Texans Don't Plan To Negotiate With Daniels

Although agents Alan Herman and Dave Butz reportedly hope to continue to negotiate with the Texans on a long-term deal for tight end Owen Daniels, a league source tells us that the team’s current plan is to allow Daniels to play out the 2009 season under his one-year, $2.79 million salary, before taking up the issue of a multi-year contract.
Per the source, Daniels wants to be the highest-paid tight end in the sport.  To get there, he’d need a deal that averages more than Dallas Clark’s $6.9 million annual package from the Colts.
And while John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that the Texans already have offered a contract that would make Daniels the league’s second highest-paid tight end (the current No. 2, Kellen Winslow of Tampa, averages $6.5 million), we’re told that the Texans’ best offer would put Daniels at No. 4, between Tony Gonzalez’s $6.25 million average and Daniel Graham’s $6 million average.
Rounding out the top eight are Jeremy Shockey ($5.1 million), Chris Cooley ($4.8 million), Jason Witten ($4.6 million), and Antonio Gates ($4.4 million).
The team’s hard line with Daniels arises in part, we’re told, from the fact that he is represented by the same firm that has cornerback Dunta Robinson, the team’s unsigned franchise player — and that the Texans are irritated with the manner in which both players have been handled this offseason.
Though it’s possible that the Texans will reverse course on their willingness to sign Daniels to a long-term deal if he decides to take the best offer that has been on the table, the current position (as we understand it) is that the Texans won’t be making Daniels the highest-paid tight end in the game.
Though he has been a solid player during his first three NFL seasons, does he really merit $7 million per year?

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  1. Kellen Winslow is the second highest paid tight end at 6.5 mil a year………
    ……….. why????????

  2. No, most certainly he does not. Not sure he deserves to be amongst the top 10 highest-paid tight ends, much less first overall…

  3. Daniels is a very good receiver. Not sure about his blocking. But since Gonzalez and Gates are nearing the end. And so is Shockey. Daniels might actually be one of the top 2 or 3 TE’s in the league in the next few years. He’s certainly better than Daniel Graham. Probably just as good as Cooley.
    He’s coming into his prime right now having played only 3 years. Again, not sure about his blocking. Maybe a Texans fan can elaborate on Daniels blocking skills.

  4. Daniels certainly doesn’t warrant that kind of contract. And only the Denver Broncos would be paying Daniel Graham $6million per year. If I were Jason Witten or Antonio Gates, I’d be mighty unhappy being behind Shockey and Cooley, injuries or not.

  5. Rick Smith is an idiot. Daniels is the one Texans holdout hat he should be negotiating with.

  6. Wow profootballtalk is going to NBC Sports. Florio updated the twitter but not this yet. I’m disappointed that it’s going mainstream and I really don’t think it will be the same anymore. I feel like this was a good thing we all had going and was a fun way for a small group of is regulars to chat about sports. PFT is now another MSM site. Disappointing. Very disappointing. I hope the content doesn’t suffer now that it will be under the watch of someone at NBC.

  7. Don’t get me wrong, congratulations are definitely in order for Florio and his whole staff. They deserve this with all of the hard work they have put in. I just truly hope that the content remains the same (maybe a little less Pat White would be ok) and that MSM doesn’t change a good thing. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken. I’m sorry my above comment came off as snide. Many congratulations.

  8. This offseason has been troubling as a Texans fan…I don’t get the sense that there’s a lot of respect for him in the locker room, and I hope that doesn’t affect our ability to attract and retain talent.
    Having said that, the money that Dunta Robinson was offered was way more than he deserves — Asante Samuel money, $23M guaranteed. Dunta is a leader on the team and in the locker room, but I can’t see paying him what he wants. I really think he (and Owen as well) are getting bad advise, as neither deserve to be the top paid in the league at their position.
    I am concerned about working out a long term deal with DeMeco soon, and hope that the contract situations with Owen and Dunta don’t affect the rest of the team.

  9. No reason to give him a multi-year deal at the moment. If a new CBA isn’t reached, he’ll need 6 years to become a UFA. So they can just keep RFA tendering him for several more years.

  10. This guy is bitching in this economy that he will only be paid somewhere between 6 and 6.25 mil ? A-HOLE.
    Lets put some perspective on this. If you make 25k a year 6 million is 240 times a year what you make. If you make 50 k its only 120 times a year what you make. If you make 100k a year he still make 60 times a year what you make. If his contract lasts only 2 years he will make more in that time than any of you do in entire your lifetime.
    The greed so many players are showing while hundreds of thousands of people a month are still losing their jobs. They can all go FU*K themselves. I am starting to lose any motivation I have to spend money supporting this sport. I will buy no new jerseys or merchandise this year for the first time in probably the last 10 years. I am thinking seriously about foregoing my yearly trip to see the Pats at the stadium instead of on TV. I just don’t want to support the players or owners any more the levels of greed are so disgusting to me.

  11. Daniel Graham @ $6mil a year?
    Let’s see they were paying Cutler $2mil, signed Simms for $3mil to be his backup.
    Marshall wants $2mil and they don’t seem to be eager to re-negotiate his contract.
    So that makes Graham worth more than Cutler and Marshall combined?
    And you wonder why the Broncos are so screwed up?

  12. I really hope Daniel Graham’s $6 mil/year is fake money, like the final 3 years/$52 million on Haynesworth’s deal that will never be seen. The Patriots were happy to let Graham leave. He’s an O-lineman playing tight end. He’s slow and can’t catch. He’s a decent blocker but you don’t pay big money for an extra blocker.

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