Chiefs Cutting The Fat

Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley hasn’t confined his wrath toward players’ miscues on the field.
He’s just as intolerant about the mistakes players make off the field when they demolish a buffet or a few plates of that delicious Kansas City barbecue.  [Editor’s note:  Thanks to The Green Mile, I can never hear the word “barbecue” again without thinking of this.]
So, Haley directed the Chiefs to lose a combined 340 pounds this offseason partially, due to his belief that the AFC West franchise simply didn’t work hard enough last year, outlining his intense approach during an interview with Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.
That get-fit directive has included mandatory weigh-ins every week, extra conditioning drills, and Haley personally monitoring workouts. Plus, the former Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator set a personal example by dropping down to 192 pounds from 217 pounds.
“We were out of shape and not really strong,” Haley said.  “I talked to our strength coach at Arizona and he said if you’re a highly efficient team that’s working, you lose about 120 to 150 pounds in the offseason. . . .
“The players understood that to be around, we weren’t going to have a fat team.  And if you were fat, we’d probably just move on at some point as soon as we could.”
Promising young Chiefs offensive tackle Brandon Albert has lost 30 pounds under the new regimen after Haley said that Albert “looked like a mess” when the new coaching staff arrived in town.
“The guy was 303 yesterday,” Haley said.  “He’s on an eating plan and carries his meal around in a Tupperware.  He’s lifting, and he’s so much stronger.  He’s almost got abs coming through.”
Haley also discussed his occasionally abrasive approach, which became a national story when he clashed with Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin during the NFC title game against the Philadelphia Eagles.
“That changed everything for me,” Haley said. “I couldn’t go anywhere in Phoenix after that.  I used to be able to hide against the wall, but then everybody knew me all of a sudden. . . .
“You’d much rather have that than to be glad-handing and patting somebody on the butt; you don’t want that as your reputation.  I’m going to be about pushing you hard and not pulling any punches.”
Haley’s blunt, kick-in-the-butt approach might be just what the Chiefs need after such a bad two seasons.
The bigger-picture question, though, is whether the players will eventually tune out a stern disciplinarian.
It’s a hard line for NFL coaches to walk.
One thing’s for sure, it’s a lot diferent tone in Kansas City these days after the departure of nice guy Herm Edwards.
As fullback Mike Cox told the Associated Press, “It’s been like night and day.”

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  1. Herm Edwards was a fraud. He talked as if he was on some sort of higher moral plane and with a sort of righteousness that’s beyond question. It had a sort of intimidation factor to it in his delivery as though to pre-empt any questioning of his methods.
    Fact is when you look at his track record, he’s consistently been a losing coach. I remember all the games when he was the Jets coach and became obvious that he just wasn’t really very good.
    The thing that really turned me off on the guy though is the way he left the Jets. At the end of one season the media asked if he was considering leaving the Jets for another position with another team. His response was total indignation and an accusatory response at the media as if they were complete scum to ever think of such a thing about him……like ‘how dare you of thinking such a thing’. Again with that ‘Holier than thou’ righteousness.
    A couple of weeks later he dumped the Jets for the KC job.

  2. Yeah, this will be a disaster. If it weren’t for the Denver train wreck, i’d be betting on haley to be the biggest new HC disappointment.
    What guys like him don’t get, despite learning at Bill Parcells feet, is that you have to temper that abrasiveness. parcells is a hard ass, but he knows when to back off and many of his players like him because he builds positive relationships with them outside of constant criticism. Players then see his criticism as constructive, which equates to on field results, at least for a little while. That being said, even that approach wears thin with veteran players, which is why parcells always moved on after 3-4 years. In contrast, haley appears to be a guy who bitches all the time. His players won’t hesitate to tune him out before any results can even be achieved.
    In addition, haley’s talking about stuff that just doesn’t matter. how is calling one of your young offensive linemen, a “mess,” productive? How is telling guys that may not be the greatest physical specimens in the world but can play that they aren’t welcome just because of what they look like productive? This guy has no clue and will be an abject failure, That act works as an OC, but head coach has a different job description.

  3. Herm was the worse coach ever and lead the Chiefs to the darkest time in team history, Haley had to come in and show the players the NFL isn’t about loosing games and doing what ever you want. He came in and showed them who was boss and now that they know he has let up some. He took them bowling and also canceled two OTA’s to let them start vacation early. Oh and as for the offensive linemen he is on board with Haley, he lost his weight and ready to go.

  4. Oh yeaah! The Chiefs stock is definitely rising. I wasn’t to hyped on their new head coach but and QB but after further review that franchise is starting to look promising.

  5. this is the same haley that took his team bowling and cut otas 2 days short…..what a real dick

  6. ‘Real Football Fan’ and ‘jbchiefs14’
    I think you need to give it a chance. I’m a native New England guy and have watched how skillfully Bellichek and Pioli worked together to create this Patriots team. Pioli has not only been a part of it…but he’s been one of the architects of it. Belichek is the man….but Pioli was his right hand man and the glowing accolades Belichek and Robert Kraft gave him upon his departure from NE was unbelievable and indicative of how highly both Belichek and Kraft feel about Pioli.
    The guy is absolutely top notch and has leaned from Belichek all the finer points. I think Pioli is going to craft a team for KC you will all be proud of. I have no clue about Haley because he worked outside our conference and I never saw him. But I think he must bring something to the table if Pioli picked him.
    Patience my boys! I think you now have the organizational foundation to build a winner. I know KC is a great football town so I’m pulling for it.
    Detriot on the other hand can go on sucking into eternity for all I care.

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