Cornwell Statement On Stallworth Evidence

[Editor’s note:  Attorney David Cornwell has released the
following statement in response to the recent disclosure of the tapes
of the 911 call following the March 2009 accident involving Browns
receiver Donte’ Stallworth, and in anticipation that other evidence
will surface.  The full text of the statement appears below.]

Evidence leaked or released over the coming days and weeks will
reflect exculpatory statements and acts by Donte’, the presence of
marijuana in his blood, and it will highlight the critical issue of
causation.  Miami law enforcement personnel, the prosecution, the
defense, and the Court were fully aware of all of the evidence when the
plea agreement was reached.  We will continue to address these matters
candidly and privately with the NFL.

The NFL’s substance abuse policy addresses the specific discipline
that may be imposed for use of illegal substances.  We are confident
that Commissioner Goodell will respect existing League polices and
consider all of the evidence when making his disciplinary assessment.

2 responses to “Cornwell Statement On Stallworth Evidence

  1. Are you confident that Goodell obviously will respect league policies and will boot Stallworth for this year? Cya Donte’

  2. I am truly concerned with the state of the human race. When it comes to this situation, I recognize that Donte’ has true remorse. He made a mistake. A horrible mistake that cost another man his life. I understand the that the man was running across the street. I understand that he was not in a crosswalk. The problem is the that if your average Joe was in Donte’s situation, he would be due a lot worse consequence. We take Vick, who did a cruel crime in my opinion, and punish him justly. Then a case like this comes along and the justice system slaps the wrist of a man that made bad choices that resulted in the death of another person. Given the facts, this may have still happened even if you could remove all the inhibitors on Donte’s part. However, that doesn’t make it reality. My question: Which is worse? A man who willingly kills a beloved animal because he doesn’t value that creatures worth as much as the vast majority of us? Or a man who does a overwhelming taboo in our country, driving while under the influence, and even though obviously truly remorseful, kills another man? I believe that Donte’ did everything he could after the fact and I hope the family forgives him and he finds peace. I would put odds that he is a good man with a good heart. But if we as a society want to hold people accountable for their actions we have to do it across the board.

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