Childress Coaching In Disguise

Who knew that Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress had such a wacky sense of humor?
According to Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Childress wore a visor/wig during today’s minicamp practice that gave the mostly bald football coach the shocking new appearance of having spiked brown hair on top of his head.
Per the report, the effect was convincing enough that several players apparently didn’t know who Childress was.
“There’s a bunch of those guys who walked up and had no idea who,” said Childress, adding that his wife purchased the get-up for him in Florida. “My wife tells me all the time, ‘It’s the bald head that gives you away. Put a hat on. …
“I wore it to the Senior Bowl with a little bit of a beard and some sun glasses. I looked probably 15 people that I know pretty well in the face and was able to fool them. They didn’t know who it was. Including members of my staff.”
It sounds like Halloween has arrived several months early in Minnesota.
UPDATE:  Our friends at FOX 9 have video of the new Childress look.  So now instead of looking like Major Dad and/or Mister Noodle he looks like Rip Taylor.


37 responses to “Childress Coaching In Disguise

  1. Wow. I can’t think of any logical reason why a coach would do that among his peers and then again at his own practice. That dude needs his head checked.

  2. What a dope! It appears that Childo is getting really desperate to try to get his team and fans to actually like him, rather than taking his job seriously. He’s obviously FINALLY aware that pretty much everyone from the media to his own team think he’s a joke. Perhaps if he didn’t open his mouth and just coached…..oh wait…. Nevermind, the coaching thing seems a bit far fetched.

  3. Oh and one more thing…..Childo has always been a coach in “disguise”, so this isn’t really news.

  4. With coaching skills on the level of Childress……. a disguise
    is long, long, overdue.

  5. “My wife tells me all the time, ‘It’s the bald head that gives you away'”.
    All the time? Awesome.
    On the bright side, at least he has 100 or so grown men he gets to yell at on a daily basis. When I went through Basic Training, I swear one of my Drill Sergeants was going through a divorce…

  6. So….what you’re saying is that people are so distracted by your head, that they can’t recognize your face? I’m not really sure what that says….but it says a lot.

  7. This is a surprise???
    He’s been masquerading as an NFL coach for the past few seasons…
    I know that one was too obvious, but what the hey…

  8. First, he dresses in disguise, you know, like Howard Huhges, second, he wants to sign Bratt Farve. Someone call a phsyciatrist, Childress is clearly insane.

  9. 5 articles posted about the vikings in 24 hours? Jeez who’s you favorite team Florio?

  10. that shows the wonderlic scores don’t lie….really some bright guys there….who couldn’t recognize that moron no matter what he wore….that doofus mustache and the wart on his face make him a dead give away no matter how he tries to disguise himself…boy that Chili is so silly

  11. Sounds like Chilly needs to focus a little more on his QB situation and a little less on dress-up time.

  12. Oh man! That crazy Brad Childress!! He’s the kind of guy you want to have half a beer with.

  13. “I looked probably 15 people that I know pretty well in the face and was able to fool them”
    The guy is a Mighty Mouse the only people he looks in the face are 9 year olds under 5 foot.

  14. He may need that disguise to get out of town when his team chokes this year, as they always do.

  15. Now does anyone want to argue that Mr. Noodle (col klink, major dad) is the dumbest coach in the NFL?
    really, the most we can hope for is Ziggy has the same sense of humor or doesn’t see this as a sign of a person deseparate for mental health services.
    Whatever happens, let’s hope he coaches the Biqueens for another 5 years, that way you don’t even have to worry about them.

  16. I like seeing this type of thing from Chilly. He gets a rep of being alienating and no fun, but it’s nice to see that does have a sense of humor. Hopefully this helps out during the regular season.

  17. Please Zygi, for the the rest of the central division, sign Childress to a 10 year extension! After seeing the press interview along with his coaching, it’s obviously you’re much better in real estate than sports ownership. The fish rots from the head!

  18. I appreciated it. He was surprisingly funny. Doesn’t make him a good coach, but I’ll feel a little sorry for him now when he gets fired in week 9.

  19. Is it just me, or is this site becoming like 80% Vikings stories?? It’s dumb actually.

  20. Cut it. Just stop. The Florio infatuation with the Vikings is fatigues me. A ten minute Youtube clip? Please. The wife’s comments that the bald head gives him away? Florio, you’re trying to be a mainstream competitor for NFL news, a viable, reliable source. Cripes. If you’re gonna go this way, I want to know what each non-Viking coach’s wife thinks is the physical character of her hubbie that gives him away.

  21. The wig isn’t even the funniest part of that video.
    “I kind of had a meeting with myself as I was talking to him…”
    “It’s amazing what our brain can tell our mind.”
    Actual quotes from Brad Childress. This guy’s incredible.

  22. He always dresses that way on his way to work as self-protection. Just happened to forget to take off the disguise that day. Mini may or may not have a “Wildcat” package this year, but they definitely have a “Wild and Crazy Guy” as coach! Auditioning to be the next Inspector Clouseau, most likely.

  23. Something tells me this isn’t the FIRST time his wife’s made him put on a wig…
    I’ll leave it to the readers to imagine what probably happens afterwards…

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