High School Coach On Favre: "He'll Be Out Here Again"

From the hinterlands of Mississippi, Scott Hanson of NFL Network is dutifully still on the Brett Favre Watch.  And he’s sending out blurbs via his Twitter account.  He also filed this report on NFL.com.
Hanson reports that, while Favre didn’t attend the Oak Grove High School spring football practice today, he will be at future practice sessions, according to Oak Grove coach Nevil Barr.
Of Favre, Barr said:  “He’ll be out here again.”
Per the report, Barr chose his words carefully and made no predictions regarding Favre’s future.  Favre is pondering whether to end his retirement again and join the Minnesota Vikings.
[Editor’s note:  Whenever I read that someone “chose words carefully,” I have this image of a dude at a donut counter saying, “Let’s see . . . I’ll take three ‘howevers’ . . . two ‘nonchalants’ . . . four ‘brouhahas’ . . . and a half-dozen ‘debacleds.’]
When asked if Favre, who has been throwing passes to the high school players, still has a strong arm given all of the reports about his injured biceps tendon and shoulder, Barr issued a succinct reply:  “He’s Brett Favre.”
By the way, Hanson did chime in that a quarterback wears No. 4 was at Oak Grove’s practice. His name is James McMahon, the starting quarterback at Oak Grove.
Plus, Steve McNair Jr., the son of retired NFL quarterback Steve McNair, plays for Oak Grove.
UPDATE: During an interview today with reporters who cover the Buccaneers, Warren Sapp, in addition to criticizing tight end Kellen Winslow for not showing up, weighed in on Brett Favre.
Sapp said that he has exchanged text messages with Favre.
“I guess I’ll do the Trent Dilfer,” Sapp said.  “I had the text message . I said, this is Warren asking a friend, ‘What are you going to do?’  And he asked me, ‘What do you think I should do?’  I said, you know what, that’s the end of this conversation.  I just ended it.
“I just wish he’d make a decision and go with it, because I think he gets sick of it.  I’m sure he’s sick of looking at his phone and getting text messages from me and Dilfer and the rest of the guys that want to get the scoop.  Just make the decision to let it go.”

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  1. Crescent City and Purple Parrot are great, 206 Front is overpriced. Sakura has great sushi. Leatha’s has amazing BBQ. But La Fiesta Brava? That place is awful. I’d suggest Caliente Grille instead.

  2. BREAKING NEWS: Favre isn’t at Oak Grove to work out. He’s there to help his old buddy Mark Chmura pick up high school chicks.

  3. Gooodie! We’ll get to see TheEvilOne all sweaty in the sunshine, jogging and running stairs and jawing with high school kids! And refusing to say anything of value. Because “He’s Brett Favre”.

  4. Interesting. The QB at the school he throws at has the same name as the QB that backed him up when he won a superbowl. CONSPIRACY!

  5. “Favre is pondering whether to end his retirement again and join the Minnesota Vikings.”
    Thanks for the newsflash, Aaron Wilson. You’re really on the ball today.

  6. Jim McMahon starts for a high school team? Well then Favre must be playing for the kindergarten team!

  7. HOLY SHIT!! IS THIS A BRETT FAVRE STORY? Haven’t seen one of these in like 10 minutes. Thank God, I nearly had some DT’s.

  8. “Ain’t gonna be out here”
    “He’ll be out here again”
    Anyone else get the impression that this guy is enjoying his chance to torment the yankee reporters that have gathered round his good ol’ suthun boy ?

  9. I heard that Florio was planning on writing a sequel to “Quarterback of the Future.” It’s about two sports bloggers who travel back in time and learn just how hard their job is without Sprint cell phones and Twitter, and that unfortunately, some people are kind of racist.
    Man, the 90’s were inconvenient…

  10. Aw hell this calls for a haiku:
    Total nonstory
    PFT can’t help itself
    does this pass as news?

  11. Maybe he feels that throwing to High School players will be like throwing to Vikings wide receivers

  12. There is a Copeland’s in Hattiesburg though. And if its still there, a Cock on the Walk. They had a good seafood buffet at one point with frog legs. I mean, if you’re going to go native, go all the way.

  13. Yawn….scratch balls….i saw the new star trek…good flick..anyone else see it???

  14. So Warren Sapp sends text messages under the guise of just “asking a friend”, giving the impression that any response might be considered personal and off the record, but then turns around and announces them on TV and admits he’s just trying “to get the scoop”.
    Sometimes I forget what a responsible, ethical journalist and wonderful human being Warren can be.

  15. “There is a Copeland’s in Hattiesburg though.”
    Not anymore, it was horrible compared to the one in New Orleans and no one liked it. Now there’s some fondue place there.

  16. WOW…, I thought it was news when Brett was considering coming back to play another year in the NFL….., but practicing to be QB of the local High School team? That just doesn’t seem right. I’ll bet Oak Hill’s current QB is pissed. I mean…, what kind of shot does he have in beating out Brett Favre? Homecoming is going to suck for that kid this year.

  17. TT still chews the wad!!! So do the BF naysayers!! Yer mama’s, that’s right, I said yer Mama’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come back FAV REE, make all the pukes that ran you off pay the price!!!!!!!!!! I love listening to them cry and whine. When they raise your rent , Your Mama, tell the president, your Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. im starting to actually like brett favre again………. now everyone else can see what fun it can be dealing with brett favre. il be honest, i always loved him as a packer and dreaded us losing him either to retirement or someone else. im starting to think that maybe him and ole teddy have made up and they decided that they wanted to really mess with the vikings. favre as the heel or whatever the wrestleheads would call it is a pretty good story. if it turns out that he ends up screwing the vikings over in the end, he will have earned my respect and admiration back. i will still support aaron rodgers as my quarterback, but i will no longer look at brett favre with this negative aura anymore.

  19. Right now Jim McMahon or Steve McNair (both Sr. and Jr.) are probably just as good as Brett Favre. Favre is done. If he plays again it’s going to be embarrassing.

  20. Dear Sporting World,
    Don’t you know I am the greatest QB of all time?
    (plus I was in that movie with Cameron Diaz, man she is hot!)
    Ye shall all bow to me and I will let you all know
    when I’m good and ready. The world is my oyster…hahahahahhahahaah
    Brett Favre

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