NFLPA Continues To Reach Out To Retired Players

Over the years, this business has made me more cynical.  Sometimes, I think I’m too cynical.
And then something happens to make me think I’m not cynical enough.
The NFL Players Association, after months of litigation with a 2,056-member class of retired players, has settled the case for more than $26 million in an increasingly obvious effort to get all former players on the side of the current players in advance of the looming labor war against the NFL.
“Mr. Adderley stands here as a representative in what I hope is a new step to reaffirm that we represent the players of the National Football League — those who used to play, those who play,” NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said during a Friday news conference to announce the settlement.  “From this day forward, one of the things we will be working on is to remove the word ‘retired’ from any group of people who play this game.  We will be one team.  We will have one locker room.  We will speak with one voice.”
And that voice presumably will be “don’t take away the current players’ money.”
It’s a stark contrast from the leadership of former NFLPA Executive Director Gene Upshaw, who consistently said that the union does not represent retired players.
“I know that we have some healing to do,” Smith said, reportedly rapping the podium for emphasis (hey, he’s a former trial lawyer . . . he knows how to engage in theatrics).  “I know that there are some things from the past that need to be done better.  From today, we will make that step. We will lead.  We will move forward.”
Hopefully with the retired players doing whatever they can to help sway the public toward the plight of the current players.

5 responses to “NFLPA Continues To Reach Out To Retired Players

  1. The pension problem will kill the NFL the way it killed GM, the government of California and soon the Federal government.
    Some guy plays a few years in the NFL and you are then going to pay him for 60-70 years after that?
    The long term costs are going to spiral out of control.
    Any economist will tell you that paying a guy 65 years for 5 years of work is a bad idea. Fans will pay the cost until it is too much and the fan base begins to shrink as the NFL becomes unaffordable.
    It won’t happen in 10 years but 30-40 years from now the NFL is going to have a real big problem it cannot control.

  2. Florio – I love the site but really, between this and off season cntact you’re killing me. Do you really believe the NFL, the multi-billion dollar entity, is going to allow former players and public pressure to have an impact on the CBA? What a ridiculous line of thought…..

  3. “We will speak with one voice”
    And when Smith says that, we can assume that voice is his.

  4. What plight must he be speaking of. Which color Bentley to hit someone with or what scrip clubs to make it rain in?

  5. One can’t have it both ways Mr Florio…..If the NFLPA had not settled with the retired players, then you would be screaming and yelling about the union and how the retired players were getting teh shaft. There is a change the union SETTLES and you say you aren’t cynical enough…What I see is that it doesn’t matter to two faced so you get to continue with your drivel. Pretty poor!

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