Buccaneers' Sears Loses Starting Job

The nature of offensive guard Arron Sears’ personal situation that prompted him to be a no-show this week for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ mandatory minicamp remains a mystery.
What isn’t being kept behind closed doors, though, is the change in Sears’ status on the depth chart.
Sears, who was also absent for previous voluntary workouts, is no longer the Buccaneers’ starter at left guard, having been replaced by Jeremy Zuttah, according to Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.
Although a team spokesman later said that Sears was excused from the practice sessions, Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris had already told reporters that Sears wasn’t excused from minicamp.
And Morris added that Sears would have to show up and compete with Zuttah to try to win back his old position.
“I look out there and I see that number so that’s our guy starting for us right now,” Morris said regarding Zuttah. “That’s his role, that’s his job.”
It’s fairly obvious that Morris is trying to exert a little pressure on Sears to get him to show up and play football again.
However, previous reports from Pewter Report have indicated that Sears may be dealing with concussion issues that might prevent him from playing football at this time.
The team has respected Sears’ privacy. Morris emphasized that whatever Sears is dealing with is a private matter as far as he’s concerned.
Yet, the reaction from Morris in touting Sears’ replacement would seem to suggest that there’s more than meets the eye on this one.