PFTV Does The NFC East Over/Under Thing

Several weeks ago, PFTV co-host Joe Brocato suggested doing an over/under thing as to the expected wins for each of the NFL’s eight divisions.
The goal?  To help us come up with enough topics for PFTV during the sssslow period of the NFL calendar.
We’ve previously done the AFC East, AFC North, AFC South, and AFC West.
The NFC East appears below.
Those of you who assume we hate the Redskins might want to pay particular attention.  Those of you who assume we hate the Cowboys might likely will suggest that we use this as our Official PFT Theme Song.  (Thanks to the reader who suggested that particular tune . . . but we actually prefer this versionUnplugged isn’t bad, either.)


32 responses to “PFTV Does The NFC East Over/Under Thing

  1. seems about right, the eagles back ontop the division as they have been for the better half of the last decade. Including last year, when 44-6 occurred and the double beatdown in the NJ meadowland to the suppossed NFC E. champs NJ giants. HAHA didn’t have that title for long, did ya.

  2. You lose credibility when you say that Lorenzo Booker can move the chains, regardless of who’s blocking for him.

  3. The Eagirls have won 13 games exactly once in franchise history. It’s not going to happen this season.
    “seems about right, the eagles back ontop the division as they have been for the better half of the last decade. Including last year”
    The Giants won the division last year, slappy. Eagirls fans continue to cement their status as the dumbest fans on the planet.

  4. Drunkhaloplayer: I think your dyslexia is affecting your comments. Dallas won’t have 11 wins if you let them include the pre-season. They have a crappy defense and they lost their best offensive weapon. The receivers are below average and the QB dresses up as Quincy Carter for Halloween every year and forgets to take the costume off until January.

  5. ROFL you’re starting to think that The Cowboys need a new QB… but the Redskins don’t even want Jason Campbell, a guy that’s never thrown more than 13 TDs in a season but they’ll come together and will be “surprisingly good”?!?

  6. “Including last year, when 44-6 occurred and the double beatdown in the NJ meadowland to the suppossed NFC E. champs NJ giants.”
    Using that logic, shouldn’t the Redskins be atop the NFCE since they beat the crap out of the Eagirls twice?

  7. Lorenzo Booker can move the chains?…….Well, if he gets a job on the sideline crew maybe…..Hell, he will be lucky to be on the opening day roster. Reid just isn’t ready to admit he wasted a 4th round pick on him…

  8. My first instinct was to disagree on Dallas at nine, since their on the field acumen on offense has been noticeably worse without TO while their defense has been a little inconsistent and they have some question marks in the secondary and at linebacker, but after looking at their schedule, it looks doable.
    I think what you’re going to see out of Dallas is for them to come out of the gate around 5-4 early on and fade down the stretch like they always do, particularly because that’s when their schedule gets a lot more difficult this year.
    On the other hand, looking at the ‘Skins schedule, they have enough gimmes in there that they might surprise people if they win just a couple of the games that they’re not “supposed to” win. I know teams change from year to year, but with enough Detroits, Oaklands, and St. Louises on their schedule, it’s safe to say they can come away with some wins. And Denver. I think they might struggle to win a game this year… what part of that football team is a strength now?
    The Eagles sound about right to me, but they have to quit procrastinating on bringing their A game until the second half of the season if they want to win the division. It seems like the last few seasons they don’t let losses phase them and play with urgency until it looks like they won’t make the playoffs.
    I have no idea what to expect from the Giants. They have a dominant offensive line, decent receivers, and a shaky quarterback (I don’t care what anyone says about Eli, if I were a Giants fan I’d be holding my breath every time he throws). On defense, they have elite talent and depth on the line, are a little shaky at linebacker, and are above average in the secondary. However, they just lost a defensive coordinator who was the first one to come along in years to use their talent in a way that maximizes it.

  9. Vox….44-6…”That’s my QB Man”…Whine…tears.Sob…Fellate fellow ‘Boys fan…..Jerry Jones now officially cast over Al Davis as Bernie in Weekend at Bernies 7

  10. Vox: you shouldn’t smoke Angel Dust this early in the morning. Losing 10-3 to the Redskins in a game where Reggie Browns retarted ass got tackled on the 1 yd line at the buzzer is hardly “getting the crap beat out of you”. Additionally, you have to be out of your friggin mind to bring up wasted draft picks. FACT: Hank Baskett > Roy Williams.

  11. “Using that logic, shouldn’t the Redskins be atop the NFCE since they beat the crap out of the Eagirls twice? ”
    Not when it counts you nitwit. Ya know, in playoff games. you would agree that the 44-6 raping would be considered a playoff game, right? Exactly. And when you beat the team with the BEST RECORD(not team) in the division TWICE including a game when you send them home for the season, you can not consider them to be the NFC E. champ. (ya know, just like the NJ giants did to the cowgirls in 07) The last team standing in the playoffs after stepping on the faces of their division opponents is considered to be the best team in the division when everything is said and done.
    Me – “I’ll take NFC E. football for $500.”
    Alex – “They were the best team in the NFC E. last season and for the better half of the last decade.”
    Me – “What are the Philadelphia Eagles?”
    Alex – “You are correct!”
    Seriouly? Who’s ur Daddy? hahahahaha

  12. “Eagirls fans continue to cement their status as the dumbest fans on the planet.”
    Just like you keep cementing your status as Romo’s favorite prostate milker.

  13. Ima huge romo and dallas fan but let’s be honest they win 8 if everything goes their way. We need a receiver!!!!!

  14. I’ll make really bold predictions, ’cause I don’t care if I’m wrong.
    I think the NFCE will come down to earth this year, maybe just for one season. The AFCW will surprise by going .500, a lot of it on the back of the Beast, which will somehow manage a 7-9 record in AFCW games. The NFCS is always dangerous, and even if the Bucs are rebuilding and the Falcons slip, they’ll remain tough overall. Only the Giants will see their equal-rank opponents slip, and the Giants too will slip down a peg, as Eli is the kind of QB who plays much better if he has a star receiver. That said, I still expect half the division to improve, even as the other half takes a beating.
    Eagles: 11-5, 2nd NFC, SB loss to San Diego (after beating SD in the regular season). Will face 3 regular season opponents in playoffs: Saints (4th), Panthers (6th, coming off gritty road wins in Seattle and Chicago), Chargers (2nd AFC).
    Redskins: 10-6, 5th NFC, WC loss to New Orleans; good tiebreaker status (9-3 NFC, head-head over Panthers) will keep them in the 5th seed, and Haynesworth will really pay off, at least through Week 12. But they’ll suffer some freak injuries late in the season, and won’t be able to keep up with Philly down the stretch, losing the division in Week 17 and getting absolutely rolled by the revenge-hungry Saints in January.
    Giants: 9-7, with strangely poor divisional record. Eli will struggle, and will look really bad when compared to Roethlisberger and Rivers this year (though the Giants might beat San Diego head-to-head). They’ll be back to the playoffs in 2010.
    Cowboys: 5-11. They’ll perform better than that, but I got a feeling in my gut saying the ‘Boys will have a weird season, beating the snot out of the resurgent Seahawks and Saints, going 3-3 in their otherwise-tough division and keeping the SB champ Chargers close in December, but somehow managing to fall to the Raiders and Chiefs, not to mention the rebuilding Bucs and Broncos, and the suddenly-struggling Falcons).

  15. First of all Lorenzo Booker sucks. The Eagles would make my month if they kicked his ass to the curb.
    Eagles 12-4
    Giants 10-6
    Redskins 9-7
    Cowgirls 1-15

  16. How do you overlook the NY football Giants. Both the DL and OL are near the best in football. I would argue the DL is the best. They just went out and got some help at LB in free agency and the draft (M. Boley, Stintum) and now you are telling me that the Eagles somehow are going to jump ahead of them? No chance. I am not even a NY Giants fan, but Reese is at worst one of the top 3 GMs in football. They annoy the hell out of me.
    Giants: 13-3 (one of the best 2 teams in the league)
    Eagles: 10-6 (this might even be a stretch, McNabb overdue for injury?)
    Cowboys: 8-8 (don’t see how they can be better than this)
    Redskins: 7-9 (this isn’t a bad team, just no real good)

  17. Girthy One,
    The Eagles aren’t going to “move ahead of the Giants.” At the moment, they are ahead of them. The last two meetings, the Eagles took it to them. The Giants fell apart at the end of the season. I think they’ll be better than they were, but they weren’t one of the top 10 teams in the NFL in the second half of last season, and they need to prove they can win without a #1 WR. Until then, they are a good team (9 or 10 wins) but not a great team.

  18. @mad555 says: seems about right, the eagles back ontop the division as they have been for the better half of the last decade.
    And yet have NOTHING to show for it.
    @mad555 says: Including last year, when 44-6 occurred and the double beatdown in the NJ meadowland to the suppossed NFC E. champs NJ giants. HAHA didn’t have that title for long, did ya.
    Typical Eagles’ fan…bragging about divisional titles. Do they give rings for those?

  19. As Janet Jackme would say “What have you done for me lately”? Hard to figure out in this division. The Eagles urinated in the GMen’s soup last year, beating them twice at the swamp. Also, the Good Guys violated the Cowboys to the tune of 44-3* with the season on the line. On the other hand, the Deadskins beat the Birds twice in games that were dreadful at best. Those two games made Otto Graham spin in his grave. The wretchedness of Brian Westbrook in those games made Eagles fans long for the simpler times of Dorsey Levens. That being said, the Redskins are a horrific team offensively. Campbell, Moss, and the corpse of Clinton Portis form a putrid nucleus. The Giants were 4-7 without Burress, and the Cowboys have been routinely dominated by the Eagles even WITH Owens. The Eagles were the 4th best team in the NFL last year, and then we drafted the best wideout available and traded for a stud tackle. I just don’t see how the rest of the NFC East is good enough to beat out the likes of the Tampa Bay Fuccaneers for a wild card spot. Tony Homo, Jason Campbell, Sheli Manning. These guys stink.

  20. McFlabb & Westbroken are going to miss a total of atleast 9 games this year as usual… biggest pussies in the nfl.

  21. Let’s see, giants are the super bowl champs one season removed, they dominated the nfc east last season until they fell apart at the end. Eli decided to have his worst game of the year in the playoffs. The loss to the eagles was nothing, a fluke… pathetic delusional eagles fans once again playing up their team. How’s that trophy case look? Every year the eagles magically get better during the off season and still end up with nothing to show for it. Get a real QB and a real coach, then maybe you could dream about a lombardi trophy.
    Back to the giants, they have the best oline and dlines in the east period. How can you homers just discount them? The team has no distractions this year, nothing. 12-4 once again and #1 seed in the nfc. Two headed running attack, Bradshaw and Jacobs, solid receivers. Good secondary, new blood at linebacker… and don’t even get me started on the Dline… sack party every game. True spags is gone, but we promoted from within, his system is still there… who knows, it might even be better.
    Don’t forget the Gmen, there was a reason they won 12 games last season.

  22. What do Santa Claus,Vox Vaginatas, and the Dallas Cowboys all have in common?
    They all disappear after December.
    What is the Dallas Cowboys theme song?
    “See you in September”- The Happenings
    And the dronery goes on and on from the Pokes fans. Into the wayback machine they go, searching for yesteryear. Sad. Too bad there isn’t an idiot GM in Minnesota that will trade FIVE players and EIGHT DRAFT PICKS, including three NO.1 PICKS *AND* (and?) three no.2 PICKS….for a single one-dimensional RB. (Maybe a one-dimensional WR?) Ain’t gonna happen this time around, Pokes drones.
    I’ve said it once. I’ll say it again: As long as Jerry Jones is making the personnel decisions for that football team with the spaceship for a stadium, Philadelphia will have to worry about NOTHING……let me repeat that:
    One more time.
    NOTHING. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Naught. Diddly. Squat. Goose egg. Scratch. Vox’s IQ.
    … regards of what the Dallas Cowboys factor in the division race. Ownership is too busy in keeping up with the Snyders and face time with ESPN than making the RIGHT decisions for the football team. Truth hurts.
    Regardless what the Muppet Show in Bristol says, this division has mainly been about two teams for a decade now.
    And it’s not going to change.
    Philadelphia and New York.
    Osi can talk tough all he wants and Coughlin can channel Knute (in June?) for 18 mins, if he thinks it will make a difference.
    The facts are : The Giants didn’t lose to the Eagles. The Eagles BEAT the Giants.
    In their own backyard.
    With authority. Twice. IN THE SAME SEASON.
    Fluke? Keep telling yourself that.

  23. eagles have never won anything says:
    June 20th, 2009 at 11:28 pm
    McFlabb & Westbroken are going to miss a total of atleast 9 games this year as usual… biggest pussies in the nfl.
    You are an idiot. Yeah, mcNabb is a pussy – man that guy only threw four TDs on a broken lag and played through a sports hernia where every throw caused extreme pain. You would think that the coach woul dlimit his throws during this injury. Nope, he increased them.
    Pussies, no. Your user name jealousy, yes. Look, you are proably 25 years old and you have to rely on your dad and grandfather to tell you about when the Cowboys were good. You say things like “Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith – you mean the announcers?”

  24. Weren’t all the Giants fans saying “You gotta beat the best to be the best” last year? Well, the Eagles did it. In the Divisional Championship. And if you say “but, but, but… it was a fluke!” allow me to refer you to the regular season game where we handed the Giants ass to them in the Meadowlands.
    Cowboys fans talking about championships are like when your grandfather starts going on about when bread cost a nickel. You know it probably happened, but nobody really cares. Remember, if we get into our time machines, the Eagles have won 2 football championships. They just weren’t called Superbowls and the Eagles didn’t have to outright buy them like JJ did with his overpayed pre-salary cap teams.
    And Redskins fans? You’re all actually pretty classy around PFT. I hope y’all do well this season – just a hair behind the Eagles, of course.

  25. Cowboys and Giants fans are twats. Wow.
    It’s great when Cowboys fans try to take down Eagles fans by bringing up “rings”. We have as many rings and you have playoff wins since 96. Fact is the Eagles have EASILY, EASILY, EASILY been the most consistently dominant team in the NFC East for the past decade. That’s not homerism, that’s the truth. Check the stats, check the records, check the playoff appearances, playoff wins, playoff runs, etc. It’s the Eagles.
    The Giants have great lines, but the Cowboys and Eagles have similarly great lines on both sides of the ball, and the Redskins have good lines as well. However, last season proved that while Eli + Plaxico = Superbowl, Eli – Plaxico = a much different offense, and a much different quarterback. Nicks and Barden and Hixon and Smith aren’t the answer. The Giants are a team chock full of decent to good receivers, but they don’t have that game-changer that Eli needs. Their defense may be a sack machine, and they may have a stronger linebacker unit, but if last year showed anything, it’s that the Giants’ defense can be exploited and picked apart with the right gameplan. I gotta say they’re at least an 11-5 team, could easily be 13-3 depending on how the offense adjusts to losing Plax and Ward.
    The Cowboys are a mess. TO may be addition by subtraction, but it’s subtraction by subtraction too. They lose a distraction, but they lose a game-changer at wide receiver. Roy is a very good player, much better than last year showed, but he’s not of TO’s caliber. They have a good picture on the offensive line and at running back and tight end, but I have a feeling that without TO, Romo’s going to look much different this year. He hasn’t shown that he has the ability to carry a team when they need it, as shown by 44-6 last year. Their defense has lost some pieces in Canty and Ellis and Williams, and they got picked apart last year with those pieces. Remove them from the equation, and the defense really is a shell of the dominant unit it once was. The Cowboys are a team that lacks direction, and that will kill them once again this year (especially in December). They have the ability to put wins up, but I think this will be one of those years that will see the East teams beat each other up to the point that 3 teams could be in the playoffs, but only 2 will be because they’ll negate each other. 9-7.
    The Redskins are an interesting team to me. They have good players at many key positions, but they don’t seem to make the plays that the more elite teams make. With Portis’ drama continuing, and uncertainty at coach and at quarterback, I’m not sure if recent history will change too much. They’re a team that seems to just not be able to get a break sometimes. Whether it’s injuries or it’s tragedies like Sean Taylor’s death, they can’t catch a break. Haynesworth is gonna be trouble for the rest of the teams in the division, but it remains to be seen how much of a difference he can make. Orakpo looks to be a great draft choice. LaRon is a great safety. The jury is still out on DeAngelo Hall. This seems like a team that has the pieces and the potential to be great, it just depends on if they can put it together. They could be anywhere from 12-4 to 7-9 depending on how things work out. I’ll put them at 9-7.
    The Eagles might be the biggest questionmark. They absolutely broke down in the middle of the season in 2008. They were putrid. McNabb couldn’t complete a pass, Westbrook’s legs were gone, the receivers were dropping everything thrown their way, the offensive line forgot how to block, the secondary was dropping picks and making dumb mistakes, the linebackers couldn’t cover, the defensive line couldn’t rush effectively and couldn’t stop the run against awful teams. The wheels totally fell off until McNabb got benched. The biggest question is what team we’ll see this year – the team that trounced the Cardinals and Cowboys to squeak into the playoffs, or the team that looked clueless in mid-season and in the first half of the playoff Cardinals game. With a new contract in his pocket and his wife having given birth (which I do think was a big reason why he was a mess last year), can McNabb look like the McNabb of 04 and 05 or the McNabb that got benched against the Ravens? Does Westbrook still have it? If not, can McCoy effectively do work when called on? Can Celek start? Can Jackson keep up the production he had in his rookie year? Can Maclin step in and make plays? How will the defense respond to losing Dawkins and Jim Johnson? Will the play of the linebackers improve? Depending on how these questions work out, this is a team with the potential to be 13-3, or 8-8. My guess is somewhere around 11-5 if injuries don’t make them fall apart.
    The East will be tight again, with some teams really having the potential to be absolutely dominant, but unable to be because the teams will beat each other up all year. My guess is the Giants win the division and the Eagles get the wildcard. I really like the Skins this year, but I just think this is gonna be one of those years for them again. They’re close, they just gotta figure some things out. They’re gonna be a major player in the next few years to come. I think they JUST miss the playoffs. The bottom line is that all four teams have major talent, but all four teams also have major uncertainties that could ultimately tear them apart.

  26. I understand why it’s such a big deal for Philly to brag about division dominance and beating their hated Giants since they can’t win a Superbowl, but it’s just getting sad.
    Teams don’t play for division championships, they don’t play to brag about beating division rivals. Teams in the NFL play to win the Superbowl, and the Giants have done that 3 times in 4 trips. My memory may be slipping, but I think the meager eagles are 0-2. Just something to consider when discussing who is a better team.

  27. The outlook is easy…
    Cowboys – 11-5, with a healthy Felix Jones and T-New for the season. (Top 10 D, Top 10 O)
    Eagles – 10-6, though Westbook is an injury waiting to happen, and your D-coordinator is already gone (wishing him the best in treatment).
    G-men – 9-7, because no Plax hurts more than no TO (though the rookies will help in 1-2 years).
    Skins – 8-8, ‘cuz their O is weak, despite a great defense.
    But, as a few have mentioned, you measure success by SB titles (Philly, it doesn’t matter that your team was better than the ‘Boys most of the past 10 years…you have as much to show for it as we do, unless you’re the dork who wears around the “Division Champs” t-shirt.). Not sure if any East team has enough power to get a SB title this year…so I like the fact that Jerry will have oodles of cap space after this year, with a nucleus of Ware, Witten and Romo.

  28. Cammpbell will have a pro bowl type year, mark my words. It will be his second year in Zorns offense and he has a chip on his shoulder after this offseason. He knows he is playing for his job.
    Campbell: 4000 yds, 20 tds and less than 10 ints
    Portis, Moss, Randle El & Cooley repeat performances from last year
    Thomas, Davis and Kelly will combine for 75 catches, 1000 yds and 6 tds.
    Our D will be #2 in the NFL behind the Steelers.
    Hail to the redskins!

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