Pats Not Likely To Bring Back McGinest

Veteran linebacker Willie McGinest recently has shown some leg to the New England Patriots in the hopes of securing a final NFL season with his original team.

A league source tells us that the Patriots are not likely to stop the car and ask McGinest if he knows how to use a mop-wringer.

Though the Patriots haven’t avoided older players due to their age, the older players must still have a high level ability.  McGinest, per the source, doesn’t.

McGinest, a 15-year veteran, joined the Patriots in 1994.  After twelve years with the Pats, he signed as a free agent with the Browns in 2006.

One possible destination would be Miami, since it was Bill Parcells who drafted McGinest in the first round in the months before the league’s 75th season.  But Parcells and the Dolphins brought back Jason Taylor several months ago, and it’s highly unlikely that the Dolphins would devote two roster spots to part-time players who won’t be playing special teams.

8 responses to “Pats Not Likely To Bring Back McGinest

  1. “Everyone should be held to the same standards,” Dukes says. “Players are just plain old people who happen to have extraordinary talent, like many others do in other endeavors. To think they are somehow not going to be subject to the same human temptations as you is foolish. Talent doesn’t make you immune to being human.”
    Should be held to the same consequences as well. Killing a man while driving intoxicated would have netted me more time than Stallworth got. I don’t think I could delay my drug trials time and time again like Jolly. I am pretty sure state law in MN wouldnt get me off the hook either.
    I am not sure why anyone would even listen to this idiot. This is the guy…that if starting an NFL franchise…would center it around Vick.

  2. That’s why the Pats cut McGinest in the first place why would they take him back years later when he is even less productive?

  3. we all know how important mcginest in the patriots, he had that important role for the teams 3 superbowls, he made a lot of pressure on the opponents offense, but for me, i think, its time for willie to take a rest, his 37 now, he had a lot of success during his days in NFL.

  4. I hope Willie comes back to be inducted into the Patriots honor roll but hang it up dude, it’s over.

  5. the AFC is far superior to the NFC redskinpete. the super bowl results from this decade prove it

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