No More "Smash And Dash" In Nashville

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson is striking out on his own when it comes to nicknames.
He no longer wants to be known as the “Dash” portion of the “Smash and Dash” rushing tandem with Titans running back LenDale White, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.
Now, Johnson has dubbed himself “Every Coach’s Dream,” which probably raises nostalgia for many to go back to the old-school days when athletes’ nicknames were earned, not adopted.
During the Titans’ minicamp today, Johnson said he’s done with sharing a nickname with White.
“Smash and Dash have had a divorce, that’s official,’’ said Johnson, per the Tennessean.  “I have to be my own guy, so no more Smash and Dash, that was last year.  Every Coach’s Dream, that’s me.”
“Because they say every team has its own identity.  I feel for me, I can’t be noticed as a group any more.  I am my own guy.’’
Although Johnson’s seemingly egocentric nickname move would seem to hint at signs of discord between himself and White, that’s apparently not the case, per the report.
And White is out of the loop on this development, according to Johnson.
“It doesn’t matter what he says about that,” Johnson said. “I don’t know what he’ll think.  He hasn’t heard it yet.  You know how it is when you come home and your wife has everything packed up by the door, you’ve got to go?  It is kind of like that situation.  We’re going on separate ways.’’
A first-round pick last season out of East Carolina, Johnson made the Pro Bowl last season as a rookie.  For an encore, he wants to become the NFL rushing champion and be named the league’s Most Valuable Player.
Johnson might not have much humility, but at least he’s got ambition and a sense of humor working in his favor. Not to mention a lot of speed and moves.
[Editor’s note:  The real question is whether he now will be known officially as Chris “Every Coach’s Dream” Johnson, and if so whether his first endorsement deal will be with Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra.  Or Enzyte.]

36 responses to “No More "Smash And Dash" In Nashville

  1. Idiot. I would wager that the will be the beginning of the end of his career from here. Egos like this never last. Two years from now it will be smash and trash.

  2. I can’t think of a better example of ridiculously charmed the life of a professional football player must be. Seriously…, he’s spending time thinking of a new nickname for people to call him. A grown, adult male.., this is how he spends his time.
    I don’t know what’s more idiotic..; that he spends his time doing this.., or his final choice of nickname.
    It’s stories liket this, that make me want to punch someone in the face.

  3. I don’t know anything about Chris Johnson, but this has “idiot” written all over it.

  4. The Titans are not going to be good this year. They’re going to come down to Earth this season after Haynesworth’s departure. Vince Young is a malcontent, and they were way too healthy last season. I see them finishing around 500 this year.

  5. Its getting harder and harder to like this guy… I’m kinda hoping White has a monster season just to put him in his place

  6. Boy just when i start respecting the Titans again Chris Johnson has other plans. I can’t “hate” them for whatever reason even as a colts fan, but it’s just Chris Johnson is flashing too much ego so early in his career doesn’t make me like them anymore. Calling Matt Ryan’s Rookie of the Year award a joke and then this strange situation. I like Chris Johnson he seems like a good dude, but his ego is off the charts it’s starting to show in the Titans lockerrom. They better be careful or this one could turn into the Dallas lockeroom. Next thing you know Justin Gage will be calling out Kerry Collins for running private
    sessions with Bo Scaife. White, Bulluck and now Chris Johnson this has drama written all over it. Good luck Tits,
    GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. When you say “Barry” or “Walter”.. you know who you’re talking about. CJ has incredible ability. Maybe he should worry about doing it two years in a row before worrying about all this. If he can maintain this level of play for 9 or ten years.. you could just say “Chris” and people will know who you are talking about. There’s no “i” in team, but there is one in “insecure,” “attention-starved” and “diva.”

  8. “Every Opposing Coach’s Dream”
    One great year doesn’t justify a self-appointed nickname. I don’t really know — or care — much about the Titans, but this kind of “all-about-me” mindset always seems to be a precurser to a fall. I can’t help but wonder how Johnson’s teammates will view this.
    He may very well be a great guy, but reading something like this makes me hope for a
    very unproductive year for this guy.

  9. With this latest report, it is official that they have changed their duo nickname to:
    Tell all your friends!!

  10. Nicknames are names given to you by others. Monikers are a name someone uses on their own.

  11. Wow… congratulations being named to the Pro Bowl as a rookie, but don’t be the guy who lets personal achievements go to your head. Barry Sanders, one of the best HBs of all time didn’t have to go run his mouth or celebrate in the endzone, why can’t more NFL players follow his footsteps and just play the game? I thought you were going to have a nice rookie season and you did, hope you can backup that ego in your sophomore season…

  12. Yes, it’s egocentric. But that’s not the biggest sin here. It’s just plain uncreative. The Ickey Shuffle was egotistical yet hilarious. T.O.’s popcorn and Sharpie antics were simultaneously annoying and funny. Even Ocho Cinco has a bit of creativity to it. Every Coach’s Dream??? Nothing cool or funny about that. Sounds like a ten year old made it up. The professors at East Carolina University must be embarassed.

  13. When he made the comment about Matt Ryan I thought “Rookie of the Year? He wasn’t even the best rookie running back.” His best day against the Texans was 75 yards. In fact, Steve Slaton gained more rushing yards than Johnson, and we got him with the 89th pick. Johnson was the 24th pick. I guess Tennessee paid all that extra money for his mouth. We’re going to crush him this year.

  14. Have none of you heard of a damn joke?
    Its to the point where a professional athlete can’t even joke around with reporters anymore.

  15. what kind of self-absorbed ahole is this guy? My only hope for him now is a career ending injury and see how he likes it working at the car wash, you know, “doin his thang” with the homies!

  16. Kotite says:
    June 23rd, 2009 at 7:30 pm
    There’s no “i” in team
    …but ya can’t spell it without “Me” !!! and that’s what these bitches are all about.

  17. Chris Johnson… Call me when you can carry Adrian Peterson’s Jock Strap…….. Then maybe you’ll be worthy of a nickname… Until then… Be happy with what was given to you..

  18. No more Smash and Dash.
    From here on in, they will be referred to separately as:
    The Magic Man and El Diablo ( the fighting chicken)

  19. Who cares about the nickname part of this?
    What’s up with the anti-teammate stuff he said about Len Dale?

  20. doesn’t sound like much of a joke to me tigertt. he sounded sincere. and very very egotistical and arrogant. more power to the homey! t.o. jr. has reached the running back position … good luck with that one goodell.

  21. I bet all the Bigears’, Nobheads, Lardys, Lankys and Corrotheads of this world will be very interested to hear that you’re now allowed to change your nickname on request.

  22. Whoa Whoa…Wait a minute. You can’t give yourself a nickname, it’s one of life’s cardinal rules.
    If we could, we’d all be known as “8-Ball”, “Supa-Fly” or “Big Unit”…..and there’d be no “Stinky’s”, “Lard-o’s” or “Stubby’s”

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