Jets Acquire Barksdale

Former Philadelphia Eagles sixth-round cornerback Rashad Barksdale was awarded to the New York Jets on a waiver claim, the team announced.
Barksdale is a 6’0,” 208-pounder who has bounced around the NFL over the past few years.
After being cut by the Eagles in 2007 after being drafted that spring, he signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.
In six games with Kansas City, he registered nine tackles. However, Barksdale was cut by the Chiefs last year and was signed to the New York Giants’ practice squad.
The Giants placed Barksdale on waivers on June 20.
It’s unknown if any other teams placed a waiver claim on Barksdale.

7 responses to “Jets Acquire Barksdale

  1. “It’s unknown if any other teams placed a waiver claim on Barksdale.”
    If any other team did, they would have to of had a 10-6 record or better not to have landed him, correct?
    Only because the Jets went 9-7, right? After starting out 8-3? That has got to suck. What a monumental collapse. It has to be tough to be a Jets fan. Especially with that h-mo fire guy waving his goofy hat around all the time. What a loser. The Jets suck.
    BTW, good luck, Vikings.

  2. Yeah boy SUNY Albany in the house. He gets to have training camp at his alma mater! Good job Rashad

  3. GhdPhd,
    If he was still on the Giants he would have training camp at UAlbany, but the Jets have theirs at SUNY Cortland.

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