Dolphins Sign Tyrone Culver To Extension

Looking to fortify the team’s improved secondary, the Dolphins have signed backup safety Tyrone Culver to a two-year extension, according to the Palm Beach Post.
NFLPA salary information indicates that Culver will make $3.225 million in base salary over the next three years.
A third sixth-round pick of Green Bay in 2006, Culver was let go by the Packers last preseason before Miami snapped him up.  He went on to play a majority of the team’s snaps in 2008.
Now Culver will play on special teams and help in dime packages behind starters Gibril Wilson and Yeremiah Bell.
It’s not a flashy move, but it is typical of the way Bill Parcells and GM Jeff Ireland have improved the Dolphins’ depth.  The franchise may still lack some elite talent, but the bottom of Miami’s roster has clearly been upgraded.

10 responses to “Dolphins Sign Tyrone Culver To Extension

  1. I think he had a chance to start back in Packers 2007 training camp but he hurt his knee or something. He was turning heads but couldn’t stay healthy. I’m sure he will like the weather better in Miami anyway…….

  2. This guy’s played pretty well since he’s been a Fin, and as often as Bell gets hurt, Miami needs a solid backup SS.

  3. I’d like to think that from a psychological standpont this could be a boost in confidence. Like Cobbs, Williams and Camarillo last season. This motivates the younger players who are late round and not drafted. Its shows that extreme hard work is rewarded. The contract is team friendly but the difference with it and the Eagles is that their extensions are for 2 years. They see potential in him and its one less guy to worry about.
    Seems like this stuff gets done on their terms or nothing. Take it or leave it. It really pays having three guys like Parcells, Ireland and Sparano on the same page. I doubt these extensions get done if the current setup wasn’t in place.
    I feel lucky to have these guys running the place. I can only hope IReland can maintain it after Parcells moves on.

  4. Nice move by the Fins. Culver was an “Acorn” (Jeff Ireland’s term) that worked out well. It’s a low $ signing and he’s a solid backup safety with some upside.

  5. Further evidence that the 2006 draft class of the Packers was a great one.
    12 draft picks and only one of those eventually cut by the Packers is out of the league.
    That draft class helped the Packers host the Conference Championship game the following season.
    Culver may never be more than a depth player and one of the 53, but he is still in the league and has a job. There are a lot of 1st and 2nd round busts that can’t say that.

  6. Parcell’s knows talent & he must see something in this kid to keep him!!! this will help our swiss cheese secondary immensely with a solid back up in place!!! GO FINS 2009!!!

  7. Culver was a solid special teams contributor and a serviceable backup in the secondary. Parcells puts a premium on guys who can contribute on special teams as well, so Culver has sealed his spot on the team by showing his versatility.
    He won’t put people in the stands, but he can get the job done. I, for one, appreciate the rewarding of the unheralded players out there – the Camarillos, the Cobbs, the Culvers.
    good for them. :beer:

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