League Approved Practice Jersey Patches In March

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells us that the league’s owners approved in March the placement of patches on practice jerseys touting the goods and/or services of companies willing to pony up sufficient wads of cash.
Aiello also tells us that several teams are expected to announce deals soon.  The fact that teams have had more than two months to seek partners for this project, with no announcements made to date, makes us wonder whether the interest is as high as the franchises thought it would be.
Or maybe the companies prefer to wait until training camp to attach their logos to team jerseys; after all, how much exposure does images from the offseason underwear practices really get?
The Houston Chronicle has reported that the Texans are trying to find a practice jersey sponsor, and we’re still trying to find out how the Titans have been able to incorporate “Baptist Sports Medicine” patches on their jerseys in the days before the new rule was adopted.
Meanwhile, reader comments on the matter have been mixed, with the majority expressing disapproval of the new revenue-generating device — primarily due to fears that infiltration of game-day uniforms is now inevitable.

22 responses to “League Approved Practice Jersey Patches In March

  1. Loathe this idea so much I can’t even put it into words. If they start putting these on regular jerseys I will have bought my last one.

  2. Looks like this is the last year to buy a jersey w/o crap all over it. In fairness to the fans, does this mean that the owners and League officials will have to wear Massingill douche jerseys all season long? Seems only fair and it is truth in advertising.

  3. I kinda thought this day was inevitable, especially with the current economy situation. The best I can hope for now is that at least the advertisement will be like Viagra or Philly Cheesesteaks.
    Is it possible for a team to advertise on another team (joking)? If so Lions fans should be worried

  4. Well, that only means that advertisements appearing on uniforms in the regular season is inevitable.
    It will be appalling to see classic unis like the Packers or Bears desecrated in the name of the league and owners’ greed.
    Once the league crosses the Rubicon on this issue, there will never be any turning back.

  5. Baptist sponsors everything Titans. I’m surprised they’re not called the Tennessee Baptist Hospitals.

  6. Could they take this a step further, allowing coaches to choose which velcro-backed patch a player must wear as a matter of discipline? Examples might be Pampers for chronic whiners, Hooters for someone who shows up grossly overweight, or Planters for someone who had an alcohol-related off-field incident.

  7. Pretty soon they will have a pit crew on the sidelines to give the player a quick drink, wash his visor and change his shoes. All in under 10 seconds.

  8. Ultimately, my concerns are with the game itself.
    Patches on jerseys may look kinda silly, but it’s a non-issue when it comes to my being a football fanatic.
    Rule changes that negatively impact my enjoyment of how the sport is played on the field, or taking away teams’ home games…..stuff like that would be far more likely to turn me off as a fan.

  9. If it delays ticket price increases or keeps a small-market team in town, I think it’s worth a little clutter on the jersey.

  10. “Hey. I’m Ricky Bobby. When you’re workin’ on your mysterious lady parts and stuff, you should have the right tools too. That’s why you should use… MayPax. The official tampon of NASCAR”.

  11. They will be selling sponsorships by half and the players will change shirts at halftime as they most often do anyway. Bad teams can charge more money for the first half sponsor and then do a cut rate for the second half when most of their fans have turned off the radio. I see the Lions sponsored by Miller Lite in the first half and then sponsored by that hangover medication company in the second half.

  12. I’ll never buy a jersey with anything like that on it.
    It was irritating when the stadiums started getting renamed.. but this is worse because the jerseys are front & center every play.
    Dare I say it, we’ll all soon be missing the glory days of the Tagliabue NFL. Before games were sent overseas & the jerseys began to look like billboards.

  13. It’s only a matter of time before advertising is on uniforms. And it will not change ticket prices, do away with the extortion that is a PSL, and won’t prevent front office layoffs. It will do nothing more than line owners pockets. I can’t wait for the post game interviews and press confrence….
    Reporter….You had a great game, 27-35,315 yarrds,0 ints. and 3 tds….
    QB..I would like to thank Tyson Chicken for providing my arm with the protein to carry out such a feat…
    Reporter….You have a big game next week against a division rival on the road….
    QB…..Thats OK, Southwest will get us there on time….
    Reporter…The coaching staff had a great game plan to defuse their wildcat offense…
    QB…..Yeah, it gave us alot more chances on offense, they have been taking their Centrum Silver on a daily basis and it shows….
    Reporter….Any final thoughts on this game…
    QB..Well, i gotta thank NIke for the cleats, Apple for the pregame music i was listening too on the new ipod, they both really made a difference…

  14. What’s the story Florio….I sent in my thoughts on this story earlier today telling you that you are THREE years behind on this Titan / Baptist Patch story. I even give you the link to the original story in 2006 on ESPN Page 2 along with the name of the writer and you don’t print my comment????
    How many other comments do you decide to skip printing?. There was no cussing, nothing sexual. Nothing but a comment that might make you look sorta dumb and then only to the few people who read the comments on a story that probably isn’t going to generate as many clicks as others.
    I didn’t think you cared about that being called out. I guess I was wrong.
    I just don’t get you….censoring comments???

  15. deymond says:
    “If it delays ticket price increases or keeps a small-market team in town, I think it’s worth a little clutter on the jersey.”
    If you really believe that’s where the money will go, we have several nice bridges for sale here in NYC that you might be interested in buying.

  16. Mike,
    I am a capitalist at heart but even I have my limits. The NFL is not NASCAR or FIFA and should not lower themselves to those standards. The NFL derives it’s main source of revenue from TV contracts and does not need to supplement like the other leagues/sports.
    Aren’t we bombarded enough with ads, jingles and constant advertising at every turn. How many people like me have their fingers on the remote control mute button when the ads come on, my quess a lot do?
    What’s next after the practice jerseys? Advertising on the playing field or how about this one; the stadium announcer or on air broadcaster says something like this “This first down is brought to you by… or that pass completion was brought to you by the good hands people and on and on.” It is bad enough to hear on baseball broadcasts stuff like the “Rolaids Call to the Bullpen or The Verizon Wireless Call to the bullpen.
    If you are listening NFL don’t do it, please for our sake.

  17. sportsfan1234 said: “How many other comments do you decide to skip printing?”
    —-Lots. You’re not the only one, I’ll tell you that.
    Apparently, a couple of my recent comments were so threatening to him that he didn’t even print my *complaint* about being censored. At least he printed your complaint – maybe you can “celebrate” by dedicating your next appointment with the toilet to him.

  18. deymond says:
    If it delays ticket price increases or keeps a small-market team in town, I think it’s worth a little clutter on the jersey.
    My goodness- are you really that naive?
    Since corporations started slapping their names on stadiums, ticket prices have SKYROCKETED. Please, unbury your head from the sand and join the rest of us.

  19. I can see the CowChokes with the Heimlich Manueuvers pasted on their uniforms………That would at least make sense…..

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