Harvin Will Have To Go To 2010 Rookie Symposium?

Officially excused from attending the NFL’s mandatory rookie symposium because of flu-like symptoms, Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver Percy Harvin will reportedly be required to go to the symposium in 2010 along with next year’s rookie draft class.

According to Steve Wyche of NFL Network, per Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Harvin is worried about his image due to this episode that follows uncontested reports that he tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Per the report, Harvin wanted to return to the symposium. However, the first-round draft pick was advised to remain at home by medical officials.

Harvin’s sudden illness has drawn unwanted scrutiny because he had a similar incident prior to the Vikings’ rookie minicamp where he vomited on an airplane and was briefly hospitalized for a virus and dehydration. After that sickness, which prevented him from attending the minicamp, Harvin spent two days in the hospital.

When Harvin attended the University of Florida, he had some problems with his durability. That was restricted to normal football injuries, though, not the illnesses that Harvin has dealt with during this offseason.

Harvin showed up on time Sunday night along with the other 255 draft picks. However, he’s apparently the only rookie that hasn’t remained at the symposium.

It’s somewhat ironic that Harvin, whose draft stock was affected by concerns about his character, is now unable to attend a platform designed to assist rookies’ transition to the NFL.

6 responses to “Harvin Will Have To Go To 2010 Rookie Symposium?

  1. Darius Hey-Bey is gonna make this fool look like Charles Rogers (Matt Millens prized BUST)

  2. Percy Harvin blew his chance
    He got sick before each dance
    When Goodell learned of his absences
    labled him abuser of substances
    Percy then tried his best
    finding ways to cheat the test
    Harvin then suspended awhile
    The press called him manure pile
    Realizing he was a bust
    vikings left him in the dust
    Now the great viking tradition continues on
    Underwood, Harvin ,Williamson

  3. The NFL is making him go to NEXT year’s symposium? They don’t have like a powerpoint or something they can shoot him?

  4. If there’s a guy in the last row throwing spitballs and making crude noises, you’ll know that Harvin’s there.

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