Schwartz Makes A Point To His Players

Though most NFL coaches go easy on their players during the final day of the offseason workouts, the situation in Detroit requires a different approach than what most NFL coaches would employ.
And new Lions coach Jim Schwartz knows this.
So Schwartz closed out a mandatory minicamp on Thursday with a high degree of accountability.
According to Tom Kowalski of, Schwartz stopped the team drills on Thursday after ten plays, and he told the team to start over, from the top.
Then, after a workout that lasted one hours and 50 minutes, the team closed out the minicamp by running gassers.
It’s unclear whether Schwartz plans to push his players during training camp.
“I want to keep them fresh,” Schwartz said.  “But it’s up to them to work when it’s time to work.”

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  1. yeah so because no one cares about a winless team “in times like these(F’n ridiculous phrase and people need to stop using it,)” I’d like to say my piece on MJ passing. Here goes, and please reserve your vitriol for the end.
    There’s “Air” Jordan, but only one true “MJ”. Growing up in India, Michael was pretty much the thing that defined America for me. Moving here when I was 8 1/2 in October 1992, I got to watch him perform on TV for the 1993(I believe) Super Bowl. How the hell can he wave from a ghetto bird and and then pop out from under the stage??? LOVED the guy!!!
    Then on the day I moved to Denver(Back in AZ since), my cousins had the TV on and MJ’s plea that he didn’t do anything wrong and he was violated by the po-po played on screen. I was crushed, and maybe I lost a little of my innocence that day. But I fought for Michael and luckily(lucky being relative to this) LA almost fell into the ocean a few days/weeks/months later. I went back to being a kid and remained in denial.
    But, I always felt deprived of more groundbreaking, life changing music. I hated that kid that falsely accused Michael.
    Blood on the Dance Floor came out by the time I was a freshman in high school(I think History came before or right after it.) But by this point in time, it was not cool to listen to Michael, and so I did, “Keeping it in the closet.” I bought it on the release date, obviously.
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    5 years later, I am still in denial. But over the years I have developed doubt. Which is why I have gotten teary eyed about twice every hour since finding out the news.
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    I will leave it at this, I am sad my hero has passed. I am sad another human has passed. I am sad a brother, father, and son has passed.
    R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson.

  2. Welcome to the Les Steckel era in Detroit. Worked well in Minnesota. 3-13 is better than 0’fer. Or is it?

  3. He has already quadrupled the excercise load from Marinelli’s campaign. Don’t be surpised if they win teh division.

  4. I’ve read that Schwartz has been on them hard about lapses in focus. I like how this makes a statement that he expects them to practice hard.
    One of Marinelli’s few wins was a season the opener against Seattle (2006). The feeling was the Lions won that game because the Seahawks were tired during the 4th quarter and the Lions were in better condition. As the season went on and teams got in better shape, that conditioning edge didn’t matter anymore.
    Killer Kowalski at MLive also wrote that Ernie Sims picked off Culpepper during the 4 minute drill. Sims said he read Culpepper’s eyes and had it the whole way. Hopefully Daunte learns from that mistake.

  5. I think in times like these our country needs a hero, and that person is Eddie Drycleaner. Sure none of us really know the guy, and I myself have only been introduced to his nonsensical ramblings only minutes ago. But I feel profoundly impacted by his dedication to a child molesting wax statue. Eddie has given us great insight into his sad, pathetic life and I think we can all grow stronger from it. The lesson here is to get your kid into athletics so he’s not sitting in his room dancing to MJ.
    How about you address the topics of the blog you’re reading rather than make us scroll down half a page to see the next ‘legit’ comment. Oh and feel free to shove a pencil in your eye.

    I find it hilarious that “Eddie Drycleaner” chose this thread to blog about MJ.. way to “tell the world” how you really feel..
    You would think he’d find a better forum to express his feelings about MJ, especially in times like these…

  7. Well after reading the above posts, I feel like a dirty low-life tool for posting on this site. Thanks people. I used to enjoy it. Hope each one of you middle of the night posters was awaken early by the sound of your mothers coming down to your basement room and doing her laundry.

  8. -1 for trite basement reference / lack of original thought. Not everyone is in bed reading a book by 9 pm. In fact, I heard some folks actually ‘go out’ and ‘have fun’ at night then check their favorite sports blogs upon returning home. Sorry you feel so dirty though, I’m guessing your incredible insight will be sorely missed on the site by everyone who never read it (obviously not including me).
    On a different note, Schwartz is going to turn this franchise around and Stafford will be an All-Pro. Yes us Lions fans drink that kool-aid every year but next year we should be an above .500 team for the first time in a while.

  9. falsely accused him? or just got bought off? i bet the latter.
    the lions have long had a poor habit of not closing out winnable games. so, a few gassers should help.
    and i dont understand how someone can translate a 9-6 loss to seattle into a win for detroit. against the spread, maybe…

  10. Eddie Drycleaner says:
    June 26th, 2009 at 12:25 am
    “There’s “Air” Jordan, but only one true “MJ”. Growing up in India, Michael was pretty much the thing that defined America for me.”
    Hey, Eddie, MJ grew up in Indiana, not India.

  11. alewatcher,
    Hope this helps!!
    As an aside, when the ambulance arrived at Jackson’s home, the driver noticed two young boys in front of the house sitting on ice cubes…..when asked why, they responded “Michael likes to have a couple cold ones after lunch!!”……….
    What’s the difference between Neil Armstrong and Michael Jackson?
    one was famous for doing the moonwalk, the other molested little kids!!
    Consider this topic officially hi-jacked!!!!

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