Bigby Disputes Dissatisfaction With His Contract

During a Friday appearance on Sporting News Radio’s The Monty Show, Packers safety Atari Bigby disputed the notion that he’s unhappy with his contract, or that he is boycotting offseason workouts because of it.
“I think you’ve got the wrong guy,” Bigby said regarding reports that he doesn’t like his contractual situation.
“I am at off-season camp, so let’s get that straight,” Bigby said. “My ankle’s doing good.  I’m out there on my own on the side doing my little drills, running around . . . just, you know, taking it easy and making sure we go into the season healthy.”
Even if there’s no problem with his contract, it sounds like there was a serious problem with his ankle — as evidenced by the fact that his ankle is still not sufficiently healed to allow him to participate in team drills five months after the season ended.
“The ankle is good now,” Bibgy said.   “I can’t say it’s a hundred percent because I haven’t played a game, I haven’t done any cutting competitively.  I’ve been sprinting, jumping and hopping around, but it was a tough injury when I got hurt last season and I don’t think everybody got the full understanding of how bad it really was.  But the guy you saw in ’08, that wasn’t the Atari Bigby that we know.”
Bigby signed a one-year, $1.545 million restricted free agent tender in April.  Absent a new CBA, he’ll be a restricted free agent again in 2010.

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  1. Florio hates on the Packers whenever he can. He posts as much as he can about rumored “unhappy” Packers players. My money’s on the thought that he’s a closet Minnesota fan. Do you like lutefisk and pickled herring Florio? Ever been to Joe Senser’s sports bar? Have you ever been “colder by the lake?”

  2. Florio,
    I think the majority of your readers couldn’t care less about which players are or aren’t in camp, and definitely not why they aren’t in camp.
    We all get that you have a site to run, and that it’s a slow time right now, and that you have to put -something- on the rumor mill page. But for the love of god, please, please, please find something else to write about.
    I dont care if you have to make up a story that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the lead members of Al Qaeda, please stop with the “Player x isn’t in camp, bc player x wants a new contract”, followed by “player x has stated they are excused from camp, it’s not about a new contract bc their father/brother/sister/cat/dog/lizard/babysitter/mother-effer died, and they have a free pass” follow up story.
    Find another angle to push, a new story to sell, but enough with the “it’s all about money” angle. We pretty much know by now that all players are whiny bi*ches who will whine about their contract. Repeatedly forcing the same story on us doesn’t make us follow the site more closely, it makes us stop reading.

  3. Oh boy is he in trouble if his ankle isn’t healed. He has to deal with Calvin Johnson’s moves, Devin Hester’s quick feet, and the ankle-spraining jukes Adrian Peterson lays down, twice a year.
    But Bigby is fine.

  4. one of the coolest things about Bigby, is that the thing where the players say what college they were at that devolped them into the pros the are today; Bigby always says “Atari Bigby… Amsterdam Admirals” a shout out to the now defunct eup. league.
    that and the fact that his name is Atari
    Go Pack Go

  5. I would bet over half of the players in the league are currently unhappy with their contracts, one way or another. Let’s report on that, get a blanket statement out covering all players, and move on to something more interesting.
    Just kidding Mike. I know it’s the slllllllllllllllloooooooooooowwwwwwwww season.

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