League Launches Tampering Investigation Regarding Haynesworth

When defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth signed with the Redskins only five hours or so after becoming an unrestricted free agent, no one believed that the communications started from scratch at 12:01 a.m. ET.
In most cases, however, nothing happens.  Primarily because most teams at some time or another violate the rules regarding tampering.
In this case, the Titans have opted to take a stand.  They have accused the Redskins of tampering.  According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, the league is now formally investigating the matter.
Per Cole, the league has interviewed at least two people regarding the situation.
In our view, the best evidence might ultimately come from cell phone records, or from internal e-mails exchanged by Redskins officials.
The bigger question, in our view, isn’t whether the Redskins got a head start, but whether they started so early that it prevented the Titans from having a full and fair crack at re-signing Haynesworth.
The Titans, and every team that holds a player’s rights, are entitled to have the ability to negotiate with the player exclusively, without having the player or his agent find out what other teams might pay.
Again, this kind of stuff happens all the time.  But if the league can prove that the Redskins started the process before they were permitted to do so, the Redskins will be one of the unfortunate few who lose one of more draft picks because of it.

14 responses to “League Launches Tampering Investigation Regarding Haynesworth

  1. Redskins cheated Redskins cheated. I admire and respect Jeff Fisher, but sometimes he can be a little whiny bitch.

  2. Vinny Cerrato probably asked the league to investigate himself because he had no idea how to prepare for the draft pick with the Redskins (seemingly) unprecedented FULL set of draft picks.

  3. This is a non-story. The titans weren’t going to put nowhere near the money needed to resign him, so they were going to lose him anyway.

  4. “…the Redskins will be one of the unfortunate few who lose one of more draft picks because of it.”
    How would this be unfortunate since they acquire all of their talent through free agency?

  5. This is a real bad rule. How can any agent allow his client to sign with his old team without findng what the market will be in 24 hours or whatever. I can see making them wait until a certain date before thaey can sign somewhere else, but why not allow talks with a pending free agent?
    Ray Lewis would have most likley never had to “flirt” with free agency and somewhat mess with his image in Baltimore if he could have found out ahead of time that all the Jerry Jones giving him 25 mil up front stuff was BS.

  6. If the Titans had really wanted to keep Haynesworth why wasn’t a deal in place BEFORE the season started.

  7. Just a normal everyday business deal in the world of Dan Snyder. So what, if someone calls it cheating.

  8. Genius! Tamper with Haynesworth, trade all the picks away, give the Commish Vinny instead of picks and hire Shanahan or Holmgren to run the football side of things, cause , you know, they actually have stepped on a football field before. But hey Vinny, if this Skins thing falls through, you always can go back to acting (but not acting as a GM- ZING)

  9. The funny thing to me is if you tamper the penalty is losing draft picks.
    You know in New York city it’s actually cheaper to park wherever the hell you want and pay the ticket than to actually pay to park in a designated facility.
    The point being people break the rules because the consequences aren’t stiff enough. And I wouldn’t expect that to change any time soon.

  10. It’s not like the Skins front office makes great draft picks anyway. Just look at this year’s draft. After their first round pick, all other picks were reaches. Outside of Kevin Barnes (who was a reach in the 3rd), all the picks they made in the lower rounds could have been had as Undrafted Free Agents.
    And….it’s not Spygate. They won’t lose a first rounder. Didn’t the 9ers lose a 4th or something in the Briggs tampering case? (Sorry…too lazy to do the research).

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