Fisher Suggests New Nickname For Tailback Tandem

Titans running back Chris Johnson recently proclaimed that he’s separating from the “Smash and Dash” nickname with fellow Titans running back Lendale White, and that Johnson prefers to be known as “Every Coach’s Dream.”
Coach Jeff Fisher addressed the situation on Wednesday.
“I’m sure they’ll come up with something else,” Fisher said, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “Dumb and Dumber or something.’’
As to the “Every Coach’s Dream” moniker for Johnson only, Fisher seemed to be willing to at least consider it.
“Maybe with a few exceptions,” Fisher said.  “Playing the bongos . . . and getting hurt in the playoff game.’’
Meanwhile, Johnson and White are taking what Wyatt calls “somewhat playful jabs” at each other regarding Johnson’s desire to have his own nickname.
They don’t seem so playful to us.
“He is a little delirious,” White said of Johnson.  “When he wakes up out of the dream he’ll be all right.  And the one thing about dreams is they are not real.  So if you’re the coach’s dream, you are not real. . . .
“I don’t know him right now.  I think it’s the Pro Bowl stuff — y’all created somebody we don’t want to see.’’

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  1. LenDale’s dreams usually include something like all you can eat, whoppers, chalupas, monster burgers, extra mayo, etc…

  2. Im thinking that since the ambiguously gay duo is already taken, they should go by “The Big Fat & Jack Spratt” or “Big Poppa Dump & Tiny tim”. It’s Mr. Florio’s call.

  3. As much as I don’t like Johnson being this conceited, he’s kind of right. He should have his own nickname because lendale doesn’t deserve to have one. He’s just a fat sack a crap that gets one yard td runs and has one big game vs. the worst run defense last year. The titans can’t replace chris johnson, but lendale is replaceable. Yea, chris johnson won’t be able to get those short yardage first downs or TD’s, but any big back could do what lendale does especially with that mammoth O-line. This won’t happen, but trade lendale while his value is high and get someone like TJ duckett who is cheaper, stronger and doesn’t have a TD dance as bad as icky woods.

  4. Dumb and Dumber. Fisher is awesome! That put him back in his place. Fisher rocks! He ain’t taken no crap!

  5. I agree doesnt seem playful.. These two are gonna be crying for the Smash and Dash days when they realize that alone they are just a little bit more than a fullback and a punt returner.

  6. Lighten up, Florio.
    (Why am I suddenly reminded of Stripes……?)
    Sounds like some harmless, verbal one-upsmanship to me; even without listening to ‘CJ and the Fat Man’ say what they did, I could tell they were just being jocular. Fisher’s playing along, obviously….
    …and hey, ‘Dumb and Dumber’ is still better than ‘Coach’s Dream’….

  7. it is creating a healty competition… im a raiders fan and i have to admit fishers take is funny…. good luck too em all wish em the best

  8. as a former offensive lineman I say, “You both are overrated”. Instead of thinking of new ways to soak up praise, maybe you two could show your O-Line a little love.
    If LenDale “jabba the hut” White and Chris “East Carolina” Johnson can blow up, so could many others. Start given some love to the O-Line….

  9. Doesn’t seem playful? Have you seen them on video? They are obviously joking around. Thats how i joke around with my brothers. I think its obvious that they are tight since they can joke around like that.

  10. As an East Carolina alum, I’ve met Chris on several occasions when I was in grad school. What I think you all need to understand is sometimes things don’t come out of his mouth right, but he’s truly a good guy. He’s going to be flashy and make some noise in the NFL, but I just don’t see him ending up on a police blotter in the near future. The guy didn’t get recruited hardly at all in high school and wasn’t even a starter in college until his senior year. His being loud is just his way of showing all the critics I told you so. Make no mistake though, I highly doubt he’s going to lose that chip on his shoulder. He want to be great, and will sacrifice to do that.
    The ironic thing is Lendale can’t get in the weight room half the time, but I wondered if Johnson ever left it when I was at school. You won’t meet a harder worker than him.
    Don’t get me wrong though, dude dropped $500,000 on a new car. Hope he doesn’t pop that ACL or something like that. I certainly wouldn’t put him in the most fiscally responsible people I interacted with.

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