Weird Parallels Between Porter And Harrison

The ongoing brouhaha regarding Steelers linebacker James Harrison’s preference to be perceived an idiot instead of a coward displays some intriguing similarities to the last time the Steelers took a trip to the White House.
As Harrison has pointed out, no one noticed in 2006 his decision not to travel from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to 1600 Pensylvania.
Apart from the fact that no one knew who Harrison was at the time, the attention was being focused on former Steelers linebacker Joey Porter.
Before Harrison’s more recent decision not to make the trip became national news, we mentioned Porter’s escapades of three years ago.
In both cases, a high-profile Steelers linebacker made comments that caused a stir and then reacted with frustration to the fact that the comments caused a stir.
The only difference, for now, is that Porter ended up going to the White House.  Harrison doesn’t plan to.
But we’ve suddently got a feeling that Harrison will hop into his car and make the drive to D.C. for Thursday’s trip.
Meanwhile, here’s a PFTV segment regarding the situation.


35 responses to “Weird Parallels Between Porter And Harrison

  1. Wait, so you guys made an entire post saying that Harrison and his agent should shut up about it, then added like three entries and went through the trouble of recording a video after all that? Really?

  2. Yep, everyone gets he is an idiot. What everyone doesn’t get is why this is news.

  3. If you were a pro athlete you wouldnt want to go to the whitehouse either….your house is 100 times better fully and tailored to what they want …..he doesnt want to go shake hands and take pictures with politicians who gives a shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Trashy loud-mouthed player? Who are you talking about, Joey Porter? I’m pretty sure that the Steelers got rid of him as they didn’t want to pay him a ton of money and he wouldn’t shut his mouth. They replaced him with someone who obviously doesn’t care what people think of him, and he’s hardly a trashy loud-mouthed player. Get your head out of your ass before making stupid comments. Most teams in the NFL covet what the Steelers have, which is class, a winning tradition i.e. 6 Super Bowl Championships, and a desire to make the league a better one.

  5. If I was Harrison, I would not go, but only for the fact that Obama affirms that some lives have more value than others based on time and proximity.

  6. PFT would be a much better site without the V. I’d much rather read him than see him. I watched one of those videos, and have never watched another.

  7. This is the only website that continues to make such a big dea about this so I’m not sure what brouhaha you’re taking about Florio. Unless you’re talking about the circus that goes on in your head!

  8. if harrison doesnt want to go see commie obama for whatever reason, that’s ok.
    if harrison was white, all the liberal boo birds (the real haters, if yer really watching!) would be out in full force.

  9. hayward giablommi, it’s weird that you call him a loudmouth, considering the guy never talks…
    You must be thinking of Winslow, T.O., Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, Ray Lewis, Trevor Price, Bart Scott, or Terrel Suggs. Butt hey, you can’t name a single mouthy personality on that team. In fact, the three best teams in the league (New England, Indy, and Pittsburgh) don’t have mouthy players, and that’s why they win. And I know Moss plays for the Patriots, but he isn’t mo mouthy anymore.

  10. Hayward;
    You are a moron. No offense and I know that you won’t take it as offensive as you’d have to have at least half a brain to do so. What other players on the Steelers are trash talkers? None of their players even open their mouths to stick their foot in it. None that matter that’s for sure. You are saying that the Steelers are worse than the Cowboys, Bengals, Giants, Ravens, etc. etc.?
    Besides being a Steelers hater do you actually have an opinion on this? Before you answer, Porter plays for the Fins and won a Super Bowl while he did play in Pitt.
    The Steelers are the classiest team in the league. Goof.

  11. Do people really care about this story? Someone needs to explain to me how this is even that newsworthy. I understand that there isn’t much going on in the NFL right now but my God, this is insane. Who cares if a player goes to the White House… I’m a Steeler fan and really couldn’t give a shit less if any of the players go to the White House.
    It doesn’t shock me that Florio is blowing this out of proportion, because that’s what he does, esp. with anything involving anything remotely negative with the Steelers. It’s a joke.
    So if someone actually cares about this story you need to explain to me why because I really don’t get it.

  12. @ bigstorm
    First off, I will freely acknowledge that I dislike the Steelers more than any other team in the league…and with good reason, regardless of the fact that my team has had quite a bit of success over Pittsburgh the last few years. I dislike just about all Steelers players (other than Polamalu), the head coach and a majority of Steelers fans, though there are a few here whom I respect. Since you don’t know me, I really don’t care if you think I’m a moron or not.
    Fact is, Porter was the face of your franchise for many years…and whether you like it or not, his constant trash talk and antics on and off the field reflected very poorly on your franchise.
    I think I’ve seen enough of James Harrison to know that he’s a good player, and a complete idiot based on his comments over the past week. His actions in the Super Bowl, which he should have been ejected for, tell me all I need to know about his ‘character’.
    I’ve listened to Hines Ward cry after losing to the Patriots again in ’04, and followed by his lame sour grapes comments about spygate,
    Kordell Stewart got his ass handed to him in the ’01 AFCCG, but still broke out the “better team doesn’t always win” sour grapes.
    And last but not least….then there’s Lawrence Timmons intentionally injuring Ricky Williams…one of the most dispicable acts I’ve seen on a football field in the last 5 years…How does this not warrant a suspension?

    Intent to injure? Clearly. Classy? Not so much .

  13. The difference between Harrison and Porter is that Porter had a political motivation for not going, something that he cared about. Harrisons stated reason is just completely insane.

  14. Had to register to respond to the issue of “class” that’s been brought up.
    First off an most importantly, anyone posting on a message board under the name “Hey, would you blow me”, clearly knows very little about class. My immediate guess is that you are a New England fan. I’d think that from the combination of the absence of ACTUAL class and the element of arrogance and ignorance that saturates both of your posts above.
    Second, as a fan of football, I’d like to remind you that the spygate scandal was not dreamed up. It actually happened and the fine for the act was the biggest fine in the history of the NFL. It was also an act that brought the NFL and its anti-trust status to the floor of the United States senate and for a moment threatened the unique business position that the NFL has in this country. I’m sure this doesn’t bother you. After all… the reward of dishonoring the rules of the game was worth the risk….right?
    I cant imagine the Rooney family retaining a coach like Belichick especially in light of the fact that there is little doubt that he cheated, he admitted it and paid a half million dollar fine for the action. He also sheepishly stood in front of the owners of the NFL and apologized. The retention (and actually rewarding) of a CLASSLESS and clearly cheating coach like that would come from the ultimate in a classless organization…perhaps someone like Robert Craft who’s philosophy is clearly guided by avarice, greed and a contempt for rules he may or may not agree with…once again, a very New England attribute…(just try driving in this area of the country to get my point).
    While I understand that after being one of the bigger doormats in the NFL for most of their existence, the Patriots needed something to keep those 3 adoring fans in their seats. I seem to remember free tickets to the Patriots games in the 70s 80s and 90s because no one cared… and wasn’t it just a year before they cheated their way to their first Superbowl victory that Robert Craft (the classy guy that he is) played the MA government and public by threatening to move the team to either Hartford or Providence…don’t think you’ll be finding any of those tactics used by the Rooney family. And you might want to check your history on that before sticking your foot in your mouth (again).
    While Steelers players and coaches have ALWAYS been know as being tough as nails (across the league) and some even had the mouth to back it up, never in the history of this organization has any member of this organization lacked the class to set up cameras in forbidden areas in order to steal calls from other teams. For the most part, Steelers players leave their game on the field and for that I’m proud to be a fan. Much more than I can say for the Pats who would rather back up their football skills with a nerd and a video camera. Belicheck cant be both a genius and claim to be ignorant of COMMON rules of decency and fairplay. And the last time I checked, being an A$$whole doesnt = having class.
    Craft is known in this league because he he is wealthy and because he took a sad-sack organization from doormat to the annals of football lore. He made the league more profitable by making one of the organizations within the league better. Too bad he sacrificed his integrity and class to do it and it REALLY is too bad that it took a stolen football championship to put fans in those seats …once again, don’t think you’ll be finding that mentality or approach in the Burgh. Take a moment of your time and do a little reading on the Rooney family. Make the comparison and pull your foot outta your mouth.
    There is an old saying that says something like: Each class of a society has its own set of values and morals and each class passes or teaches its values to class below it. If your highest class is ignorant, uneducated, lazy etc, it will be displayed in the lower classes of society. If New England football fans actually embrace the actions of their head coach and owner…if you can actually justify their actions using lowest common denominators to condone such actions…that says FAR more than anything Joey Porter (now a member of the Miami Dolphins) can spew out.
    When YOU, as a New England football fan, can separate yourself and organization from the most heinous violation of NFL rules ever, you can begin talking about class, but until that time the word hypocrite comes to mind. I’ll have more love for Al Davis than I ever will for Craft, Belicheck, the Patriots and their unjustifiably arrogant (and extremely fairweather) football fans.

  15. If Harrison drives he better make sure his car gets 35 mpg or else Obama might scream at him.

  16. I’m amused that politicians, who regularly treat their subjects with disdane, are people anyone would want to meet. Who cares if a guy doesn’t have an interest in meeting any of those jokers in Washington? All they do is lie for the benefit of those who are stupid enough to belive what they say, try their best to steal what personal liberty we have left, and spend money we don’t have so our children will be destitute. Maybe Michael Vick should go to Washington and say hello to his peers in public office.

  17. Weird parallel between no Bret Farve news, lame Vick news, nobody getting arrested and the need to start a new Steeler thread. Only I don’t see the big hit count for this. Weird. Weirdly parellel, actually.

  18. @hayward
    Are you fricking kidding me? Classless? Despicable Acts? I love my Redskins but have you seen the Albert Haynesworth play when he played with the Titans? You dont watch much football apparently if you think the play you have indicated was despicable and you should stick to watching gymnastics or ballet or whatever it is that you watch.Look at the Bengals or umm say the Patriots if you want classless. If you want to look at cheap shots look no farther than Rodney Harrison. Despicable acts on a football field? Choke… Gag… Seriously? The Rooneys and their coach has been nothing but class and it goes on down the line. Joey Porter, sure he is an A$$ and not very classy but if one player or coach speaks for an entire organization and it’s history, then Harrison, Moss,Belicheck, Seymour and the list goes on and on definitely would have the Steelers beat by a long shot. I struggle to think of that many classless Steelers players in the last 20 years. Hines Ward Classless? That is an idiotic thing to say! I would take Mike Tomlin,Cowher or Noll and how they have represented the Steelers over Belichick any day. Sure James Harrison is sounding like a moron but not classless and I hardly think that his statements should reflect as unclassy on an organization that has been nothing but classy for decades.

  19. @ Steel Driver
    First, in response to your lengthy post, if you have issue with my name, take it up with the site. I do not really care. Grow a sense of humor, or something. I am, in fact, a fan of the Patriots, and have been for the better part of 25 years now, pretty much most of my existance.
    Second, I would not expect any Steelers fan, or fan of any other team for that matter, to be a fan of Belichick’s. People like you want to bury your head in the sand, and blissfully imagine that noone, except the evil Patriots cheat. Of course, this flies in the face, of comments by Jimmy Johnson, stating that he used the exact same tactics in Dallas. The Jets have freely admitted that they did the exact same thing in a playoff game, mind you, in 2006 vs. New England. And the Patriots were not sanctioned for merely videotaping signals…no, they did it in the WRONG LOCATION for the umpteenth time.
    I don;t particularly care is you like Kraft (spelled with a “K”, not “C”, by the way). I don’ necessarily agree with everything he’s done, but bottom line is with out him, they’d have been playing in St. Louis for the last decade and a half.
    You, though, clearly have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. For starters, every seat has been filled since 1993, not after they won a championship. Kraft played the Mass government? How, Mass refused to allow him relocate the team to Boston in the late 90’s, because the Seaker of the House had an agenda against Kraft. So he had to look elsewhere. Ultimately, he put up his own money, something that’s happened with only one other American franchise, to build a new stadium. So remember this, and that the Steelers suckled on the teet of government to get Heinz Field built.
    Most heinous violation of rules ever? Ha. Right. Try this, buy a ticket in the front row on the 50 yard to a game, and bring a set of binoculars and zero in on the defensive coach. Voila, you have the exact same information the Patriots did. Try thinking rationally instead of goinjg along with the mob mentality. If you’re capable of that, then consider the ramifications of circumventing the salary cap, thus bringing in superior players, but not playing by the same rules as every other team. You don;t have to think very hard, because this happened with the two Broncos championship teams in the 90’s. I’d think you’d be outraged by this too, considering the 97 Broncos beat the Steerlers in your house to go on to win the Super Bowl.
    To sum it all up, I would respectfully say you are very hypocritical and not very knowledgable. Good day.

  20. @ Atlas:
    Come on man, Timmons leaps over the Dolphin guy and goes out of his way to use Ricky Williams back as leverage for his left foot, and springboards off Williams back to go for the ball. Give me a break. Read the comments below the video:
    ” oh come on haha im a diehard steelers fan, but you would have to be a complete and total homer to think timmons didnt mean to step on him. ”
    @ Hail To The Redskins!
    I have seen Albert Haynesworth…that’s why I said “one of” the more dispicable acts. Not the most. Good luck with him this year by the way.
    Since you mention it, I watch 12 hours of football a week, sorry, I don’t consider guys intentionally stomping other guys to be part of the game. I watched that game live and thought the same thing I belive now before I even saw a replay. If that had been Clinton Portis getting stomped and knocked out for the remainder of the season, you’d feel differently.
    When did I say Hines Ward was classless? I was referring to his idiotic comments. Can you give me an example of a Rodney Harrison cheapshot, or morronic comments made by Moss, Harrison, Belichick or Seymour? I can’t think of any offhand, but maybe you can jog my memory.

  21. Steroids will do that to you. Especially if you are of lower intelligence like Harrison and Porter. Roids will bring you championships but you also must look at the downside that it makes your idiot players go full retard.

  22. Hayward,
    I’m sorry. I didn’t realize random Steelers fan was a credible and reliable source to the truth. If that’s the best you have then you obviously haven’t mastered the art of arguing on the internet like a jackass.
    If he DID go out of the way it was to avoid stepping on the head of his superstar linebacker. If you can’t see what really happened then let’s agree on that.
    To call it one of the most despicable act, however?
    You must have jumped on the Patriots bandwagon late because you missed A LOT of football.

  23. @Hey would…
    I think your post is doing exactly what I criticized you and the Pats organization of doing in the first place which is lowering yourself to the lowest common denominator in order to justify an action. Don’t really see a lot of class in that.
    Bottom line is that you HAVE to justify your actions using classless actions of others in order to tell yourself that it is ok. I’ve always thought the Steelers set the bar a little higher for their organization and have been one to push the league to do the same REGARDLESS of their record. Might want to check NFL history on that one.
    Yep…early 90s…free tickets to see the Patriots were given away to Cub Scouts and other organizations right here in Rhode Island and many went unused. Guess that fan base wasnt quite developed yet and as said earlier, if it weren’t for a few illegitimate Super Bowl rings we might be talking about the Hartford Patriots or Los Angeles Patriot’s instead. Great fan base you got up here…!
    Yeah, I’m pissed about the Broncos but that seems a little light hearted and trivial when compared to the Genius using illegal video tape. The one thing that the common thick-headed and unjustifiably arrogant New England Pats fan simply cant understand is that rules aren’t in place to be adhered to at your convenience and that when they are broken, there is a price to pay and a stigma of shame to go along with it.
    Don’t see much shame coming out of home grown New England fans. It isn’t part of the culture…you are FAR too arrogant to admit fault or face up to the responsibility. There are plenty of things to complain about on every team in football however it is generally only New England fans who like to their that their crap doesn’t stink.
    Feel lucky you live in New England where your family and friends (also pandering to lowest common denominators) can sit around and massage your egos. The vilification you receive outside of your geographical location as far as football is concerned isn’t because your team plays well, its because there is a recorded history and admission of cheating coming directly from your beloved coach. I guess when you suck up to crap, you cant smell it coming out the other end.
    Criticisms of my football team come from the fact that it is a great organization with great history and a clear cut aspiration for excellence on and off the field. The championships add a little bitter icing don’t they? Hatred fueled by envy…you gotta love it. There is little to honor or envy about the Patriots…
    Every heard the saying there is no honor among thieves?
    You keep on comparing yourself to crap in order to justify your organizations CLEARLY classless actions…
    I’ll support something where the bar is set a little higher (and will have the integrity to drop that support when they stoop to your level)
    Hopefully you have a sense of humor. Much like your insulting name, this is all said in jest.

  24. “But we’ve suddently got a feeling that Harrison will hop into his car and make the drive to D.C. for Thursday’s trip.”
    What does “suddently” mean?

  25. wasn’t this the year that harrison hurdled LT? Before the last two years I had always known harrison as the guy who should play way more. Anyone who is a real fan should know the guys who play on their team, so some people did know who harrison was in 2006. Of course, he didn’t say anything stupid that year either.

  26. @ Atlas
    I have been a fan since Super Bowl XX when I was 5 years old… No bandwagon fan here.
    The “random comment” was included because it was the first thing I saw below the video…found it amusing… nothing more, nothing less.
    I recall watching that game and being angered watching the replays. I really have a problem with Timmons for that play, which deserved a suspension, in my opinion. Come on, I know thats your team and all, but it was pretty ugly play…

  27. @ Steel Driver
    Being a Cub Scout in RI in the early 90’s (Pack 55- look it up), I was never offered any tickets, but I would have gone if I had been. Let me clarify a few things, because you are completely wrong on many issues. The empty seats you refernce at Foxboro Stadium were the result of failed ownerships of Victor Kiam and then James Orthwein, who actively ran the team into ground in hopes of moving th team to St. Louis.
    The Patriots have sold out every game since ’93 around the time Kraft bought the team. .The proposed move to Hartford was cicra 1998. The Patriots won their first Super Bowl in 2002, when Gillette Stadium was nearing completion . Not once have the Patriots EVER been rumored to move to LA. NOT ONCE. So, if you live in New England as you purport to, you are either being deliberately misleading to suit your anti-Patriots agenda (i.e, a liar) or you just legitimately do not know what the hell you’re talking about. Either way, it reflects poorly, and you should do some fact checking before you waste 45 minutes of your life posting nonsense.
    Further, I no longer live in Rhode Island, or NE for that matter, so you are wrong once a-gain. I proudly display the Patriots logo on the streets of the city of Brotherly Love, and don’t really give a damn what you or anyone else thinks about. And really haven’t had any problems, other than some gentle ribbing, btw.
    In summary, Steel Driver, I try to keep it pretty respectful here and remain as objective as possible. However, posters such as yourself are hard to respect, thanks to your deadly mix of hubris, ignorance, homerism and arrogance. I mean really, for a fan of such a “superior, classy” organization, you seem overly obsessed with the Patriots, don’t you think?
    I congratulate the Steelers on their recent Super Bowl win…no bitterness from me…That said, frankly, why the hell would I give a damn about the Steelers, since the Patriots have won 7 of the last 11 meetings, including 2 in the AFCCG? So, clearly, mine is not a hatred borne out of jealousy, now is it?
    I mean, seriously, what’s your deal bro?

  28. Steel Driver says:
    Here’s some interesting information about a former Patriots player:

    Wow, such a big story that it wasn’t even posted here, where Florio will post any anti-Patriots story just to get Pavlovian dogs like you to salivate.
    The guy played three games for New England in 1988, also played for the Colts, but that doesn’t matter, now does it? Noone’s heard of the guy, barely even a football story.
    Grow up.

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