Cutler On Marshall: "He's A Great Player"

Peppered with multiple questions about wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Plaxico Burress, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler stuck with the company line about the team’s need for an upgrade at wide receiver.
Cutler claimed that wide receiver Devin Hester is a true No. 1 wide receiver.
And he didn’t delve much into rumors surrounding the Bears’ potential interest in Marshall, who has asked to be traded, and Burress, a free agent with a pending felony gun case, according to David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune.
“We have everything we need out there,” Cutler said. “We’re going to be more than fine out there. I’m 100 percent comfortable. I think we have more than enough to compete.”
The Bears have been repeatedly linked to Marshall, whom Cutler said he hasn’t spoken with recently after their successful collaboration in Denver prior to Cutler being traded.
“He’s a great player, I played with him for three years and put up some big numbers with him,” Cutler said. “Wherever he ends up, I’m sure he’s going to be successful. Whether or not it’s here, it’s up to the guys upstairs. As of right now, I’m 100 percent happy with what we have.”
Cutler wasn’t surprised about Marshall going public with his unhappiness, recently skipping a mandatory minicamp and asking Broncos owner Pat Bowlen for a trade.
“I knew he wasn’t going to be happy if he didn’t get a new contract,” Cutler said. “I think that’s what the basis of his whole issue with him is getting a new contract. If you look at it from his perspective, I can see where he’s coming from.”
Cutler said that he hasn’t recently sent text messages to Burress after communicating with him earlier this offseason.
Cutler didn’t seem to be counting on Burress coming to Chicago, which has been rumored as a potential destination for the former New York Giants star along with the New York Jets and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Bears coach Lovie Smith made it clear that nothing is imminent as far as possibly acquiring Burress.
“Plaxico Burress is a good football player, we all know that,” Smith said. “We keep all of our options open, but I feel good about the team we have right now and I feel good about our receivers we have right now.
“The door is never closed on anyone available. We’ve said that every time. It’s not like we’re aggressively going after him but we evaluate everyone we think can make our team better.”
So, don’t rule out the Bears as a potential interested party in both wide receivers.
Despite his legal problems, Burress would be simpler to acquire from the standpoint that he’s a free agent.
The Bears don’t have a lot of ammunition left over for a trade for Marshall following the Cutler acquisition.
Both players would be expensive, but Marshall is expected to have an even higher price tag.

13 responses to “Cutler On Marshall: "He's A Great Player"

  1. Regardless of how well Cutler to Hester works in real life, I’m betting in Madden 2010 its going to be ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean over used and annoying by the 2nd week the game is out.

  2. If you continue to write about the Bears as a possibility for Marshall, please address what Chicago has to offer for him. The Bears’ draft cupboard is mighty bare.

  3. Nothing like one infant endorsing another, that’s all the validation anyone should need.

  4. Both of these guys would be golden if their names didn’t drift off the sports page. Burress wouldn’t be looking for a job, and Marshall wouldn’t need to play the pay-me-or-trade-me card. Too bad for them.

  5. Last I heard, Cutler and Marshall weren’t exactly on the best of terms. As much as Cutler pissed me off with his shenanigans this off season, at least he’s not a woman-beater.

  6. Cutler is a crybaby, Marshall is a punk. The endorsement by one for the other is totally meaningless.

  7. Sounds like Cutler is doing a helluva job hansling the press. I bet the coaching staff and Angelo are giddy.

  8. Maybe the Browns can trade Braylon for Marshall and pick up Plaxico. What a great trio of receivers they’d make with Stallworth…

  9. Bears have plenty they could offer. The simply don’t have a first next year. With Marsh’s injury and legal/head issues a 2nd seems reasonable.
    I just hope Denver smartens up and doesn’t trade their second best player to the Bears.
    Go Pack

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