Chris Canty Gets A Crash Course

Before free agency, some believed that the Dolphins would make a run at then-Cowboys defensive end Chris Canty.

Including Canty himself.

“He did draft me,” Canty told Sirius NFL Radio in February regarding Bill Parcells, the former Dallas coach who now runs the show in Miami.  “You know, I like Bill, and I’ve always
said there’s a part of me that’s always going to be a Parcells’ guy. 
I’ve played under Al Groh in college and then coming in as a rookie
under Bill.  What they instill in the brand of football that they play,
it’s been with me so that would be a good fit.”

But once the spending-spree began, Canty landed with another one of Parcells’ various former teams:  the Giants.

And because of Canty’s connection to Groh and Parcells, and their common use of the 3-4 defense, Canty is learning a new attack for the first time since he arrived in Charlottesville, Virginia.

When I was drafted by Dallas, I already knew
the playbook because it was the same we’d done in college,” Canty tells Ed Thompson of  “So it kind
of takes me back a few more years than that

In New York, Canty is moving from defensive end to defensive tackle (positions that are roughly equivalent in the 3-4 and the 4-3), but like other Giants defensive linemen from the recent past, Canty won’t be staying put.

Right now, Coach [Mike] Waufle is giving me an
opportunity to learn the defensive tackle position, getting a lot of
repetitions there,” Canty told Thompson.  “But he’s also let me know that I’m going to be
moving around the defensive front a little bit and to prepare myself
for that.”

Canty also says that Waufle is trying to coax the four-year veteran into getting the most out of his talent.

“One thing that Coach Waufle was clear about
when I came to visit as a free agent — and he constantly reminds me
about it — is to turn up the volume,” Canty said.  “Basically, he felt that I was a
physically-gifted player, but there would be times where I wouldn’t
play hard by his standards and I wasn’t aggressive enough.  So he
emphasized to me to be very aggressive — not over-aggressive — but be
very aggressive and just turn up the volume.  So I’m making a
concentrated effort at doing that with my effort on the field, what I
do in the weight room, and what I do in the film-sessions.”

If that works, and if Osi Umenyiora gets back to 100 percent and if Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka continue to perform well, the Giants might have the same suffocating defensive line that carried the franchise to an unlikely Super Bowl win two seasons ago.

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  1. I’m getting excited about this defense, if this team gels together it could be scary! GGGGGMEN

  2. yeah Yonk….Too Bad Forte will be trucking clowns or Cutty will play-action lay it out for hester to fetch!!!

  3. Without a doubt, the best defensive front line in the league. (most depth and versativity). Even better yet our offensive line top 3 in the league. Canty gonna be a beast. Question is, who are you gonna double team on this defensive front? Can you say championship!

  4. UrlacherBriggsTillmanVasherCutlerForteHesterOlsen says:
    “yeah Yonk….Too Bad Forte will be trucking clowns or Cutty will play-action lay it out for hester to fetch!!!”
    Ok, your point on making this comment on a Giants post is what? You do realize that the only time NY is scheduled to play Chicago is an incredibly meaningless second week preseason game. I doubt Cutler will be play for more than a a quarter, if that. Are you claiming that NY and Chicago are a lock for the NFC Title game? Where are you going with this? Wouldn’t it make more sense for you be talking your rather sad version of trash on a post that deals with the NFC North?

  5. I don’t know if I would say “Championship”, cool breeze, but I will say NFC East Champs and a first round bye.

  6. To any other PFTers who had 200 + comments and supposedly had their user names renewed… everyone else having trouble trying to use their old usernames?

  7. As part of the PFT 200+ Club, I was able to use my old user name. I did have to re-register, though. Smooth transition, my azz.

  8. # VoxVeritas says: July 4, 2009 4:41 PM
    We’ll see how good he is when he’s not playing next to Demarcus Ware.
    Yeah I know, it must suck to have to go from playing next to Demarcus Ware, to playing next to Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and Mathias Kiwanuka. Gosh……

  9. Canty will be good, but he isn’t the difference between making the playoffs, and not making them. Ware playing off his right shoulder made Canty a serviceable DE.

  10. East96th…….i’m talking about playoffs, the NFC title game, i think the bears and giants have a great shot, with atlanta in the mix as well, if the Giants can do that well or last that long…as far as preseason, nobody cares about preseason nor will i ever brag about preseason scores…how often do we see oakland go 3-1 or 4-0 in preseason and then fail miserably at a 16 game regular season schedule……nice try though, i wasn’t quite sure if you were trying to be a smart-a$$ by assuming my NFC North remarks should have been posted about a NFC north topic, but shouldn’t YOUR comment on a NFC East story regard anything but simply trying to disect mine? just wondering….I wasn’t really trying to do anything but merely state my opinion which include’s the possibility of a metting with the GMEN which chicago will dominate on their way to the superbowl.

  11. “Yeah I know, it must suck to have to go from playing next to Demarcus Ware, to playing next to Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and Mathias Kiwanuka. Gosh……”
    None of those guys are in Ware’s class. Not even in his area code. Sorry.

  12. “He averages about 35 tackles and 2.5 sacks a year….A real Beast” That good for a DE in a 3-4. They handle the o-line which allows the LBs to get the sacks and the tackles.

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