More Money For Jake Long

Miami Dolphins left offensive tackle Jake Long is cashing in after making the Pro Bowl as a rookie.
According to Harvey Fialkov of the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Long’s base salaries have gone up significantly.
It’s likely the effect of escalator clause language built into Long’s five-year contract, which carries a maximum total value of $57.5 million.
Per the report, based on NFL Players Association records, Long was originally scheduled to make a $3.75 million base salary this year.  Now, it’s up to $6.5 million.
And Long’s base salary doubles in 2010 from an original $4.5 million to $9 million with a similar boost in 2001 from $5.25 million to $10 million.
In 2012, his salary rises from $6 million to $10 million. 
In 2013, Long is now due $10.75 million. He was originally scheduled to be paid $6.75 million.

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  1. Holy crap. So he gets $20 million more now that he made the pro bowl in his rookie season? If that’s how he is supposed to earn his total contract, then was his original deal really something like $30 million, or is this just bonuses not included? I mean, how often does a rookie left tackle make the pro bowl? (Aside from Joe Thomas, I know…) I wonder if the Dolphins/ Parcells really thought he would be this good in his rookie year, if they included such high jumps in base salary for making the pro bowl.

  2. The Browns better get Joe Thomas some sort of new deal or else he will complain like everyone else on the team about his contract. At least Long was on a playoff team, so you can see where getting more money would make sense.

  3. “Wonder if he’s making more than Daddy now… ”
    I am sure JAKE Long makes more then his Daddy.
    If you are referring to Howie Long’s son, that would be CHRIS Long, who is a defensive end for the Rams.

  4. That was a stupid deal for the team to make. Making the Pro Bowl should only increase your base salary for that next year…you want to keep raising that salary, keep making the Pro Bowl. If he makes the Pro Bowl every year then it’ll be worth it to pay him that much, if for some reason he doesn’t(Injury, lackluster performance) then it’ll have been a horrible decision by the team.
    Kind of off topic, but I remember when the Niners gave Junior Bryant a large contract(at the time) and in the first year of that contract, he was overzealous and leaped onto a pile, slid off, and fractured some vertabrae in his neck…ending his career. The Niners were on the hook for that contract for 4-5 years I believe.
    The point is, is that after just one season, and a good one at that, he now is being paid top dollar. No matter how good your one season was, I just can’t justify that. If Long doesn’t continue to produce as he has, he’ll have to restructure his deal, or get cut or traded, this deal puts the team in a bad place…hope he continues to improve and has a long healthy career.

  5. “I am sure JAKE Long makes more then his Daddy.
    If you are referring to Howie Long’s son, that would be CHRIS Long, who is a defensive end for the Rams.”
    Yeah, different Long…Chris Long is the one that sucks.

  6. Unbelievable….They better come up with a Rookie wage scale, this isn’t good business. It”s a trickle up theory. Well, if the rookies get outragous money, then the vets will. Isn’t that reverse logic.
    I thought this was a what have you done for me lately league! It’s pretty bad when your team sucks and still doesn’t want the BPA in the draft!
    I don’t think that was the original intent of the process?
    Instead of saving your cap for proven veterans, your meting oyt millions for a player who, has never taken a snao in the NFL! Dumb, really, Dumb…
    Wonder why BB of the Patriots didn’t select in the 1st round?

  7. what’s wrong with a contract that has an incentive clause.?i’d rather have a player working for me that has a carrot in front of him then some clown that has all his money up front and no basis for motivation.

  8. His father Howie must be crying tears of joy.
    He’s making more in a year then the old man did in his career.
    That is a cool thing.
    God Bless em’ all !

  9. Gr365,
    The team wasn’t FORCED to put those increases in there. You can’t blame that on the rookie scale.
    I agree totally with whoever said they should have just put in the escalation for this season and not the seasons.

  10. Howie Long is Chris Long’s father, not Jake Long.
    LOL at all the posters saying he’s Jake’s father.

  11. No one is saying this escalation is based on the Pro Bowl. This escalation could be the real meat of the contract based on snaps played or something. You dont raise a contract 20 million dollars based on one Pro Bowl.

  12. He’s been the best LT that we’ve had since Richmond Webb(or was that Keithe Simms?). I can’t remember which one was the guard and which was the tackle.
    Either way, he’s worth the money.

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