Ochocinco To Bunk In With Carson Palmer's Family

Apparently, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is serious about rebuilding his relationsip with quarterback Carson Palmer.
So much so that the former Pro Bowl wideout is going to live with Palmer and his family next month, according to the Associated Press.
“For the time that I missed with Carson throughout the offseason, I’m going to make it up in July,” Ochocinco said before his appearance on Joe Buck’s HBO program Monday night.
Ochocinco hasn’t been around for the majority of the offseason, skipping voluntary workouts and missing time where he could have been catching passes from Palmer.  And that decision drew criticism from Palmer.
“We do argue all the time like a married couple,” said Ochocinco, who unexpectedly showed up for an Organized Team Activity last week. “I think that’s why we’ve been so successful together, because we have that type of relationship we can get on one another.”
No word yet on what kind of housewarming gift Ochocinco might give the Palmers for putting him up in July.

21 responses to “Ochocinco To Bunk In With Carson Palmer's Family

  1. Hmmmmm……. Wonder if anybody bothered to fill in Carson’s wife as to this new living arrangement.
    Think twice about this Carson Palmer, its cheaper to keep her!

  2. People need to get off Chad’s case for a while. Lord knows he deserved to be shredded by fans/media last year, but the past few months he’s been saying and doing the right things. If he goes back to being a tool then I’ll be the first to bash him, but for now people need to leave him alone.

  3. This would be a interesting reality show. “Where’s my gold teef? Little Carson flushed them down the turlet!!”

  4. A white family taking in a black child, it’s just like Webster, but with a self-proclaimed black mexican instead of a midget!

  5. Chad would probably be a fine roommate. He’s an entertainer, it’s not like he’s out doing hookers & blow a la Michael Irvin. Besides, I’m sure Carson’s house is big enough Chad gets his own room.
    I never did find his Sarah Palin joke in the Twitter post, though, anybody see it?

  6. I wonder if eight five will do Palmer’s laundry in lieu of rent?
    Maybe he’d just like to have his mother fold them (for the slow that is a Seinfield reference).

  7. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than live with Chad Ochocinco for a month, unless it’s to stick pins in my eyes and bamboo shoots under my fingernails.

  8. NinerNation, did that comment really get censored? That was so innocuous. Believe me, in Cincinnati, we feel the same way when a player not on the Bengals gets arrested.

  9. Over/under on when Chad attempts to go “Brokeback Mountain” on Palmer? I say the 18th, it’s a Saturday I think. I also say Carson knocks his azz out. Wait, I didn’t mean it like that…

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