T.O. Returns To The Superstars

With the folks at ABC realizing that most if not all potential interest in their revival of The Superstars evaporated with the first-episode departure of Bills receiver Terrell Owens and his feisty, foul-mouthed, she-devil partner, there’s been a surprising twist.
T.O. and Joanna Krupa will be returning.
As this leaked video of the next episode illustrates, former tennis player Jennifer Capriati suffered an injury, which disqualified her team.
According to the long-established and judicially-vetted rules of The Superstars franchise, the last team to be disqualified returns.
How convenient.
Meanwhile, Krupa stands by her profanity-filled rant at Owens from the first week of the show.
“Yes, I blew up, but I had my reasons,” Krupa tells Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.  “Trust me, there was a lot of frustration, and it was building up throughout the competition — and then it burst.  I didn’t feel like my partner was giving it 100 percent, and I didn’t feel like I had a teammate.  Poor, poor him?  Come on!  Look at his track record.
“To some people, I’m a hero.  I stood up to T.O.  After what he’s been doing to teammates for years, I finally gave it back.”
But Warren Sapp, who’s working as an announcer on the show, thinks that Krupa was the problem.
“She’s a maneater,” Sapp told Silver.  “You heard of cougars and all that [expletive].  This is a maneater, buddy.  She wants to make it seem like he was [a primadonna], but I was there, and that’s a lie.  She’s a nightmare.  She treated him like he was her child.  She’s crazier than any athlete I’ve ever seen. . . . As I watched her berate him, I thought, ‘Oh, if I could put Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia, one on each shoulder, and Tony Romo on the top of my head, it would be amazing.  Cause this is something I haven’t seen.’  [Owens] looked at me like, ‘Dawg, what do I do with her?’  I was like, ‘I have no idea.’”
Krupa takes issue with that characterization, offering more details regarding the issues with Owens.
“Let’s get that [expletive] straight,” she said.  “He was late every time he had a call time.  He was 30 minutes late.  I understand he was the star of the show, and the star is always late.  I get it.  But that wasn’t the only thing.  Every time we were off camera, he was taking off his shirt, so we could all look at him.  He had his bodyguard and assistant with him the whole shoot.  There was a point where he threatened he was gonna leave the show if he couldn’t wear his hat with his website on it.  There was a lot going on that people didn’t see on the show.”
But here’s the bottom line.  No one will be watching the show if T.O. isn’t on it, especially since he’s finally met his match.

17 responses to “T.O. Returns To The Superstars

  1. I can’t wait until she tells people he’s the one that smells like a rat, not the guy married to the playmate.

  2. Believe me or don’t believe me, I live in Sunny Isles Beach (about 20 minutes north of South Beach). TO has an apartment in my building. He’s here throughout the entire off season.
    He’s as bizarre off the field as he is on the field. We also happen to belong to the same gym in Sunny Isles Beach. The place is a gigantic rip-off. They charge $150 a month to keep out the riffraff. Next door to the gym is an organic restaurant. I’ve probably walked into that restaurant 25 times with him at the same time.
    He doesn’t talk to anyone. He wears the darkest sunglasses I’ve ever seen. He eats with his head down. When he orders his food, and I’ve been 2 seats over from him, I can barely hear his voice. When he waits for his food, he’s completely silent and almost catatonic-like. In the gym, he wears the same super dark sunglasses and his typical bodysuit.
    I think what I’m getting at is that psychologically he’s unfit. He’s truly mentally unstable in all facets of life. San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, now Buffalo…. and even my apartment building in Sunny Isles Beach…to the gym, to even eating…everything he does, including this god forsaken television show, he shows inherent signs of psychological instability.

  3. Warren Sapp has turned into an apologist for all of his player buddies. He was a loud mouth jerk when he was a player and he is still a loud mouth jerk as an announcer. He berated officials, ran through opposing team warm ups, kicked over endzone pylons, dropped the cheap shot on Chad Clifton, then wanted to be a tough guy and take on the Packers grey headed coach. I can’t believe he gets the reward and privlige of being a broadcaster for that type of behavior. It’s shameful.

  4. silly warren sapp… shes just figured out that when someone acts like a child, you treat them like a child… parenting 101

  5. People already aren’t watching The Superstars. In its overnight ratings, The Superstars drew 4.4 million viewers* for its first hour — nearly 6.5 million fewer than a *repeat* episode of NCIS. For its second hour, viewership dropped to 4 million — well behind America’s Got Talent at 10.2 million and a repeat of The Mentalist at 9.1 million.
    So to imply that people aren’t interested in watching The Superstars without TO ignores the reality that they aren’t watching with him. It will be surprising if the show finishes its run at all. Or, as the website TV By The Numbers put it, “The premiere of ABC’s The Superstars was anything but super.” 4 million might seem like a lot of viewers, but not for the premiere of a highly promoted show in prime time.
    * All viewer numbers are for live watching and same-day DVR views.

  6. Let’s be honest here, T.O. is in a no-win situation, if he digs in her ass on camera he’s the Big Bad Guy berating a sweet innocent pretty girl, and if says nothing she can say whatever and still receive pity…. She probably is acting like a bitch on purpose to enhance the ratings and get more publicity…..

  7. rasalas, was it on last night cause you know Michael Jackson might had stole the ratings.

  8. “Stop talking about Joanna,” sob, sob, “that’s my teammate,” sob sob, “that’s my teammate”.
    – T.O.

  9. So she acts like a donkey and its celebrated for it? I don’t care if TO it was TO. Two wrongs don’t make a right. How about encouraging your teammate instead of berating them. I know this is just some stupid show but show a little dignity. Well if you are on this show I guess that is already gone.
    What is wrong with this country. We celebrate pedophiles when they die and now call someone hero because she acted like a donkey?
    Glad I don’t watch much pop culture but sad I even paid attention to it at all.

  10. The thing that most folks don’t get or don’t care to get is that a lot of the BS you see on “reality” shows is scripted……….How can you tell if this was all set up or not for the ratings? Either way, TO lives on “TO Island”

  11. Who would have thought that a model would have more balls than three qb’s combined. Every single thing she says about him sounds completely believable.
    I cast my vote for Joanna Krupa as the new face of PFT. Preferably in a swimsuit. Instead of that nobody in the banner right now.

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