NFLN, Announce Arrival Of La Canfora

As we reported last week, former Redskins beat writer Jason La Canfora has been hired by the league, to work both for NFL Network and
The move formally was announced on Monday.
“We have been looking to add a talented and experienced NFL reporter to our team and Jason brings those qualities to our network,” Eric Weinberger, Executive Producer of NFL Network, said in a release.
“I am excited about the opportunity to join NFL Network and,” La Canfora said.  “I’ve been a fan of the network since its inception and look forward to providing NFL Network viewers and fans with as much information and insight as possible.”
“Jason is one of the top NFL reporters and we are excited to have him join our editorial staff,” said Laura Goldberg, V.P. and General Manager of NFL Online.  “We continue to grow and improve with talented reporters who provide exclusive stories, breaking news, interviews, and chats for our fans.”

9 responses to “NFLN, Announce Arrival Of La Canfora

  1. He was a good beat reporter for the Redskins. Always had good scoops. Gave the team praise where it was deserved, and punched them in the proverbial gut when it was necessary.
    The most respectable thing about him…he reported the news…he didn’t try to make it up and/or become it. Which is more than we can say for some.

  2. La Canfora never had Insider Information. He had his opinions, which were usually negative. He was always critical of every move the Redskins made and offered poor analysis. Other Washington Post Insiders (like the Wizards reporters), had much more informative info. I’m glad to see him go from the Post, but now I’ll have to listen to him on NFLN.

  3. Of the WaPo’s sports reporters, I always thought he was the least professional. He seemed to be consistently behind on reporting Redskin’s news. His main talent seemed to consist of blending opinion and inaccurate information into blog topics that would incense people and drive up the number of comments people made.
    He wasn’t all bad. Occasionally, he could be interesting and insightful. I just always had the feeling he could be doing a much better job if he put more effort into it.

  4. Good riddence! Sorry for NFL network, but they picked a real dud there. Like others have said, he never brought fresh info, PFT had the scoop before he did 99.9% of the time. And he spent most of his time bashing the team, and especially Vinny, and wishing he was covering another sport or another team.

  5. Could the powers-that-be have included just one more canned/benign/inane/ sports cliche in that story?
    “Women, they do get woolly, wearing that same ol’ shaggy dress…”
    Sheesh 😦

  6. JLC when he reported facts was a decent writer and blogger. But that was the problem…..many times he threw in opinion in attempt to stir controversy or start a pissing match with the Redskins. I’m still not sure if that was his agenda or the agenda of The Post.
    It had gotten so bad that it seemed like no one was giving JLC any insider info. and it seemed like John Keim of the Washington Examiner and Dave Elfin/Ryan O’Halloran of the Washington Times were easily out scooping JLC .
    Only Jason Reid (fellow WaPo writer) seemed to get any Skins stories that weren’t old.

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