Lions Settle Millen's Claim

Lions owner William Clay Ford spoke to a small group of reporters on Wednesday in conjunction with the team’s mandatory minicamp, which opened Tuesday.
Though Ford’s comments likely will generate several blurbs in the space over the course of the evening (it’s slow right now, so we need to milk the cow until the stuff is coming out powdered), here’s the first one that caught our eye.
The Lions have settled former CEO Matt Millen’s claim for unpaid wages.
“We’re all square with the board,” Ford said.  “I talked to him on the phone a couple of weeks ago and everything’s fine.  We’re still friends.  And I’m glad he’s got the job that he’s getting.”
(Actually, it’s “jobs”; Millen somehow has finagled work both with ESPN and with NFL Network, where he’ll essentially be working for the Lions, again.)
After he was fired during the 2008 season, the Lions didn’t pay Millen another penny.  So Millen made a claim for $12 million in unpaid wages.
He previously had said that, if he were fired, he would not seek another penny.
Apparently, he had his fingers crossed at the time.

12 responses to “Lions Settle Millen's Claim

  1. Class guy. Might not be the best owner out there but he handled that like a gentleman.

  2. Let’s see you walk away from 12 million.
    Yeah, didn’t think so. (FWIW, I’d take it, too)

  3. Millen should have gotten his cash with a gun and a mask because he was stealing from the Lions for years !

  4. Did Millen deserve his money? Yes, the contract that was signed gave him a legal right to it. However, when you do your job at such a deplorable level, and then state that you will not seek to be paid if you are fired…. he has now gone back on his word. Legally, he is in the right. Morally, not so much.

  5. i would like to see a reporter ask millen point-blank about his previous comments about “not collecting monies” and then this.
    of course, this will never happen. Millen gets more free passes than anyone in the league apparently.

  6. I’m wondering if local cable outlets in Michigan will run a crawl in front of Millen, ala WDIV 4 when Millen appeared on NBC.
    It would be nice if he’d show a tiny amount of humility, and take responsibility for being a loser. We can only hope that Rich Eisen will take the available opportunities to have fun at Millen’s expense and constantly remind him of his work in Detroit.

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