StarCaps Case Moving Toward Conclusion

Many assumed that the StarCaps litigation essentially ended when a federal judge in Minnesota blocked the implementation of four-game suspensions against two key members of the Vikings and three members of the Saints.
It didn’t.
The court order merely prevented the league from suspending the players until the case is resolved.
So, it’s possible that the players ultimately will lose, and thus be required to serve the suspensions.
Trial is still set for June 15.  More importantly, a league source has reminded us that a so-called “motion for summary judgment” will be heard on Thursday.
Put simply, a motion for summary judgment entails an argument that the key facts aren’t in dispute, and that the judge can decide the winner and the loser merely by applying the law to the undisputed circumstances.
Though it previously has been reported that the players will be pursuing this approach, it’s likely that each side has filed such a motion.  On the surface, it seems to be the perfect case for a decision without a judge or a jury having to resolve any he-said/she-said issues.
The pending suspensions apply to Vikings defensive tackles Kevin and Pat Williams, Saints defensive ends Charles Grant and Will Smith, and free-agent running back Deuce McAllister.  Lions defensive tackle Grady Jackson’s internal appeal of his four-game also likely will be affected by the ruling in the StarCaps case.

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  1. something tells me brett favre is looking at this ruling to see if the williams wall will get suspended. if they do, favre stays retired. that d will suffer without the runstopping power of k and pat will

  2. Everyone knew this was just a stall tactic by the Williams Wall to avoid suspension so they could keep on playing because the Vikings (like every year) were going “All the Way”. It will be interesting to see how they dig themselves out from 0-4 this year. Hopefully Percy Harvin has better lawyers lined up than the Williams boys when he tests positive for “extreme dehydration”. LOL

  3. Mike:
    If these players lose, could they serve these suspensions during the preseason?

  4. NDCowboysfan, somehow I don’t think Brett Favre is going to decide his future based on if two DTs have to sit for four games. If only it was that simple and trivial.

  5. Man, I completely forgot that Grady still had this hanging over his head. Between this, and his brother’s murder charges, I’m not sure how much use the Lions are going to get out of him.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  6. The four games isn’t a big deal. The standins for Pat and Kevin, did get alot more playing time when this whole situation came up, and they performed well. Besides look at the four first games, Clevland, Detroit, San Francisco, and Greenbay. None of those teams have punishing run offences.

  7. Total BS from the NFL. Bumetenie was not listed as an ingredient and trainers for various teams (like the Bills) pushed the stuff on players like it was crack. The NFL drug hotline was MIA for these guys. To suggest a player like Deuce McAllister (perhaps the classiest player in the league) would purposely put that stuff in his body is disgraceful. The NFL needs a new policy and an enema.

  8. The rulebreakers can try to run but they will not hide.
    Justice will get them.
    Had they served their time it would be over and people would not be watching them go court in a feeble attempt to defened their attempts to cheat and deceive the NFL with their steroid masking.
    All the cheaters caught will be more tainted because of their court appearances and dragging out their refusal to except the NFL rules on banned substances.
    The commissioner should be added an extra game or 2 to the suspensions for their unrepentant ways and taking their substance abuse outside the NFL discipline system as conduct detrimetnal to the league.
    A cheating scandal is not good for the public image of the NFL and therefore clearly deserves extra suspension times.

  9. If both sides can establish the facts necessary to make such a motion, the chances are next to zero that either side can win it.
    In order to win summary judgment, the winner must prove that the loser can’t prove their case with a set of winning facts. If both sides make this argument, the judge will just say “you’ve both established facts that need to be argued.” Motion denied.
    If only one side makes an SJ motion, they could win it.

  10. With the Viking’s current QB situation, Kol Klink calling the offensive plays, missing playmakers in the defensive backfield, the kicking to the curb of their hometown center, and a fan base that could barely sell out a playoff game, I think the suspension of the William’s sisters doesn’t even rank in the top 10 of the Viking’s problems.
    Despite all that, they are going to the Superbowl, the annual spring time prediction of the Viking faithful (ignoring the fact that it’s been over 30 years since they even sniffed that rarified air)

  11. Bob_Nelson = complete idiot. Get your facts straight instead of boring us with your stupid cliches.

  12. The only annual spring time prediction or ritual that Viking fans truly expect is the same old moronic cheeser fans commenting on Viking posts because, as usual: (1) nothing newsworthy is coming out of bland old Green Bay; (2) their “young and up and coming” team sucked last year and will do so again; and (3) they fail to comprehend how stupid it sounds to criticize a team, it’s management and coach that finished 4 games better than theirs the year before.
    If the Vikes have problems, how about a doofus general manager that refuses to use free agency, a lard-ass head coach less flexible than peanut brittle, implementation of a 3-4 defense with 4-3 personel (sure rely on 2 rookies and a D coach that changes jobs every 3 years to change the world), no offensive line, no backup quarterback and average RBs. Hell, the only thing cheesers don’t have to worry about is their starting QB — the one that “led” them to a 6-10 record.
    As to the Williams hearing, if the Court found sufficient factual issues to issue a temporary injunction, there likely are sufficient factual issues to overcome a motion for summary judgment and proceed to trial. The whole time Judge Magnuson has been pushing each side to settle the matter, and he likely will use the SJ hearing to re-emphasize that point once again.

  13. @purpleguy, and his homer minions-
    Keep talking. It’s the one thing you guys are truly good at. Particularly this time of year when you have yet to choke in a meaningful game. We would much rather have no good backup qbs than 3 backups and no qualified starter. We will also take McCarthy over Chilly any day of the week, and I’m sure you would too. He’s fat, but at least he can call plays. Also, there’s at least one other team that puts an emphasis on drafting and coaching quality players instead of trading multiple picks for a drunk driver with a mullet: your world champion Pittsburgh Steelers. And, lest we forget: Pack 5 Vikes 1 since Chilly. I can’t wait to make it 7-1. Until we do though, keep talking…….

  14. 4 games better? yes, in the standings but a missed FG is the only thing that saved Col Klink from 0-6 against the packers. At least McCarthy had enough class to show up at the 50 yard line to shake hands after the game. You must be so proud of your bald headed dipshit for that move.
    I get a huge laugh out of the fact that the majority of Viking fans would welcome Favre knowing its an upgrade over what is currently on the roster but also knowing that the QB position will be a problem in 2009 again. There is something about jealousy that makes you guys so entertaining.

  15. Beer Cheese Soup —
    Most of us wouldn’t feel the need to talk if Packers dolts didn’t keep posting on threads that have nothing to do with them, and just keep bringing up the same old stuff each time. If you don’t believe me — see which people posted first (i.e. before PurpleGuy) on this thread. There are a couple of them who must have some sort of inferiority complex.
    In general, I agree with what you said about your QBs vs. ours, and your coach vs. ours — that is, given the choice, I’d take yours.
    I still think the Allen last year was a good move.
    The “which team has more bad people on it” is old. Even the Steelers (who apparently the Packers are the NFC North version of — I don’t necessarily see that, but if you say so…) were lead in the Superbowl by Santurdio Holmes — a guy with a quality rap sheet in his own right.

  16. DCV-
    Painful as it is to admit, you’re right. We have nothing better to do this slow time of year then post on threads that have nothing to do with us. Since Minny (and to a lesser extent Dallas) always claim their paper championships this time of year, it makes you an easy target. When the season starts, it’ll be all about the Pack and Bears again, and purple jerseys and short bald coaches picking fights with their former WRs will be nothing more than a punchline. For now though, you are our rival. Chicago fans are at least smart (or realistic) enough not to say they’re going all the way before training camp. Viking fans, with a few exceptions, are not. So I admit it. we have nothing better to do than start shit with you all, and we will continue to do so. Feel better?

  17. Now, I never intended to start the “which team has more bad people on it” argument. Every team has turds these days, it’s pointless to debate who is worse.
    When I made the comment about the Steelers, I was referring to what our front office has said about using that model to build on (conservative FA moves, building through the draft, molding players to fit the system etc). Since most “dynasty” teams have done those things, it clearly works. We have a long way to go from where we were last year though obviously.
    Allen is a good player and he will get you stats, but the picks you traded to get him could have gotten you a lot further, and if the name Hershel Walker means anything to you, I would think you should know that.

  18. Beer Cheese Soup –
    Admitting you have a problem is the first step in fixing it! (Joking)
    I agree with the comment about building through the draft, small FA signings, etc. — it has worked for the Steelers and the Patriots. At least you admit that you team was 6 – 10, and in need of improvement in some areas. And that you’re actually interested in what your team is doing, not just what our is doing. Granted, for better or worse, our offseason is more colorful than yours.
    I’d be lying, however, if I didn’t say I was excited when the Vikings signed big name FAs — much as I’d like to see them build through the draft.
    Even with Herschel forever lingering in my memory, given the Vikings need at DE last year, and Allen’s youth — i’m still in favor of that trade. I guess we agree to disagree.

  19. Time will tell, as it certainly did with Walker. And am I gonna deny we went 6-10? That would be a little bit difficult.

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