Welcome, Gregg Rosenthal

With the NBC-PFT merger/partnership/whatever-it-is starting on July 1, we decided it would make sense to introduce you sooner rather than later to some of the NBCSports.com/Rotoworld.com writers who’ll be pitching in when I’m otherwise not available.
(Basically, it makes sense to get all the tomatoes-and-insults hurling out of the way before we’re on the NBC servers.)
So, PFT Planet, roll out the welcome mat for Gregg Rosenthal.
Gregg has been a great friend of the site for a long time, and he does excellent work.
His first item appears one spot below this one on the Rumor Mill.
Just don’t do too good of a job, Gregg.  I need to continue to perpetuate the illusion that I’m indispensable.
So far, only my wife knows otherwise.

25 responses to “Welcome, Gregg Rosenthal

  1. Awesome, this guy has bailed me out of my fair share of fantasy football binds. He’s also a pretty good writer and isn’t too shabby in front of the camera. I mean better than Chris Carter and Emmitt anyways.

  2. I’ve been reading the Fantasy Mill religiously for a year or so now, and it rivals PFT. To combine them like this is going to be a leathal 1-2 punch. That is until everyone discovers that Gregg is a fellow Patriots fan …

  3. He already made a pretty nice funny in his first article, so I actually though it was you until I saw grosenthal 🙂
    Welcome mr. Rosenthal 🙂

  4. Just don’t do too good of a job, Gregg. I need to continue to perpetuate the illusion that I’m indispensable.
    So far, only my wife knows otherwise.
    Ohhhhh “INDISPENSABLE”. I read that quick and thought it said “impotent”, hence my confusion when I read “only my wife knows otherwise” and “perpetuate the illusion”.

  5. Mike,
    “Just don’t do too good of a job, Gregg. I need to continue to perpetuate the illusion that I’m indispensable.”
    you said that outloud, just now.

  6. At what point does Florio figure out that he has lost his company? Can we get an under/over on when this happens?

  7. I think the cat is out of the bag in terms of indispensability… Amazon says your rank of 977,394th in books pales in comparison to Artie Lange’s 182nd. Maybe there’s work at TMZ or some of Joe Buck’s other favorite websites… No that there’s anything wrong with that

  8. Soooo…will PFT be hiring any extra help?
    I’ll forward you my resume just the same.

  9. Is “Rotoworld” a part of the cluster too? Will it be Mike Florio of NBC Sports/ Rotoworld/ ProFootballTalk? Catchy!

  10. by the way, i still write the editor’s notes. since i’m the editor.
    so the joke was mine.
    /illusion of indispensability preserved

  11. I don’t know about all this. I sure am going to miss our old friends in “The Suitable Nodes”. Let’s hope they all go on to have successful careers elsewhere…

  12. Well better Rotoworld than ESPN. ESPN would charge us for “insider” information which they make up as they go.

  13. Nice. Love Rotoworld. Great fantasy site. Look out Greg, the posts on this site can get nasty. Just ask Florio who is insulted 99.9% of the time.

  14. I said it before, I’ll say it again. You are VERY lucky to be associated with Gregg Rosenthal. Rotoworld is top-notch.
    His fantasy sports draft lists have me winning or in top competition in many of my very competitive fantasy leagues.
    I dominated basketball in all three of my leagues. One was extremely dominante and I only had to make 5 free agent moves on the year.
    If his fantasy draft lists make it onto PFT…this site just got a HUGE boost.


  16. I read the fantasy mill all the time, and Rosenthal does good work. I’ll look forward to reading him in this space.

  17. Yeah…..what’s up with the extra “G” in your name? Welcome…Gregggg. Hope you have thick skin dude. Hail!!

  18. Let’s not overlook Florio’s contribution to NBC:
    “This afternoon, the human resource department at NBC in New York sent out a bulk email to staffers warning them that a couple of employees at 30 Rockefeller Plaza have come down with the [swine] flu.”
    Way to go Mike!!

  19. Big fan of Rotoworld for a few years now. Should be a good tandem. Kind of like Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy. (Gregg with two g’s….Chazz with two z’s? Coincidence? I think not).
    Plus my wife thinks its nice that “that cute kid from the wonder years found work after television.” (direct quote after seeing Greggs pic while reading one of his articles over my shoulder during FF season).

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