Dominik Throws Water On Notion Of Freeman Starting

In a recent radio interview with WQYK in Tampa (via our friends at, Buccaneers G.M. Mark Dominik addressed rumblings that rookie quarterback Josh Freeman, the 17th overall pick in the 2009 draft, might start in his first year.
And Dominik doesn’t sound nearly as optimistic as quarterbacks coach Greg Olson.
Said Dominik of Freeman, “I see a guy that, really, it doesn’t hurt for him to sit a little bit.  Let these other guys really battle out for the quarterback spot.  Let this young guy develop into the quarterback we want to talk about for the next twelve years.”
It could all be a bluff, due to the concerns raised by Tom Curran on Wednesday.  If Freeman is poised to be the starter from Week One, his agent will want a richer contract.  Likewise, a holdout would be more disruptive to the team’s plans.
So maybe Dominik’s tune will change once Freeman is under contract.

6 responses to “Dominik Throws Water On Notion Of Freeman Starting

  1. After The Bucs have finally gone out and added some special weapons on offense, They would be brain damaged to tank the season by starting this overrated, over hyped Kid. Many of the Fans are not fooled or conned into believing that this guy is a franchise QB. To many of the fans taking him in the first round was a joke and moving up 2 spots to get him was clearly one of the most stupidest moves in draft history. Is their ANY chance that we can get a real coach next year? Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan, Marty Shotinheimor, ….. Somebody that can coach a team and win. Somebody that knows what they are doing and doesn’t just make it up as they go.

  2. Or maybe Mark is just repeating the plan again in the hope that some of you finally get it.
    Freeman was never competing for the starting job, the “improvement” meant he had moved from 3rd on the depth chart to competing for the #2 spot. All the national media just jumped on the story, the same media who have had Leftwich as our starter from the moment he signed when the truth is he is now battling Freeman to keep his roster spot.

  3. Domi’s just in over his head, along with the cheerleading HC Rah Rah and then throw in the STOOPID QB coach Olson and you have the makings of another round of the ”Three Stooges in Tampa Bay”. It is embarrassing to be a Bucs fan.

  4. I’m confused on who said Freeman would start???? Morris has constantly said ‘the best man will start’ and never made any reference to indicate Freeman was in the lead. He has said he’s made great impovement but nothing more. The media hears “if Freeman is the best QB we have, he’ll start” and they turn it into “Bucs to start Freeman”
    It looks like the media has gone full retard

  5. okey, The Q-man and I C light pounder are “Three Stooges” regardless of where they are from.

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