Packers Sign Meredith

The Green Bay Packers have signed rookie offensive tackle Jamon Meredith, the team announced.
Meredith is a fifth-round draft pick and a three-year starter for the University of South Carolina.  He started 38 of 49 career games for the Gamecocks.
Per Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Meredith’s signing leaves four remaining unsigned draft picks.
That includes first-round draft picks B.J. Raji and Clay Matthews.

13 responses to “Packers Sign Meredith

  1. i wouldn’t get your hopes and dreams up about this guy just because the hacks at the press gazette are claiming him to be the Pack’s future LT. that doesn’t mean that he will be. he dropped to the fifth round for a reason. that means that the 31 other teams saw the same thing, whatever that may be. he was a projected 2nd rounder, so that means the Pack passed on him many a times as well. so after that and looking to next year’s draft, what will their needs be? discounting injuries and FA’s…..CB, OT, RB. don’t be surprised if our future LT comes as a first or second round pick next year folks. i would take that over this guy any day.

  2. cheddar is beddar-
    you are going to take a guy whose identitiy you don’t even know, and who right now doesn’t even really exist, over meredith? geez man, is meredith so bad that he should already be written off? hold on, i will answer that for you…..NO!

  3. jyern- given what has been said, written (not from the hacks at the PG), and heard of already about him, including his own head coach)- yes. so if the Pack does draft a LT in the first round next year, you won’t be behind that move? Case in point.

  4. Ooooohhhhhh. I thought this article was gonna be a story about the Packers trying to one up the Vikings by signing an even more decrepid washed up retired gentleman. Burgess Meredith. Well color me suprised.

  5. cheddar-
    i am not saying that i won’t be behind the drafting of a OT next year, or any other position for that matter. i know all about the knocks on meredith from his coaches when it comes to his maturity and demeanor on the field. i have watched tape on this kid and i was pumpin steam on him before the draft. i think he has a very good chance to be the starting LT for the pack in the next few years IF he can hack it on the NFL level, can get whatever supposed issues he has fixed, and if a guy like tony moll(puh-leez) or any OT we draft next year isn’t better than him by that point.
    writing him off already, just because he had some problems with his coaches in college is rediculous. he was obviously good enough to be projected as a high 2nd at one point, who is to say he can’t reach that point again?
    i don’t think you fully understand how to use the phrase “case in point”, but hey…. when in rome, right?

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