UFL Draft Will Start At 6:30 p.m. EDT

After treating the thing with the kind of hush-hush approach more characteristic of a Bill Belichick press conference than the first season of a new football league, Commissioner Michael Huyghue has announced, via Twitter, that the four UFL teams will hold its draft tonight, at 6:30 p.m. EDT.
The rules are still unknown, and we’ve previously mentioned that the thing won’t entail the traditional one-pick-at-a-time approach.
It’s also unknown whether the UFL will announce the results of the draft, or whether we’ll continue to be in the dark regarding the sensitive question of where various slapdicks will play six games of football later this year.

19 responses to “UFL Draft Will Start At 6:30 p.m. EDT

  1. It seems a little backwards that only since the NBC partnership began you’ve made posts with some ‘mild’ language.
    Either way, I approve and I am pretty interested in the results of this ‘draft’

  2. Could this be better timing for Donte “Bentley’s don’t Stall” Worth or what?…..

  3. Here comes the commissioner to the podium to announce…..”With the first pick of the UFL Draft…the Orlando Pit Bulls select Michael Vick”

  4. I do belive the draft process goes something like this,”Red Rover Red Rover Orlando says come over.”

  5. I think the “Slapdicks United Football League” would be much more memorable than the “UFL”.

  6. honestly i’m interested in watching this.
    the UFL screwed the pooch by not thinking of a way to publicize this or get it televised somehow. I love my Dolphins, but first and foremost i’m a football fan. i’d watch the UFL’s inaugural draft much like i watch college football – with interest. Especially since there will be so many ex-NFL cast-offs there. 🙂

  7. Slapdicks would be a great team name…but what of the other 3? How about:
    The Journey Men
    The Motel 6 Residents
    The Al Bundys

  8. Tonight? When does the ESPN pre-draft coverage begin? Where’s Mr. Draft Analysis Mel Kiper?
    My god…, I can’t believe this almost-football event nearly passed by me

  9. bigvinnyinjax says:
    I applaud the proper usage of the term “slapdicks.”
    Mike has to keep his cred with the lowest common denominator after selling out.

  10. I can hear Tony Schivone now, “Chris Leak fakes the handoff to Marcus Vick and its a long bomb to Stallworth for the touchdown. Listen to the roar of this capacity crowd Jim! All 7,462 Orlando Epcot fans are on their feet and going wild!”

  11. Tony Kornheiser and Emmitt Smith are covering the event.
    First Pick – Michael Vick
    Second Pick – Dante Stallworth (with the UFL ankle monitorcam )
    Third Pick – Plaxico Burress
    Fourth Pick – Fran Tarkenton
    I think the vegas team debacled their pick.

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