Patriots Acquire Lenon

The New England Patriots have struck a deal with veteran free agent inside linebacker Paris Lenon, according to Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe.
Per the report, the transaction likely takes the Patriots out of the running for former St. Louis Rams starting linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa. Tinoisamoa has visited the Patriots, Chicago Bears and the Buffalo Bills.
“Paris is excited to finally be a part of a winning organization and eager to contribute in whatever way Coach [Bill] Belichick and his staff see fit,” agent Jon Persch told the Globe. “Now, quite simply he’s eager to go to work.”
Lenon, 31, recorded a career-high 121 tackles last season for the Detroit Lions, leading the 0-16 team in tackles.
He has a previous stint with the Green Bay Packers.
The Patriots were in need of some proven experience at inside linebacker after third-round pick Tyrone McKenzie suffered a season-ending knee injury at a rookie minicamp.

10 responses to “Patriots Acquire Lenon

  1. This will be interesting. At least he should be able to contribute pretty much right away and allow them to keep their outside guys on the outside.

  2. For a 1/2 a second I thought the headline read ” Patriots Aquire A Lemon” Kinda the same thing anyway.

  3. Ugh… The Pats are just collecting pieces of that Lion’s record shattering 0-16 defense. First Bodden and now Lenon. Straight garbage, homie. Dude couldn’t cover me in the open field. good thing he’s just depth.

  4. bodden is still ok. lenon is a graduate of the chris claiborne school of tackling.
    on his back by a shoestring. he is a waste. and he will be gone before the regular season starts.

  5. Good for Paris–I’ve liked him since he came to Green Bay. I guess keeping your nose clean and preservring pays off sometimes………

  6. “Dude couldn’t cover me in the open field. good thing he’s just depth.”
    Yeah right, I love seeing fans claim that a professional couldn’t cover them. The guy made 121 tackles last year and while the team as a whole was awful he was one of a few players that played well.

  7. “Paris is excited to finally be a part of a winning organization”
    Ha. That’s quite funny. Is it the organization or the player? Lenon was a backup for most of 3 years with the Packers and they went a combined 32-16 during those years (2002-2004).
    Then he was a starter for the entire 2005 season for the Packers. They went 4-12.
    He promptly signed with Detroit and started three full seasons for them. Detroit’s record during that span? 10-38. So this guy has been a starter for two different teams for four complete seasons and his teams have gone a combined 14-50 over that stretch. That’s a .218 winning percentage.
    I’m not saying he’s responsible for Detroit’s suckosity… There’s lots of factors there. But when a player starts one season for a team consistently posting double-digit wins and their defense stinks that year and they post their worst season in 14 years, maybe have your agent tread lightly on the “finally, a winning organization” rhetoric.

  8. Sweet! We needed another body. I’ll take a teams top tackler even if he was on a 0-16 team. He may go from 0-16 to 16-0!

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