DeAngelo Hall Makes The Case For Mike Vick

No list of potential suitors for a high-profile player is complete without the inclusion of the Washington Redskins, especially if the Redskins haven’t come out and said they aren’t interested. (Like they did with Terrell Owens.)
When it comes to quarterback Mike Vick, the Redskins should be on the list.  They possibly should be at the top of it.
For starters, they’ve clearly been looking for replacements for starter Jason Campbell.  After failed efforts to get Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez, Campbell remains the starter.
Then there’s the fact that his former Atlanta teammate and fellow former Virginia Tech Hokie DeAngelo Hall plays for the Redskins.  And Hall is lobbying aggressively for Vick to return to the NFL.
On one of the radio stations owned by Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.
“It’s a situation where society is what it is,” Hall recently said on ESPN 980 in D.C. (via  “Obviously people have done a lot of things that are a lot worse than what Mike did but with society being what it is, he definitely had to pay the price.  I think he’s done that, he’s definitely remorseful, he’s very sincere about the things he wants to do in the future to help bring awareness to dog fighting and help try to combat that.  But I definitely think he deserves another chance to play in this league.  I definitely think he can play.  There’s a lot of quarterbacks that got jobs that don’t want to see him back in the league because they know that any time you have teams in divisions drafting specific players just to stop Michael Vick, that’s when you know the guy’s a game changer and help you win a lot of games.”
There was also discussion from one of the hosts regarding Vick’s ability to play quarterback in the traditional sense, almost with a presumption that he didn’t have good coaching or receivers in Atlanta.
“He could be great,” Hall said. “Because he can make every single throw on the field.  I think a lot of what they asked him to do was so limited because he was such a great athlete.  They wanted him to still be able to use all those tools and still be able to kind of use his feet.  We had coaches at the time a little bit one-track minded and ‘This is Michael Vick, we want him to be able to use his legs.'”
But Hall didn’t openly suggest that the Redskins should sign Vick.  Instead, Hall said that a great situation for Vick would be the 49ers, given the presence of coach Mike Singletary, who in Hall’s assessment would “love” to have Vick on his team.
But Hall had one caveat regarding the possibility of Vick playing for the Niners.
“I don’t know offensive line-wise would he be still running for his life or not like he was in Atlanta,” Hall said.
It all might be a case of revisionist history, in our view.   Many thought during Vick’s heyday with the Falcons that Vick used his legs as a crutch, choosing to run when the pocket began to disintegrate instead of standing tall and looking for an open man.
“Standing tall” was another issue for Vick in Atlanta.   One league source who once stood next to Vick on the field swore to us that, despite being listed officially as 6’0″, Vick appears to be only 5’9″.  [Editor’s note:  As a couple of you have pointed out, Vick measured 6’0″ exactly at the 2001 Scouting Combine.]  So part of the problem might have been that he couldn’t see over the offensive line, which forced him to use his exceptional speed, quickness, and agility to exit the pocket prematurely.  Once away from the scrum of blockers and would-be tacklers, he often opted to tuck the ball away and run, given that he could advance the ball more certainly (and almost as quickly) by ground than by air.
And when Vick did throw the ball, he often looked for tight end Alge Crumpler, possibly because he was a sufficiently large target for Vick to spot with eyes that possibly were only 66 inches or so off the ground.
Regardless of whether the blame for Vick’s inability to develop as a passer falls in Atlanta to the coaching staff, the receivers, the offensive line, Vick himself, or some combination of thereof, the fact remains that Hall is convinced that Vick can get it done, and that he can get it done at a very high level.
While Hall isn’t publicly suggesting that Vick should be the next starting quarterback of the Redskins, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Hall might be saying or doing behind the scenes to lobby for Vick to get his second chance with a team that clearly isn’t satisfied with it’s current first-stringer.

41 responses to “DeAngelo Hall Makes The Case For Mike Vick

  1. If Campbell escapes being replaced by Cutler and Sanchez, but ends up losing his job to Vick, he is going to jump off the Key Bridge.

  2. And the list of excuses known as Mike Vick’s career continue.
    The idiot can’t read a comic book, much less an NFL play book.

  3. Yeah, Washington is definately the most likely destination for him.
    Not sure how it would go over, though, since a large contingent of the Redskins fanbase is in Virginia. Whether it would be “hometown boy comes home” or “guy who committed a bunch of heinous crimes in our backyard”….

  4. The vikings are the most desperate team for a QB and their absentee owners have never demonstrated a concern for public relations.
    There are some teams that need a back up QB but none of them are so desperate as to hire Vick.
    The vikings seem to be the logical place for Vick as a back up QB.

  5. I guess Roddy White didn’t become a good receiver until Vick was gone and Ryan showed up. Hmmm.

  6. Everyone seems to forget that Michael Vick denied any wrong doing to Goodell’s face. And he didn’t cooperate with authoriities.
    It wasn’t until the authorities built a rock-solid case against him that he finally admitted guilt to a lesser charge and got off easy.
    So he really didn’t pay the full price yet.

  7. Vick is pushing 30 and hasn’t played a game in two years. Most likely he has to have some kind of suspension by the Commish (I don’t see how the Commish could justify NOT suspending him).
    Anybody who thinks a 30 year old who hasn’t played in two years (or maybe more) is going to step in and be a Pro Bowl QB or even a decent QB is smoking crack.
    It will take him two seasons to even begin to approach his former play (which wasn’t all that great) if he ever can. Vick used his athleticism, how much of that edge is gone now. Look at other players that were out for two years or more and tried to come back.
    Any NFL team that signs him should have its scouting dept, GM, Coach, & owner collectively examined for mental competence.

  8. I always enjoy how never once did Florio indicate that the Redskins WERE in fact interested in Vick (although he infers it), a bunch of posters read it as if he was in Redskin park this week trying out and slams the Skins for having interest in him (even though there is no reports). All we have is a former player who is a buddy of his and is saying he should be given another opportunity.

  9. Mike Vick was a bad quarterback before all of this. He is going to be even worse when he gets back. I hope he does go to the Redskins, I am an Eagles fan.

  10. he was incarcerated for interstate racketeering.
    he hasnt paid jack for dog fighting etc. or dope. or even lying to the commish. a truly remorseful individual doesnt need spokesmen.
    i also think the idea about him gambling in/on the nfl ought to be looked at. in the second half of 05/06 teams he led were 3-13. squandering 6-2 starts…
    he isnt a qb. he doesnt prepare for jack. and he cannot make most throws in the book.
    and now a few years older, whatever physical advantages he had have eroded. find a new cause celebre, dolts.

  11. His height was always the issue for me when he came out of college. He’s definitely closer to 5′ 8″ or 5′ 9″ than 6′. What made him unique coming out is his ability to make all the throws, which most of the shorter guys can’t do, and his natural athletic ability, of course.
    I just don’t think the shorter guys generally are a good solution at the position although there are exceptions like Drew Breeze. In my opinion, vick has such unique skills that a special type of offense would have to be built around him to play QB, but I do think he’s capable….but only in that kind of scenario.

  12. I guess I appreciate that Hall is trying to stand up for a buddy, but the last thing Vick needs are more apologists.

  13. I think Vick’s resume shows that he is better suited to run a Vegas Sportsbook or the IFC.

  14. DeAngela Hall is clearly an idiot. Since when could Vick make all the throws? What a complete a**hole if she thinks Vick “deserves” another shot at playing in the NFL. But anyway if he plays again, I can’t think of a more deserving team for this psychopath to play for than the Redskins. Better to keep all of the leagues bottom feeders together in one spot

  15. He can make the throws physically, but he is too slow mentally to find the open man consistently. It takes a smart guy to succeed at QB at the NFL level. Vick is not a smart guy. Vick = fail.

  16. I understand DeAngelo has a bias opinion on his boy, but fact is Vick hasn’t been re-instated yet and people are going to depate how well he plays QB forever until we see him play again. I think eventually it will happen but I hope Godell makes it a crueling process for him. Vick is a complete idiot, and I think his brother Marcus was a direct reflection of Michael as far as character and attitude, before all this he was the highest paid player in the NFL ever and threw that all away. I don’t feel sorry for him but think he should have the opportunity to earn it back.

  17. DeAngelo Hall speaking out on Vick’s behalf? Even Vick may be cringing and asking if there wasn’t someone…say, from his old cell block, that would be better suited.

  18. He can make all the throws (watch tape, he throws a hell of a spiral and is more accurate from 10-40 yards than 50% of nfl starters). His problem was always breaking down coverage schemes, and this will continue to be a problem for him when he comes back. I went to VT and saw him play first hand with Andre Davis and Suggs. With a solid running game (he made warrick and duckett look a lot better than they were) and a stud wideout, anyone can look great as a QB (see daunte culpeper). He will be the best wildcat qb if he comes back (or an average starter after 8-16 games back).
    BTW he is a tad over 5’11” I have seen him many times not in uniform. no homo

  19. mosswelkerbrady, The problem isn’t “White” guys not wanting to see a “Black” make millions . It’s Idiots like you that don’t want to see their “Black” heroes be held accountable for their thuggish behavior. I haven’t heard an outcry over Hainsworth getting 100 mill. or Freeney getting his 70 mill. or Peppers getting 17 mill for one season. Grow up and quit making excuses for thug like behavior.

  20. People forget the he wasn’t spending the last two years at the Performance Institute. He was in a federal prison! His skills (or lack thereof) have only diminished.

  21. You know….
    Until there is an actual report that the Redskins are interested in him, and it’s not just the musings of our dear friend Florio…those of you that came here to bash the Skins for their “interest” can STFU and stop trying to climb Snyder’s jock for some “helpings”
    When (IF) there is news of this. I’ll be the first to say it’s a stupid move.
    Some of you people buy too much into Florio’s hypocritical rhetoric of starting rumors.
    Florio…you’re here to report the rumors…not make them (a.k.a. “Report the news, not make it”).
    Shame on you.

  22. I’m marveling at the abject stupidity of DeAngelo Hall words in his defense of Michael Vick. “Obviously people have done a lot of things that are a lot worse than what Mike did but with society being what it is, he definitely had to pay the price.” You’re right DeAngelo, criminals should only be punished if they’re as bad as Hitler or Stalin. Right. One question, DeAngelo: Are you retarded? Michael Vick cruelly, viciously slaughtered defenseless animals for his own enjoyment. He did this not by accident, but with malice and forethought. He meticulously planned the dog fights, the murder of injured combatants, and the burial of the murdered dogs. Michaels Vick is far more of an animal than any of the dogs he murdered. Keep him out of the NFL; he’s far more of a pig than any animal you’ll ever find in a pigsty.

  23. Mangy66, you’re forgetting that Florio is a blogger, not a journalist. Therefore, he can’t be held to those same standards.

  24. Michael Vick will not be a Redskin. Never. DeAngelo Hall can hire him if he wants to give Mike Vick a 2nd chance.

  25. Kidekk says:
    May 26th, 2009 at 11:56 am
    Mangy66, you’re forgetting that Florio is a blogger, not a journalist. Therefore, he can’t be held to those same standards.
    Actually…he’s an attorney recognized by the bar, and he can give you a lesson on the difference between a blogger and a news reporter…and whether making stuff up about a person or organization is held to the same standard.
    For all I know it might not be, and I am wrong. But, I have a hunch that I’m not.

  26. What’s next? Vick coming out and saying that MeAngelo can cover anybody in the league like glue?…like Royals? About as much credibility there too.

  27. “Obviously people have done a lot of things that are a lot worse than what Mike did but with society being what it is, he definitely had to pay the price..”
    Um, a lot of people have done much worse things?
    I can understand why athletes would use performance-enhancing drugs. They want to get an advantage on the competition, and they want to become a better athlete. They get severe punishments for doing this, when it understandable.
    Ricky Williams was basically out of the league for a couple of seasons because he likes to smoke reefer on his own time. He is described as one of the best teammates you can have, and an outstanding worker, and he wasn’t hurting anyone. He still got that massive penalty.
    Mike Vick ran a gambling ring that involved the merciless torture (or eqivalent through fighting) of man’s best friend. He killed countless numbers of dogs, and left many more badly wounded. This accompanied with the fact that he ran a gambling ring. That is organized crime my friends. Why would this man ever even be allowed within 100 yards of a stadium when compared to the penalties on lesser offenses? Please, explain.

  28. Oh ya, he can make all the throws.
    The throws that bounce off the ground or sail 20 feet wide.
    Let’s face it, he stinks.

  29. I love when people play the race card. Can’t win an argument on merit or fact, so the only thing left is to make it out to be racist.
    A shit head is a shit head, regardless of skin color.

  30. No Mike Florio. The Falcons offensive line SUCKED. You act like you know it all, and you made a huge mistake about his height. It had nothing to do with him not saying over the line. They just could not block to save their lives.
    They had zero push, and could not create lanes… no wonder there is only ONE offensive linemen from when Vick was playing. How about some doing research before posting your anti-Vick bias? Are you a journalist or a tabloid columnist?
    Since you won’t (do research), I will.
    The Falcons for years refused to upgrade their offensive-line, instead they choose to use Alex Gibbs philosophy (gimmick) that used smallish, undersized linemen that were often undrafted.
    Where linemen had to weigh in like a freaking boxer…
    “Falcons | Forney complains about ex-coach’s rules
    Sat, 14 Apr 2007
    Steve Wyche, of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, reports Atlanta Falcons OG Kynan Forney was critical of former offensive line coach Alex Gibbs’ policy of making offensive lineman weigh less than 300 pounds. Forney said the rule resulted in some players drastically cutting weight a night or two before weekly weigh-ins. “Everybody’s glad that you don’t have to be sitting around and stressing about starving yourself all week to make some weigh-in on Friday morning because somebody likes the way it looks on paper. They would tell you that you have to weigh 295 [pounds] so you’d be sitting up Wednesday and Thursday night starving sometimes. Sometimes you’ve got 330-pound, 340-pound [defensive tackles] across from you and as the season goes on, that can weigh on you. You had different guys starving themselves. That’s crazy to me. We’re not naturally sleek and lean. We were made to be sleeker and leaner,” Forney said. Forney added that nobody raised issue because the Gibbs-taught zone-blocking scheme resulted in the Falcons leading the league in rushing for three consecutive seasons.”—KFFL

  31. F Vickie.
    Florio gets to do his 2 favorite this with this post:
    bash the skins and sniff vickies jock….

  32. All you guys bashing Vick forget that he BEAT BRETT FAVRE IN LAMBEAU. HE HAD HIS TEAM IN THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP.

  33. Elaw6 says:
    May 26th, 2009 at 11:44 pm
    All you guys bashing Vick forget that he BEAT BRETT FAVRE IN LAMBEAU. HE HAD HIS TEAM IN THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP.
    Oh ya, HAIL!
    The loser won a playoff game. now get over it.

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