Waters' No Show At Charity Event Confirmed

We started things off Thursday with a report regarding the decision of Chiefs guard Brian Waters to allow his displeasure with the organization to affect his willingness to satisfy his obligations to a Kansas City charity.
And, indeed, Waters didn’t show up for Wednesday night’s First Downs for Down Syndrome fundraiser.
He also didn’t bother to tell the group that he wouldn’t attend, even though Waters is a co-chairman of the event.
“We would’ve loved to have Brian there, but he just didn’t show,” Amy Stoll, Executive Director of the organization, told the Kansas City Star.
The Chiefs also didn’t hear from Waters regarding the question of whether he’d attend.
Look, regardless of whether Waters’ gripes against the franchise are valid, no one is going to be inclined to hear or to understand his side of things when he conducts himself like he did on Wednesday.

22 responses to “Waters' No Show At Charity Event Confirmed

  1. wow what a class act bailing on his own co chaired chairty event looks like pioli hasn’t weeded out all the scum in KC…

  2. I know Brian Waters has some kind of beef (legit or NOT) with Haley/Pioli, but taking it out on the charity that he’s a co-chaiman of is unacceptable. Regardless of whether he shows for the mandatory team mini-camp tomorrow he’d better have a DAMN good explanation why he no-showed last night. Very much out of character for this guy, to be honest.

  3. Great job Brian, you took it out on the kids. You’ve taken it from being unhappy with management to being a selfish prick that will screw kids with DS. Whatever it takes, right? I guess charity takes a back seat to a rich guy’s “feelings.”

  4. Florio, did you confirm it with Waters? To every story, there are 3 sides, 2 sides differ and somewhere the truth…play fair. lol

  5. Waters is at a all time new low. He needs to stop drinking his own kool-aid. At least T.O. wouldn’t snub a charity event due to team issues. Trade him to Fassel and UFL for a case of Ben-Gay.

  6. gutless punk there are so many jobs available apply now .You .big ass turd. Or no be a man and give your money to people that work for a living . foad!!!!!!!!

  7. wow great lesson if you don’t like whats going on at work don’t show at any other outing. LOOK AT GM DUMB ASS NEXT THING YOU KNOW A CHINESE GUY CAN BLOCK BETTER THAN YOU! So you stand up some kids for more money ,wow I hope you can sleep.

  8. Agree with bbq totally…If this were a guy on another team I would think he was just a total punk, but this is extremely out of character.
    I would love to hear the “3rd side” to this story because Waters’ seems to have no legs to stand on. Even if he hates the new regime, he would have gained public support if he attended the event to the tune of, “Brian is a great guy and the Chiefs should do the same for him that they did for Gonzalez.”
    It always sucks when one of the “good guys” appears to not be so good.

  9. i wonder is waters agent the same one that peters in buffalo had? in the last few years ol have been shown to be important, but no one has taught them to show class. say what you want about TO he may run his mouth but he would never have let the kids down.

  10. if it had been TO he would have been there; but then he would also be letting everybody know that even though hes having contract issues he can still show up “for the children”

  11. i wonder if you have the same agent as peters in buffalo. he also showed he was a class act. buffalo took him on as a UNDRAFTED tight end. and taught him to be a all pro left tackle . so then he said i want all the money i can and will not play till you do. forget about the fact i would be working at a car wash if not for you. well he got what he wanted , but at what cost as a person. same here.

  12. Florio, I e-mailed you yesterday about this story….but, there’s a chance Waters did not want to be the focus of attention Wednesday night. A chance he wanted it to be a charity event for the charity and not an opportunity for the media to be all over him while he was in attendance. I mean really, it would have taken away from the event in a big way had he actually shown up and maybe, just maybe, he knew that.
    radio host this morning in KC got a couple phone calls yesterday that he doesn’t feel comfortable fully reporting either because of the source or because he doesn’t fully trust the source, BUT the host suggests he is pretty confident Waters will be there today for mandatory minis. One of those you’d have to hear the host talk about it to catch his drift.

  13. I guess he could have called the people at FDFDS to let them know that he wasn’t coming though….so who knows.

  14. The press may be there before and after, but this was a charity event, not a photo op. That was a pretty classless move, Waters, and I have absolutely no stake in this whatsoever.

  15. To “no show” is bad enough, but to not even give a cursory “heads up” to the staff you co-chair with?
    No amount of spin can make him come out looking good here; nice try though, killwithme. If he truly wanted the night to be about the charity and not him, I’d say his not showing generated far more attention on him than showing up would have. If he shows up last night, people around the country aren’t talking about it in a blog the next day, like we are.
    You stiffed the kids you portrayed such concern over in the first place, Waters.
    Downs Syndrome + Charity – Waters = Turd

  16. Does this guy know what a telephone is? He seems to have a real problem with informing people when he is or isn’t going to be somewhere. See Brian, in the normal world people can’t just randomly show up places unannounced or just not show up to things people expect you to attend without there being some kind of repercussions.

  17. What a piece of **** this guy is. Even if he comes out with an apology, it won’t be good enough. A) Because it will have been written by a PR team, not him and therefore not sincere (see Arod) and B) there is no excuse, none, to justify what he did. Unless he was lying in a ditch somewhere, there is no good reason to not show up OR at least call and let someone know.
    I hate athletes sometimes. Another example of a spoiled asshole.

  18. if kids with down syndrome cannot count on him what would make a pro football team think he could conjure up the courage to face them.
    hes shown now that he is without class.
    if i were kc id keep him, not release him, not negotiate with him and then start fining him at the first legal opportunity for missing workouts (if he does) and regardless of that, id make sure he didnt get a chance to sign with another team in training camp and that hopefully everyone elses cap space would dry up and ‘the land of opportunity’ for ole brian would be as dry as the sahara.
    couldnt happen to a finer fella
    man, kids with down syndrome, think about the face not only that he didnt show but he didnt bother to call and he was COCHAIRMAN.
    thats just sad and disturbing

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