Shockey Taken To Hospital

The folks at are reporting that Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey was taken by stretcher to the hospital on Sunday.
Shockey was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.
We’re looking into this one. Stay tuned.

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  1. emailed this stroy to you Florio… hope it found you..
    btw.. Three Amigos is on 5StarCinemax

  2. If you are unconcsious and rushed to the hospital, its most likely drugs. Of couse I could be way wrong. Pure speculation. Real piece of work this dude but hope hes ok

  3. tmz’s update… you’d like to think it’s something other then alcohol or worse, but knowing his history…
    “Sources on the scene tell TMZ Shockey was at Rehab — the ironic name of the Sunday pool party at the Hard Rock — when he was found unconscious at around 2:00 PM. The call went out to the Las Vegas Fire Department and he was taken out via stretcher. Paramedics tried to cover him up so onlookers — including a TV camera crew — couldn’t ID him”

  4. I bet his damn gun went off in his pants
    first thing I think of now when I see football player
    in hospital.`

  5. I also found out from this site that Randy Jackson is kicking the word “dawg” to the curb and that a disabled star wars fangot r2-d2 screwed. What a wealth of information!

  6. “Rushed” to the hospital for dehydration? haha thats funny… why do agents and PR people think the general public is so stupid. He should have to give back his SB ring.

  7. Wow, what a nice vacation after the NFL is going after Delaware for setting up Gambling. The NFL needs to corrall their own stars, before someone at the pro level is busted for fixing games. I hope he remembered to pay his markers, because as Pac Man showed, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas!

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