into the 8 man box every team plays him with

  22. Oh and I spelled Favre wrong too. I just can’t believe that it’s the correct spelling anymore.

  23. I’ll believe Farve is officially retired when the next January rolls around and he hasn’t suited up for the Vikings. He wants to stick it to TT, and he won’t rest until he does. This back and forth stuff is all for show. Brett wants to play, but he doesn’t want to put up with the OTAs.

  24.,, Seinfeld, Family Guy, West Virginia, Bea Arthur, Pat White, Lawyers, Florio Jr. and the Suitable Nodes. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

  25. Favre should set up a twitter account so he can sent out updates of his thoughts about unretiring or staying retired this season. It might be the first time in the history of twitter that there are negative people following.

  26. So I’m assuming that live press conferences from his daily dumps are just around the corner.
    In other words – who the hell cares anymore? Can’t we all just agree to assume that he’s just stalling so that he can attend the fewest number of mini-camp/OTA sessions possible and be done with it?
    I knew that story about him not coming back was a bunch of B.S. as soon as I heard it yesterday. Only someone who believes that Manny didn’t know what he was taking hasn’t figured this story out already – and people like that can’t read anyway, so who cares?

  27. Ridiculous. Favre doesn’t open his mouth once, yet he’s gonna get the blame for all this. All these reports keep popping up — back and forth.
    How about no one reports ANYTHING until either Favre or Childress speak?

  28. I’m really starting to miss those non-stop Cutler updates and Pat White PSAs.

  29. This is all Favres fault right????? Not the yahoo from yahoo sports, or every other sports media network that insist on telling non truths. Brett Favre nor Childress have said one word about the situation- don’t you think we should hold all opinions until one of them is heard from???
    They are both remaining silent because NO DECISION HAS BEEN MADE YET!!!

    Brett Favre got a haircut, and rumor is he dyed his hair purple.
    Brett Favre went home and is now watching Sleepless in Seattle with Brad Childress
    Brett Favre didn’t get a haircut, only dyed his hair purple. Signing with the Vikings is imminent.
    I Don’t Give A Crap

  31. Hey how about we report when there is actual news just like every other free agent if he signs he signs but besides hearing that he actually signed I could care more about that book Florio is selling

  32. As excruciatingly annoying as the Favre saga is, I am glad in a way to see the “source close to the situation” reporting blow up in someone’s face. I hope this keeps happening so that sports journalists will start holding back on information once in awhile when they are unable to PUT A NAME BEHIND THEIR INFORMATION.
    For all we know, this Schwartz dude’s “source close to the situation” could have been his dog that started barking when it saw Favre on TV.

  33. “markmaddenkingfatso says:
    May 8th, 2009 at 4:56 pm
    Breaking News: Brett Favre Just took a Huge Dump!
    No Wait…
    Breaking News: Brett Favre just fell off his tractor and now has a boo boo!
    No Wait….
    Breaking News: Brett Favre thinks he’s Impotent”
    And he has sensitive teeth. That’s why he uses Sensodyne.
    For his sensitive teeth, he goes with the pros.

  34. You would think someone could come up with a creme or a shot to get rid of this “Farve” thing.
    Maybe Preparation H could do the trick.

  35. Mr. Florio.
    You are the best. No… Sorry….. “The Best Ever.”
    I am sure you put typo’s in your posts just to get a rise out of the masses.
    But…… You are also funny, and the fact is…. the best ideas come from jokes, heretofore, we should make our thinking “Funny.”
    Carry on… The comment section of this forum is always the best read.
    I think you went to the now XFL school of marketing. Trust me it is a hell of a school.

  36. JustPlatFootball says:
    “If the Vikings throw a bunch of money
    At him, who would turn down that?”
    ANSWER: an NFL legacy, with $50 or
    $100 million in the bank ALREADY!!,
    a Super Bowl ring, wanting to take every precaution not
    Slight his reputation. That’s who.

  37. can we get a ban on florio? this isnt reporting, its muckraking. the drama here is being created by wannabe sports journalists, not by favre. I enjoyed watching favre play, but he should retire IMO. and unless he holds a press conference, these so called reporters should stop reporting on all things favre. having just joined PFT a few days ago, if florio is representative of the of the “reporting” done here, this site is all but useless.

  38. You need to see an addiction councelor, seriously.
    Not every little thing need to be made into a story. Farve should not be spoken about at all unless and until he signs his retirement papers, or, he signs with a team. That’s the ONLY story. Everything in between his release, and his next step, i.e, right now, is a non-story.
    You’ve got a problem. You’re hooked on Farve and need help. See an addiction specialist because you can’t stop.

  39. I am about to start boycotting all websites that talk about Farve. Whenever ESPN and NFL network has a Farve story I change the channel as fast I can. Very few people care about Farve most people can not stand all the Farve talk. Please stop all this Farve talk he is not coming back and if he did it would end in disaster like it did last year. Farve your were a great quarterback enjoy the easy life stay retired.

  40. How is this Brett Favre just trying to get attention? It’s not like he’s calling press conferences or contacting reporters. He’s keeping quiet and it’s all the media making a big deal about this, not him.
    If you could compare Brett Favre to anyone I would say it’s Jerry Rice. The NFL’s all-time greatest WR played until he was basically cut by the Broncos after an uneventful stint with the Seahawks. There was no one talking about him ruining his legacy by sticking around 2-3 years too long.
    And no one criticized Jerry Rice for playing with the Seahawks (a 49ers division rival) and Denver (a Raiders division rival). So why are the Packer fans so hateful for Favre considering playing for the Vikings?

  41. I was listening to ESPN Radio on my short ride home from work last night and I believe Brian Kenny had Rick Schwartz on (it was about 9:15). Schwartz actually wasn’t claiming to know that Favre wasn’t coming back, just that Favre told the Vikings he wasn’t coming back and did talk to Childress on the phone, but decided not to have him fly down to Hattiesburg. He said his source was someone in the Vikings organization so he didn’t know anything about Favre’s thinking and didn’t claim to think Favre definitely wasn’t coming back. I had just left my crappy job so I wasn’t giving the radio my undivided attention, but I believe that’s along the lines. Basically, Schwartz didn’t seem to be trying to claim anything about Favre’s long term intentions, just that the immediate deal with the Vikings wasn’t happening at that point and that the visit to Mississippi was cancelled.

  42. Sticking around and playing for two or three years isn’t what this is about. Farve is doing this to get back at Thompson. Brett’s problem is he has thin skin and a thick skull. He forgets all of the Packer fans who stuck with him when he was throwing those stupid a## picks. If he wasn’t doing it for spite it would be different. Maybe this should go down and let Farve get his a## kicked and put this BS to rest. He sure made alot of cash while in Green Bay to be so bitter.

  43. Hey man the Rolling Stones and Kiss could never make up their mind whether they would retire or not. How many “Victory Lap” tours have each band had? But at least witht he Stones and Kiss there is either really good music, or makeup, to enjoy. What do we get with the “Return of Favre Part II”? More dieing duck passes into the endzone?
    Just retire Brett. Look into the last year of Johnny Unitas in San Diego if you need help figuring things out. Besides, purple only looks cool on Prince and Barney the Dinosaur.

  44. all these favre haters think a Hummer 3 is what they gave their boss 3 times this week.

  45. well. we really know now that a Hummer 3 is what their wives gave to me this week!!! Favre will be back and all you wisconsin haters are going to get what you got coming to you! No Pun intended in my last sentence.

  46. i drive thru sconsin a couple of times a year for work. i like sconsin.
    i think a lot of people are tired of favre’s act and the criticism of a club that rebuilt itself just to watch bf throw another playoff game away. what – hardly anyone came to the pro-favre rally last july? whoda thunk it.
    most packer fans are tired of his act too. they remember an age where athletes didnt pull the crap he has been pulling.
    it isnt anything about hate. you morons who throw the word “hate” around would fit in well in the osamabama commie maladministration.
    and, by the way, pass a “hate crimes” law, and well, that will earn my undying hate.

  47. I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now let’s see how well you handle it.

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