Palmer Changes Tune On Chad

Recently, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer sounded like a guy who didn’t care whether receiver Chad Ochocinco ever comes back.
Now, Palmer is singing a different tune.
“He’s a damn good receiver — that’s obvious, everybody knows that –but the guys that are working here and busting their butt here deserve a shot,” Palmer recently told FOX Sports Radio, via the Cincinnati Enquirer.  “When he shows up he’ll show up and hopefully he’s in great shape and he’s ready to play.
“But I never once said anything about not wanting him here and not needing him.  He’s a Pro Bowl receiver.  He’s put up a ton of yards.  He’s extremely dangerous to cover.  We would love him when he comes here, but he’s not here right now.”
And Palmer might be happy with what he sees.  According to Geoff Hobson of, Ochocinco is in his best shape since 2005, up 18 pounds from last year’s 178 and running four sub-4.5 40-yard dashes in two-minute intervals.
“He’s at the point where he thinks he has to be here to get his mojo back,” Charles Collins, Ochocinco’s position coach in junior college, said of the player’s offseason routine away from Ohio.  “If he was in Cincinnati practicing, it would be good, of course.  But he feels like in order to get back to where he was, he’s got to focus on those things.  When he gets to the minicamp, he wants to show people that he’s ready to play. . . .
“To go from one of the top five receivers in the league to 65 in the league hurt him,” Collins added.  “He felt that, and he wants to get back.  I told him he had to get back and do the things he was doing before Ochocinco and all that other crap.”
The team’s mandatory minicamp runs from June 18 to 20.  Between now and then, maybe the Bengals should hire Collins.  It sounds like he’s the only guy who can get through to Chad.

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  1. C. Palmer should demand a trade. If he sticks with that organization the single winning season and 1.5 quarters of playoff time he has seen will be the coup de gras of his career. PIT and BAL sweep that team (again) this season

  2. the production in receiving yards during his career can’t be denied. unfortunately, the production ends there

  3. This isn’t a story no matter how much you try to present it as one. Palmer never said he didn’t want chad back. This isn’t unexpected revelation. /snore

  4. Like I said in my Email about “Chad”………..
    I can’t stand him, but this is news, none-the-less.
    I didn’t know about Carson backing up a bit on his earlier take……….
    Nice job Florio Oholio
    that’s in the vein of Kornholio which is No Moreolio

  5. chads need for attention totally de-railed his career.he needs to change his name back and just catch touchdowns.

  6. The Bengals had Charles Collins at training camp last year as a Coach. Collins has signed on to the new league as a coach, so the Bengals couldn’t add him as an assistant even this year.

  7. Hopefully Chad will come to training camp with a better attitude. He is also going to have some competition this year. Henry, Coles, Simpson and Caldwell have all been working hard. Simpson and Caldwell have worked all off season upping their game. Watch out for the Bengals.

  8. Palmer only saw 2 snaps in the wildcard game vs. the Cheaters before they took a Von Cheapshot at his knee.
    That being said I do feel bad for Palmer for being stuck with our team as Mike Brown continues to run the organization into the ground.
    Bengals will be better this year but until major management changes are made any real success will be a mirage…

  9. “maybe the Bengals should hire Collins. It sounds like he’s the only guy who can get through to Chad.”
    I’ve literally been saying this for about 5 years.

  10. “Elaw6 says:
    May 31st, 2009 at 12:06 am
    C. Palmer should demand a trade. If he sticks with that organization the single winning season and 1.5 quarters of playoff time he has seen will be the coup de gras of his career. PIT and BAL sweep that team (again) this season”
    I love it when people think they know what they are talking about. Actually Carson Palmer has awinning record against Palmer so I really dont know where the whole sweep thing came in. Last year was the first years that the Bengals didnt beat the Ravens. And did I mention that we had a League High 22 Players on the IR, including that start player Palmer. And just so that you know Palmer only played 1 Play in the play offs. A 60 Yard pass to C. Henry. But heah, at least this guy knows what he is talking about.

  11. It’s called diplomacy, or at the least, damage control. This is just good business, regardless of what Chad ends up doing.
    Palmer is smart enough not to burn any bridges he may end up wanting to use later during the season.

  12. the bengals have done ok against the ravens because marvin knows them well and actually usually gets the bengals up to play against them. also, at times, cincy actually plays some damn good goal line d.
    teams like balto dont always score enough points to cover having to settle for field goals in the shadow of the goalpost.
    i do expect the bengals to do better this year. pitt and balto will slip somewhat. i dont expect that to radically alter the standings, however.

  13. Chad gets a lot of press for never having done much except run his mouth.
    I don’t like to defend Chad, because he is a giant douche, but he did lead the AFC in receiving yards for 3 straight years.

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