Millen: "My Tenure Was Not So Good"

In a wide-ranging conference call this afternoon, newly-minted NFL Network game analyst Matt Millen, who’s already busy with his ESPN broadcasting duties, made the case that his epic failure with the Detroit Lions will help him in the booth.
The Lions finished 0-16 during Millen’s final season as team president. He was fired in September.
The Lions went 31-97 overall since hiring Millen in 2001.
“Every situation is a learning situation,” Millen said. “We’ve had success and we’ve had failure in the NFL. You’re only judged on wins and losses. My tenure was not so good. It was very poor. It’s been said you learn a lot from failures and I learned a ton.
“I can bring that to the table. I view my experience in Detroit as a positive one, not in terms of winning and losing obviously, but having gone through it and being exposed to every level of the NFL, that’s something that could help in the telecast.”
Millen was asked whether he can remain objective when discussing the Lions. Millen, who isn’t scheduled to work any Lions games, wished the organization and owner William Clay Ford well.
“I have absolutely no issue with the Detroit Lions at all,” Millen said. “We’re golden and things are working forward. I’ll handle Detroit like I would any other football team, just look at them and break them down and see where they’re at. There’s no bigger fan of Mr. Ford anywhere but me. I would love to see him holding a trophy. It would be great for the fans of Detroit. They’re awesome fans.”
However, Millen declined to elaborate on the issue of his lingering financial dispute with the Lions. He reportedly hasn’t been paid since the team fired him last year.
“That is kind of ongoing right now,” he said. “I’m going to leave it at that.”
Millen expressed no regrets at taking a shot as an NFL executive even though he would have likely wound up with a plum television role if he hadn’t joined the Lions.
“I’m not wired that way,” Millen said. “I kind of just move forward from where I’m at. I don’t look backwards. I move forward. The way I look at it now I’ve got a great opportunity with NFL Network and ESPN. It’s football. I’ll jump back into football land and I’ll study it like I always did and give it a whirl and see where she goes.”
One of the major questions surrounding Millen’s arrangement with the two networks is balancing his time and avoiding conflicts.
“I don’t know how it will all fit,” Millen said. “I think it’s a great challenge, a great football fix. I’m looking forward to it. I love football on every level. This past season, I took in high school football, I took in Division III, Division II games, I also watched the league and stayed on top of the league.
“Last year, I saw a Pop Warner game. That’s important stuff. The reason it’s important is you see what happens at the highest level and how it influences the beginning level. It’s amazing what you see. It’s still fundamentals, low-man wins, a game of blocking and tackling.”
Meanwhile, Millen praised Lions coach Jim Schwartz, GM Martin Mayhew, rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford and rookie tight end Brandon Pettigrew.
“I really like Stafford,” Millen said. “Stafford has a real arm. Stafford can make real throws. I couldn’t speak to what they would win or lose this season.”

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  1. Give him credit for being honest and having a good attitude about it, BUT man was he a horrible GM. The worst of all time?

  2. This guy is as phony as a Brett Favre. I think Kingpin’s Munson has been replaced with the phrase….”You’ve been Millened.

  3. Millen: “My Tenure Was Not So Good”
    This also just in:
    Grass is green
    Water is wet
    Fire is hot

  4. Matt Millen can kiss my dimpled ass!
    Rejoice Lions fans. We survived the Millen era. It’s over. . . it’s over.

  5. Oh oh….I’d be worried if I was a Lions fan and Millen really likes your GM, Coach, and 1st Round Picks? We all know what his record was in these areas!

  6. I love the quote “There’s no bigger fan of Mr. Ford anywhere but me.”
    Millen has ($)50 million reasons to love William Clay Ford.

  7. Gotta give Millen credit for moving forward with no regrets about being such a colossal failure in his last line of work. A lesser person, like myself, would repetitively apologize every time the subject “Detroit Lions” was mentioned.

  8. Why would Millen have any issues with the Lions at all? They kept him on the payroll for WAY longer than he deserved. He should be glad that he’s financially set for life and thank the Lions for it.

  9. “I view my experience in Detroit as a positive one, not in terms of winning and losing obviously, but having gone through it and being exposed to every level of the NFL”
    If I were a Lions fan, this quote would enrage me. How wonderful that your experience was so “positive”, while you subjected a fanbase to a stint that can only be considered the most abject failure in the history of football. I don’t know whom that reflects more poorly on…
    William Clay Ford, for allowing this organization to get mired deeper and deeper in failure, and not stepping in to do anything about it, finally culminating in the magical 0-16 season…
    Or Millen himself, considering it was obvious pretty early on that he was way out of his league and had no clue what he was doing. Yet, like the captain of the Titanic, he still held on to a job in which he sank the organization deeper and deeper into failure, having one bad draft after another, setting the organization further and further back every week he kept his job.
    Upon review, I would have to go with Millen. He is no different than the corporate executive who runs his company into oblivion, collects his big paycheck at the end of his failed tenure and moves on, oblivious to the carnage caused in his wake.

  10. It’s going to be great for us fans to hear what Matt Millen has to say. Just last week I attended at a siminar so I could hear Capt. Joseph Hazelwood speak on enviromental isssues, as well as his thoughts on sailing and operating a vessel while being tanked. It was great insight.

  11. As a Lions fan, this makes me want to do nothing but punch him in the face. There is no bigger fan of Mr. Ford? I guess not! He has no regrets? Really? You don’t regret Mike Williams, Charles Rogers and Joey Harrington???? I mean really? Because it was a learning experience you don’t regret it? This is really the first he has spoken about this, and I was really hoping he would just come out and say ya know what, I was in over my head and I gave it a shot. Geez… Screw this guy! I hope he becomes cursed with the tounge of Emmit Smith and chokes on the air like crazy!!!!
    Side comment to Florio: What is NBC’s stance on belly-fat ads?

  12. So many quotable riffs here.
    “Last year, I saw a Pop Warner game. That’s important stuff.”
    He should have stayed in pop warner. Because if he really believes destroying a pro football franchise to the point where it has to practically rebuild as an expansion team somehow enhances his broadcast skillset, well then boy howdy have I got a bridge to sell him.
    “…give it a whirl and see where she goes.”
    Ah. Just like his approach to being a GM.
    As much as I want to let his miserable legacy in Detroit go, seven and a half years of ruined football Sundays still smarts a little bit.

  13. To be honest, Ford is to blame for hiring Millen to do a job he had no experience at. Millen was (and should still be) a very good TV guy. That’s all he ever should have been.
    Here’s hoping the Lions turn things around. Their fans deserve it. I look forward to Millen being back on TV.

  14. “If I were a Lions fan, this quote would enrage me.”
    Yeah, it enrages this Lions fan. The word “egomaniac” comes to mind. I mean, I realize he’ll be endlessly spinning his disaster now that he’s back in front of a microphone, but holy sh*tballs does this guy kind of owe the city an apology.
    At least once, maybe something like “sorry I couldn’t build a winner there” instead of his “I choose to view my destruction of the Lions as personal enhancement”.

  15. to quote monty python… look on the bright side of life! he is gone.
    but, alas, the old man, who dictated some of those pix… remains…

  16. surprisingly hitlers last words were “my tenure was not so good” as well but when he said it there were alot more u’s with two dots over them and exclamtion points

  17. “My tenure was not so good.”
    –Edward J.Smith, Captain of the RMS Titanic
    “My tenure was not so good.”
    –Nero, Former Emporer of Rome
    “My tenure was not so good.”
    –Guy in charge at Abu Ghraib

  18. @ mofo7 / AAA82
    I really feel for you guys. Its bad enough that this joker ran your team into the ground, but to be subjected to his act now on 2 different networks is going to be a kick in the face.
    I’ll probably get flamed for mentioning this, but as a long time Patriots fan, I feel your pain, seeing as how from 1989 to 1993 we were subjected to a disgraceful organization on and off the field, a team that won 19 games over a 5 year span, with a 1-15 season thrown in for good measure, threats the team would be moved and 3 ownership changes over those 5 years- before Kraft bought the team and brought in the right people that built the foundation for a winner.
    After watching that turnaround, I’m convinced that no team, no matter how bad, is beyond being salvaged…But I really hope for your sake that the Ford family throws in the towel and sells the team to someone with a clue, because it is the ownership’s myopia that is going to keep holding the organization down. I hope that I’m wrong, but we will see. Best of luck this year.

  19. “It’s been said you learn a lot from failures and I learned a ton.”
    Lawdy day a$$wipe – you oughta be a Rhodes scholar by now….

  20. I wouldn’t trust Matt Millen to unclog my toilet.
    Even if he talked to me for 30 minutes ahead of time that his experience destroying the Lions gives him a great perspective on how to unclog toilets.
    Actions speak louder than words.

  21. Oh my gawd this guy is an ace clown! He ruined my Sunday’s for eight freakin years!
    Do us all a favor and walk your fat ace out in front of traffic…..with Brett Favre attached to your buttocks.
    He’s like an STD that just won’t go away!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Just reading the posts under this one is therapeutic for any Lions Fan. I can’t say anything about Millen that hasn’t already been said above, but I hope that his stay on TV is short lived, not because he is a bad brodcaster, not because I am vindictive, but because the sound of his voice reminds me of the miserable 8 years of football that I had to endure while he was GM.
    I wish Matt Millen the best of luck, but I hope that I can watch and enjoy football withour being subjected to him. Maybe he can run for some state political office (in some non-Michigan state) ala Jesse “The Body” Ventura. No where in the world is his level of ineptitude tolerated except in the political arena.

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