Bucs Reiterate Lack Of Interest In Vick

In February, Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik commented on the possibility of Tampa pursuing the then-imprisoned Falcons quarterback.
“No, I don’t see that in our future,” Dominik said.
Now that Vick is free and clear, Dominik reiterated his position.
“We weigh every option when it comes to players,” Dominik said Friday, “and I can honestly say we’ve done our due diligence on Michael Vick and we’re not interested.”
Currently, eleven NFL teams appear on the Anti-Vick list.  But this means that 21 teams are still in play.
And even if 31 of them say no, it takes only one to say, “Yes.”

8 responses to “Bucs Reiterate Lack Of Interest In Vick

  1. You might want to wipe the slate clean on the Vick list. Up until he was released teams could not say they had any interest because of tampering rules. You knew that already though, im sure.

  2. This is Mike Florio…
    This is Mike Florio grasping at straws…
    This is Mike Florio grasping at straws and giving us nothing new to digest…
    Any questions?

  3. “And even if 31 of them say no, it takes only one to say, ‘Yes'”
    Do you have a captain obvious macro on your keyboard?

  4. If you can tell me with a straight face that Vick wouldn’t be an upgrade at QB for the Cowboys than I have some swampland in New Jersey I want to sell you for a reasonable price.

  5. Just to reiterate; Drunks and rapists are welcome on the Bucs but they have to draw the line somewhere!

  6. I sure hope that this Dominik guy grows up or wises up sometime soon before he ruins this team and they return to the team of the 80’s….(LOSERS). Michael Vick is 10 times or better the QB that Slow Throw (Leftwich) could ever hope and dream to be even with Vick being out of shape. McCown, in my opinion, is the only talented QB with all the abilities to force the opposing defenses to respect him and keep them on their toes on the Bucs Team and Vick would be an added threat for sure. Our courts have decided his punishment for his crime and he has paid his debt to society. Vick needs the NFL and the NFL needs Vick. Without players like him, teams don’t fill seats or generate revenue. Better him play again than to become another burden to society.

  7. I think bucs should get him. He’s better than the qbs they have. Give him a chance I bet he’ll fill the seats cause people will come just to see if he still have it.

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